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Adult - R-rated or higher Adult - Too hot for tots Adult - Rated nc-17 Adult - Like some bookstores Adult - Not for minors Adult - Over 21 Adult - Book category Adult - Video category Adult - Grown Adult - Kind of supervision Adult - Motion picture rating word Adult - All grown up Adult - Former juvenile Adult - Beer buyer, presumably Adult - Sort of education Adult - Old enough to know better Adult - No longer minor? Adult - Not for kids Adult - One not seen in "peanuts" Adult - 21-year-old, by most accounts Adult - Stage of growth Adult - R-rated, say Adult - Majority member? Adult - Full-grown Adult - 18-and-over Adult - Grown-up Adult - Grownup Adult - One old enough to know better Adult - No longer a minor Adult - Chaperone, usually Adult - Former minor Adult - Unseen character in 'peanuts,' generally Adult - Like some diapers Adult - What "x" may mean Adult - Like 58-across Adult - Chaperon, typically Adult - Fully grown Adult - Past adolescence Adult - One never seen in "peanuts" Adult - Kind of education Adult - Ticket price category Adult - Ticket category Adult - X-rated Adult - Fully-developed Adult - Pornographic, euphemistically Adult - Like some movies or diapers Adult - Insect stage Adult - Unseen peanuts character Adult - At least 21 Adult - Of age Adult - Mature Adult - Junior's future status Adult - Pursuit of happiness hit "i'm an ____now" Adult - Grown up Adult - Rated nc-17, e.g Adult - Chaperon, usually Adult - Like blue movies Adult - Imago-stage insect Adult - Minor's opposite Adult - Full-price payer Adult - A kid no longer Adult - A chaperon is usually one Adult - Imago, e.g Adult - Like 30-down Adult - Stallion, e.g Adult - Eighteen-and-over Adult - Full-price payer, at an amusement park Adult - Type of movie ticket Adult - Out of the teens Adult - Tucked-away category in the video store Adult - Not a kid anymore Adult - Like some content aimed at teenagers Adult - Rated r Adult - No longer minor Adult - Mature person Adult - Kind of education or supervision Adult - Minor supervisor Adult - Stallion, for one Adult - Ticket-price category Adult - Past the pupal stage Adult - Young ___ (literary category) Adult - Voter, e.g Adult - Full price payer Adult - Minor no more Adult - Nc-17 moviegoer Adult - Post-teen Adult - What 'x' may mean Adult - One is not in 28 across Adult - Having grown up, father got back before last month Adult - No little father returns before last month Adult - How father turned to manhood last month Adult - How father has grown up before last month (5) Adult - How father turns up grown up before last month at last Adult - 4 down may turn of age before last month, in short Adult - Of mature age Adult - Mature, fully grown Adult - Fully developed animal Adult - Fully grown, mature Adult - Fully grown and mature Adult - Mature, fully-grown Adult - Not for children Adult - __ education Adult - Was last month's poster pornographic? Adult - Indecent answer from the french lieutenant Adult - Dirty dual movement at centre of watch? Adult - Mature - grown-up Adult - Supposedly 'responsible' person Adult - One responsible for promotion last month Adult - Xxx Adult - Fully grown human Adult - Infantile converse Adult - Full-price payer at the movies Adult - Family man provides poster for last month Adult - '[___ swim]' Adult - "[___ swim]" Adult - Word with "contemporary" or "supervision" Adult - No longer in the minority Adult - Chaperone, often Adult - Booking category Adult - Grown used to describe dirty movies Adult - One no longer young given notice last month Adult - Commercial in the last month is not for children Adult - Fully mature Adult - Blue, not green Adult - No child wants a boring time - half the learners will bunk off Adult - Person not fit for children to see Adult - Fully-grown Adult - A mostly dreary time for a mature person Adult - Fully developed Adult - What anno domini at last will make one? Adult - Endlessly boring time had by a responsible person Adult - Indecent poster extremist sect defaced? Adult - Person never seen in "peanuts" Adult - Full-grown human Adult - Movie ticket category Adult - One in the majority Adult - Older person in lead, ultimately Adult - Only half spoil child? no Adult - Notice superior army officer being mature Adult - One day last month, became mature Adult - A major, now - at university, a lieutenant Adult - Person of mature age gets notice in the last month Adult - Notice university supported by banks in light blue Adult - A mostly boring time makes you blue? Adult - At least 18 heads of academies denounced unsatisfactory, lazy teachers Adult - One's passed by majority Adult - Mature daughter in misdeed, going topless ... Adult - Grown-up revolutionary paramilitaries from the barracks Adult - A mainly boring time for grown-up Adult - Voter, by law Adult - Mature one Adult - For the mature Adult - Mature leaders of america don't understand little things Adult - Fully developed road ultimately's restricted Adult - Ardour lit? oddly, being mature Adult - Like nsfw links Adult - Imago, in the insect world Adult - Of legal age Adult - Ticket specification Adult - Minor minder Adult - Film category Adult - Blue and put in lead, ultimately Adult - Hall & oates: "___ education" Adult - Over-21 showgoer Adult - 45-down's "___ education" Adult - Mom or dad, usually Adult - Young ___ (library section) Adult - (of an animal) fully developed Adult - Someone never seen in 'peanuts' Adult - __ beverage Adult - Many a ged earner Adult - Person that's developed overhead ultraviolet screens Adult - Grown up in insane sect without leaders Adult - Responsible person gives notice last month Adult - Former child Adult - Any grown-up Adult - Mature soldier follows revolutionary paramilitaries Adult - Like over-21 show Adult - Juvenile no more
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***** - video category. word on "A". 1 - st. letter A. 2 - st. letter D. 3 - st. letter U. 4 - st. letter L. 5 - st. letter T.

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