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Editor - Maxwell perkins, for a famous example Editor - James russell lowell, for one Editor - Time worker Editor - Tabloid worker Editor - Postproduction worker Editor - Writer's aid Editor - People person? Editor - Slate.com employee Editor - Film job Editor - Person who switches lines? Editor - Time keeper? Editor - Perry white, e.g Editor - Word changer Editor - Newspaper vip Editor - One striking out, maybe Editor - Writer's best friend, one would think Editor - One fixing a time piece? Editor - Story assigner Editor - Daily v.i.p Editor - Copyreader's superior Editor - Newspaper bigwig Editor - Film worker Editor - Sase receiver Editor - Newspaper worker Editor - Money manager? Editor - Newspaper executive Editor - Self-employed person? Editor - Post master? Editor - Correctional worker? Editor - Post operative? Editor - Perry white, for one Editor - Person who's authorized to shorten a sentence Editor - Magazine executive Editor - Post office worker? Editor - Manuscript recipient Editor - Publishing person Editor - Magazine vip Editor - Book reviewer? Editor - Time management specialist? Editor - Writer's best friend, you'd think Editor - Magazine employee Editor - Marginal worker? Editor - Copy __ Editor - Masthead title Editor - Writer's guide Editor - Crossword vip Editor - Correctional worker Editor - Copy righter? Editor - Cutter, at times Editor - Blue-pencil wielder Editor - Masthead name Editor - Manuscript receiver Editor - Job in vogue Editor - Magazine staffer Editor - Post position? Editor - Manuscript reader Editor - Sentence shortener, often Editor - Journal honcho Editor - Revisionist? Editor - White, in fiction, or brown, in real life Editor - Magazine bigwig Editor - Prose pro Editor - Magazine boss Editor - Star employee Editor - Publishing vip Editor - One who reduced life sentences? Editor - Publishing employee Editor - One might reduce a sentence Editor - Masthead word Editor - Mad person? Editor - Manuscript changer Editor - Magazine manager Editor - Cubs manager? Editor - Time management figure Editor - Copy cat? Editor - Pro with prose Editor - Magazine worker Editor - Paper worker Editor - Post man? Editor - Copy fixer Editor - Book worker Editor - Random house staffer Editor - Writer's arch-enemy? Editor - Newsweek employee Editor - One known for cutting remarks? Editor - Galley slave? Editor - Magazine honcho Editor - Blue-penciler Editor - Person who makes copy right? Editor - Would the irish times with such rot, die? Editor - How the water flows the wrong way, or over the paper Editor - Head of a newspaper say Editor - Paper has to see 4 down for this Editor - Was riding up around it over the paper Editor - One rode up around it Editor - Tied in a knot, or in paper Editor - Rode around it over the paper Editor - How the tide turns or gets over the paper Editor - The tide is coming up or over the paper Editor - The turn of the tide, or over the paper Editor - The tide is up, or over the irish times Editor - The lasst turn of 19 across or the first in paper Editor - Newspaper head Editor - Rode back around it over the paper Editor - Over the paper, or rode around it Editor - Over the paper or rode around it Editor - The turn of the tide, or in paper Editor - He indicates the turn of the tide and its alternative Editor - How the ebb and flow comes back or over the paper Editor - The turn of the tide or at the top of the paper Editor - Rode around it for the paper Editor - One has 12 across turn to begin with, or the irish times has one Editor - Here the water is flowing the wrong way, or over the paper Editor - The water will go down over the paper Editor - The water is up, or see 14 down for this (6) Editor - The turn of the tide, or the top of the paper Editor - The turn of the tide or the top of the paper Editor - The male of the 10 across species Editor - Die and rot over paper Editor - The water flows up over 'er and over the paper Editor - How the ebb flows back or over paper Editor - The water comes back up, or over the one that's 29 across Editor - The turn of the tide or the top of the irish times Editor - Die and rot for the irish times Editor - The person who determines the final content of the newspaper Editor - Head of publication Editor - A newspaper chief Editor - Person who determines the final content of a text Editor - Head of a publication Editor - Director of publication Editor - One is in charge of publication Editor - One is responsible for publication Editor - One prepares a work for publication Editor - One may flow in or be over paper Editor - Person responsible for publication; Editor - It comes up over the sand or over the paper for him Editor - Publication chief Editor - Do tie out the newspaper head Editor - Ted or i could bring out a newspaper Editor - Paper head Editor - Head of newspaper Editor - Do tire out the newspaper head Editor - Head of the newspaper Editor - Director of 3 down Editor - Or tied up my boss Editor - Do tire out the press person Editor - Newspaper or publication chief Editor - Person responsible for publication Editor - Writer's helper Editor - Publication director Editor - My boss Editor - Person who revises and prepares for publication Editor - Redo it and become head of publication Editor - Newspaper chief Editor - The turn of the tide or over the paper Editor - Die and rot in paper Editor - One may make the tide turn or be over paper Editor - The water is rising or getting over the paper Editor - The turn of the tide or the head of the paper Editor - The turn of the tide, or press ahead, maybe Editor - The turn of the tide or for the paper Editor - The tide is coming up or the irish times has one Editor - The times has to make one die and rot Editor - Tide coming up or over the paper Editor - Film-crew vip Editor - One cleaning up a rag, say Editor - Newspaper big shot Editor - Newspaper employee Editor - He puts his baby to bed before running off ... Editor - Journalist tried working outside job centre Editor - Elite type found in newspaper production Editor - The lender losing credit is the one to check Editor - Pressman tried nothing new Editor - His leader expresses his opinion Editor - With english papers about to right, it's my job to do it! Editor - On paper, one should have some influence Editor - Pretend to have influence Editor - Scott's post: standing to in return journey Editor - Rising current requires alternative adaptor Editor - You need to ride craftily to manage a title Editor - Journalist, tired out, has nothing to hide Editor - Journalist travelled up around it Editor - He's in charge but has a leader Editor - To die for, fancy (foreign office rejected) finish of nuclear sub? Editor - Journalist tried nothing new Editor - Organ manager in credit, organically Editor - Newsman travelled up without it Editor - Journalist's turn to ride Editor - Reviser Editor - Newspaperman Editor - Person in charge of newspaper Editor - Person in charge of paper Editor - Senior journalist Editor - Newspaper boss Editor - Journalist in charge of publication Editor - Director of newspaper Editor - Journalist - rioted (anag) Editor - Text cleaner Editor - Some need it organised for word processor of sorts Editor - Time management figure? Editor - One working on drafts Editor - Rioted (anag) Editor - Computer program overturned current operations research Editor - Addressed as sir, is capable of taking leaf from someone¿s book Editor - Newspaperman to be found in dire trouble Editor - Mary leaves radiometry to writer Editor - Web designer's tool Editor - 73-across writer Editor - Manuscript fixer Editor - Head of a newspaper Editor - Publishing-house employee Editor - Organises the paperwork for word processor Editor - Person in charge of a publication Editor - Piece polisher Editor - Magazine chief Editor - Text __ Editor - Reviewer of text Editor - Send lists our reviewer needs regularly Editor - One who orders copy (some provided it originally) Editor - Journalist travelled up without it Editor - Architectural feature in the press Editor - I'll take english and do it differently, right? Editor - Cudlipp, for one, travelled back bearing wine Editor - Journalist travelled around, drinking wine Editor - Travel from the east is absorbing to journalist Editor - Journalist travelled back to cover appeal Editor - Magazine head Editor - Press fellow to put in return journey Editor - Publishing head Editor - Journalist travelled north, having swallowed sweet drink Editor - Newspaperman travelled northwards to cover it Editor - Top journalist has right old time turning up Editor - Return journey entertaining to journalist? Editor - Regularly lend aid to our boss? Editor - Trend reversed by old republican newsman Editor - Bumpy ride to be one in charge of 10? Editor - One checking stories Editor - Paper cutter? Editor - People person Editor - One with paper cuts? Editor - Literary authority Editor - Magazine supervisor Editor - Newsman Editor - Newspaperman to ride helter-skelter Editor - Newspaper chief tried desperately to employ oscar Editor - A journalist's alternative after reversing the drift Editor - Journalist sent back 'fall and rise of reginald...', initially Editor - He won't buy the same article twice Editor - Rioted, upsetting a top man Editor - Newspaper leader Editor - Triode (anag.) Editor - Press chief Editor - Script-preparer Editor - Journalist tired out covering start of open Editor - One who revises stories removing first and last bits democratically initially within Editor - Press boss to put in travel to the north Editor - Rioted (anag.) Editor - Journalist travelled up to collect it Editor - Media chief reversed trend for sacking female Editor - Publishing employee recalled season of reissues initially Editor - One kind of leader who takes responsibility for another Editor - He's in charge but often has a leader Editor - Newspaper chief travelled up to cover it Editor - Journalist travelled back across city centre Editor - Newspaperman to put in dire reworking Editor - One who has issues to deal with rioted violently Editor - Person in charge of columns drove back without it Editor - Newspaper chief called it ordinary, to some extent Editor - English couturier welcoming first of those who may suggest cuts Editor - Redactor Editor - Source of leaders some discredit, originally Editor - Journalist cycled over carrying it Editor - Photoshop user, e.g Editor - Media story must avoid all extremes -- i'll see to that? Editor - He may have set feat­ures at work Editor - Times boss travelled up across centre of city Editor - Post post Editor - Organises the paperwork from word processor Editor - One runs daily or perhaps weekly Editor - Person in publishing Editor - Journo travelled around, taking in some of italy Editor - One's in charge but sometimes has a leader Editor - Source of some paper cuts? Editor - Predominant type found in newspaper production Editor - Person whose job it is to accept certain crosswords and change some of the clues, among other things, for example, also hi Editor - One who might shorten your sentence Editor - Periodical figure Editor - Person working on text partly changed it, originally Editor - Ben bradlee's post while at the washington post Editor - Head of a newspaper, say Editor - Rag organiser tried rampaging about middle of october Editor - Media person used exit door, constantly half-seen Editor - Imf left mortified - that's one for the books Editor - One who shortened life sentences? Editor - Runs daily and goes around in tired transport Editor - Hollywood job title Editor - Postproduction vip Editor - One whose work is polishing Editor - Press boss Editor - One whose leader goes out every morning Editor - Person in charge of a section of a newspaper Editor - See 4 Editor - Line judge? Editor - Newspaper boss makes investment finally in english fashion house Editor - Senior publisher Editor - Runs daily and goes around in tired disposition Editor - News chief travelled up carrying computers etc Editor - One runs daily or weekly perhaps Editor - Chief journalist
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