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Anoint - Bless

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Anoint - Consecrate Anoint - Choose by divine election Anoint - Designate Anoint - Mark for greatness Anoint - Bless Anoint - Sanctify Anoint - To sanctify using oil Anoint - Smear Anoint - Sprinkle oil on Anoint - Inunct Anoint - Embrocate Anoint - Sprinkle with oil Anoint - Officially designate Anoint - Put holy oil on Anoint - Sanctify using oil Anoint - Consecrate with oil Anoint - Apply holy oil to Anoint - Make sacred Anoint - Officially choose Anoint - Apply chrism Anoint - Smear with oil Anoint - Make sacred using oil Anoint - Apply oil to Anoint - Choose formally Anoint - Consecrate using oil Anoint - Select solemnly Anoint - Bless, in a way Anoint - Consecrate, in a way Anoint - Bless with oil Anoint - Name, as a successor Anoint - Baptize with oil Anoint - Select as a successor Anoint - Rub holy oil on Anoint - Apply holy oil Anoint - Install in an office Anoint - This might be built over the end of 11 across Anoint - Put number one on into the ant Anoint - No, it is not around it that you put the oil on Anoint - No, in this it is not to apply on top Anoint - Get the ant around number one on the surface Anoint - No, in this is not all put on Anoint - Consecrate with oil or ointment Anoint - Put it on the outside of the ant on the outside of number one Anoint - Administer sacred oils as to the sick Anoint - Consecrate with blessed oils Anoint - Bless with sacred oils Anoint - Bless with holy oil Anoint - Apply consecrated oil to Anoint - Consecrate with sacred oils Anoint - Consecrate with holy oil Anoint - Administer a sacred oil Anoint - Apply oil as part of a rite Anoint - Apply oil as sign of consecration Anoint - Put a negative on the broken tin and rub it in Anoint - No in what is not, so put it on Anoint - It's not about a short number to do this with a rubber Anoint - No, it ain't to be put on outside - there's the rub Anoint - At about a negative in this; rub it in Anoint - Apply chrism to Anoint - Choose as a successor Anoint - Name Anoint - Consecrate into an order Anoint - Sanctify with oil Anoint - Rub with holy oil Anoint - Prepare for sacrifice, in a way Anoint - Apply oil ritually Anoint - Rub with oil Anoint - Formally name Anoint - Rub it in ¿ nato in chaos Anoint - Consecrate with 39-across Anoint - Choose ritually Anoint - Bedub Anoint - Honor with oil Anoint - Put oil on Anoint - Smear (with oil) Anoint - Put in position of authority, isn't commonly accepting refusal Anoint - Consecrate (with oil) Anoint - Soon to protect one with last of lubricant, apply oil Anoint - Confirm as successor in troubled nation Anoint - Apply oil and pray Anoint - Consecrate various characters in nation Anoint - Nation producing oil Anoint - Characters from holy island turning up with holy books to consecrate Anoint - Choose as successor -- isn't accepting refusal Anoint - Nation misspelt as 'grease'? Anoint - Use ceremonial oil Anoint - Apply an oily liquid to Anoint - Choose officially Anoint - Oil ritually Anoint - Use oil spiritually Anoint - Dub ... or rub Anoint - Designate officially Anoint - Rub oil on Anoint - Consecrate with oil from corrupt nation