Dele - Typographer's strike

Word by letter:
  • Dele - Letter on D
  • 1 - st. word D
  • 2 - st. word E
  • 3 - st. word L
  • 4 - st. word E

All questions by word:
Dele - Strike out Dele - Drop Dele - Take out Dele - Red-pencil Dele - Remove from a manuscript Dele - Strike Dele - Take out of context? Dele - Strike out, as text Dele - Expunge Dele - Take-out order? Dele - Typographer's strike Dele - Editor's option Dele - Remove, as printed matter Dele - Expunge, as text Dele - Stet's opposite Dele - Remove, to the printer Dele - Strike from a manuscript Dele - Editor's takeout Dele - Takeout order? Dele - Editor's removal mark Dele - Remove from copy Dele - Editor's mark Dele - Remove, to a typesetter Dele - Proofer's mark Dele - Mark for omission Dele - Order out? Dele - Proofreader's marking Dele - Editorial strike-out Dele - Opposite of stet Dele - Strike-out notation Dele - Editorial marking Dele - Editorial strikeout Dele - Take-out order Dele - Manuscript notation Dele - Remove from print, briefly Dele - Marginal direction? Dele - Remove Dele - Editor's strikeout Dele - Proofreader's notation, perhaps Dele - Remove print Dele - Remove a typo Dele - Expurgate, editorially Dele - Remove from text Dele - Mark for removal Dele - Strike out, to a typesetter Dele - Mark of omission Dele - Cross out, in proofreader-speak Dele - Paper cut? Dele - Take out, editorially Dele - X out Dele - Removal indication Dele - Remove, to a proofreader Dele - Remove, as text Dele - Editor's strike-out Dele - Proofreader's mark Dele - Editor's excision Dele - Scratch mark? Dele - To-go order? Dele - Editor's "remove" Dele - Bit of editing marginalia Dele - Proofreading sign Dele - Pc key Dele - A stet cancels it Dele - Get out Dele - Order take-out? Dele - Pc keyboard letters Dele - Editor's direction Dele - Strikeout mark Dele - "take this out," in proofreading Dele - Mark on a ms Dele - Remove, to an editor Dele - Takeout sign? Dele - "pull it," in proofreading Dele - Editor's elimination Dele - Strike mark Dele - Remove, in editing Dele - Editing mark Dele - Proofing mark Dele - Takeout order Dele - Manuscript marking Dele - Proofreader's 'strike' Dele - Computer key Dele - Remove text Dele - Printer's notation Dele - Proofing scribble Dele - Word often written in red Dele - "get rid of it," to a proofreader Dele - Cut Dele - Takeout for an editor? Dele - Copy editor's note Dele - Text-removal directive Dele - Take out of the text Dele - Copy editor's note, perhaps Dele - Get out of a sentence? Dele - Stet opposite Dele - Drop a line? Dele - Kill off a character? Dele - Strike from the text Dele - Drop a letter? Dele - Opposite of 'stet' Dele - Remove from the text Dele - Take a letter? Dele - Take out of a text Dele - Remove, as a typo Dele - 'take this out' mark Dele - Strike out while editing Dele - Nixing mark Dele - Proofreader's "strike" Dele - Remove from print Dele - Removal mark Dele - 'take this out,' in proofreading Dele - Remove, in printing Dele - Opposite of 69-across Dele - "drop this," editorially Dele - Take out of the manuscript Dele - Proofreading symbol Dele - Put a line through, maybe Dele - Strike, to an editor Dele - Editorial mark Dele - Edit out Dele - "get rid of it," in a manuscript Dele - Remove from the manuscript Dele - Copy editor's mark Dele - Mark of rejection Dele - Proofreading mark Dele - 'remove,' to a typesetter Dele - 'get rid of this,' to proofreaders Dele - Remove an erratum Dele - Expunge from a manuscript Dele - Printer's direction Dele - "out," to an editor Dele - Get out of the line Dele - Galley mark Dele - Remove, before printing Dele - Efface some rude lewd graffiti Dele - Proof mark Dele - Editor's "take out" Dele - Editor's prerogative Dele - "take it out" Dele - Proofer's takeout order Dele - Proofreader's sign Dele - "out" to an editor Dele - Opposite of 83-across Dele - Proofreader's instruction Dele - Editor's notation, sometimes Dele - Drop, to an editor Dele - Editor's "remove it" Dele - Take out, to an editor Dele - Drop by order of an editor Dele - Bit of editing marginalia, sometimes Dele - What a stet cancels Dele - Removal mark of editors Dele - Editor's nix Dele - Proofreader's notation Dele - Blue-pencil Dele - Certain editor's mark Dele - Mark for excision Dele - Direction undone by "stet" Dele - Strike out, in proofing
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Typographer's strike (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - typographer's strike. word on "D". 1 - st. letter D. 2 - st. letter E. 3 - st. letter L. 4 - st. letter E.

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