Hero - Lifesaver

Word by letter:
  • Hero - Letter on H
  • 1 - st. word H
  • 2 - st. word E
  • 3 - st. word R
  • 4 - st. word O

All questions by word:
Hero - Leander's lover Hero - Deli offering Hero - Submarine sandwich Hero - Medal recipient Hero - Object of decoration Hero - Parade honoree Hero - Submarine Hero - 'my ___!' Hero - Lifesaver, say Hero - Long lunch? Hero - Star Hero - Lifesaver, e.g Hero - Achilles, e.g Hero - Man of the hour Hero - Lifesaver Hero - White-hat wearer, stereotypically Hero - Savior Hero - Paladin Hero - Deli sandwich Hero - Villain's opposite Hero - Role model Hero - Life saver Hero - He deserves a medal Hero - Damsel's deliverer Hero - "last action ___" (1993) Hero - Croix de guerre recipient Hero - Medal awardee, maybe Hero - Hefty lunch Hero - Subway fare? Hero - Deli order Hero - Sub Hero - Sizable sandwich Hero - Person with a medal, maybe Hero - Apt lunch for superman Hero - Big sandwich Hero - Day-saver in comics Hero - Many a returning soldier Hero - Grinder Hero - "three cheers" recipient Hero - Sub on shore? Hero - Superman's sandwich? Hero - Sizable deli offering Hero - Deli fare Hero - Garcia / hoffman film Hero - Long sandwich Hero - One getting a decoration Hero - Lionized leader Hero - Protagonist Hero - White hat wearer Hero - Possible lunch or dinner item Hero - Medal recipient, maybe Hero - Subway purchase Hero - Lead Hero - Medal of honor recipient Hero - Loooong sandwich Hero - Parade honoree, perhaps Hero - Life saver, e.g Hero - Knight in shining armor Hero - Dragon slayer, e.g Hero - Day-saver Hero - Apt sandwich for superman? Hero - One who saves the day Hero - Deli product Hero - White knight Hero - Leander's love Hero - Recipient of 15-across Hero - Derring-doer Hero - Hoagie Hero - Villain's vanquisher Hero - White knight, stereotypically Hero - Johnny-on-the-spot, perhaps Hero - Han or luke, e.g Hero - Subway purchase, perhaps Hero - Object of worship Hero - Super sandwich Hero - Decorated veteran, e.g Hero - Army-medal recipient Hero - Dragon slayer Hero - Hercules, for one Hero - Apt lunch for superman? Hero - Damsel rescuer Hero - Comic book character, often Hero - Good guy Hero - Lifesaver, maybe Hero - Batman or superman Hero - War honoree Hero - Object of worship, maybe Hero - El cid, to spaniards Hero - Decorated one Hero - Two-handed sandwich Hero - Admired one Hero - "my ___!" Hero - Apt sandwich for superman Hero - Supersized sandwich Hero - Deli serving Hero - The good guy Hero - Rocky, rambo, or a fireman, e.g Hero - Courageous one Hero - It may be a foot long and edible Hero - Deli lunch Hero - Caterer's six-foot offering Hero - Medal winner for bravery Hero - Medal of honor winner Hero - Fireman, at times Hero - Guitar ___ (hit video game series) Hero - Hercules or ulysses Hero - Shane, e.g Hero - Lover who lived by the hellespont Hero - Dustin hoffman film Hero - Idol Hero - David, after using his 13-down Hero - Substantial sandwich Hero - 'three cheers' recipient Hero - Saver of the day Hero - Certain medalist Hero - Day saver Hero - Lunchtime handful Hero - Submarine, in other words Hero - Sub sandwich Hero - Sandwich that requires two hands Hero - Champion sandwich? Hero - Purple heart recipient Hero - Three cheers recipient Hero - Sandwich eaten two-handed Hero - Ulysses, for one Hero - Popeye, after eating spinach Hero - One dressed in white, stereotypically Hero - Mythical priestess Hero - "we don't need another ___" (tina turner) Hero - Much-admired sandwich? Hero - Guitar __: video game Hero - Valorous one Hero - Goat's opposite Hero - He saves the day Hero - Hefty sandwich Hero - Elongated sandwich Hero - Damsel saver Hero - Medal earner Hero - Rescuer, often Hero - It may be full of baloney Hero - Batman, for one Hero - Someone to root for Hero - Novel's protagonist Hero - Medal winner Hero - Deli delight Hero - Long lunch Hero - Heart recipient, perhaps Hero - Military medal recipient Hero - One may win a heart Hero - Damsel's savior Hero - Champion Hero - Legend subject Hero - Two-fisted sandwich Hero - 39-down recipient Hero - Rescuer, e.g Hero - Super bowl party order Hero - Po' boy relative Hero - Day saver? Hero - Sub's cousin Hero - Valiant one Hero - Medal deserver Hero - Damsel's rescuer Hero - Sub in a deli Hero - Leading man Hero - Main male character Hero - Poor boy Hero - Male lead Hero - Six-footer, perhaps Hero - Bronze star recipient Hero - Was it she - or he - that deserved the medal? Hero - Was she brave as he? Hero - She gets nothing to make him so bold Hero - It's nothing for her to make him so bold Hero - Nothing could make the girl as bold as he Hero - It would take a bold chap to get that girl around Hero - Man admired for courage and achievement Hero - Person of exceptional courage Hero - Man of courage and achievement Hero - One is admired for their courage Hero - Was leander's love as brave as he? Hero - Is he as brave as leander's love? Hero - One much admired for courage Hero - Chief male character in story or film - probably very brave Hero - Parade recipient, perhaps Hero - Man admired for outstanding bravery Hero - Man of great courage and deeds Hero - Man admired for courage and nobility Hero - Exceptionally courageous person Hero - Person distinguished by exceptional courage Hero - Person lauded for bravery Hero - Poor boy's cousin? Hero - Person renowned for bravery Hero - Principal character in a play or novel Hero - Not for him to get round to being so bold Hero - The girl needs nothing more to make him fit for decoration Hero - Nothing could make the woman brave as the man is Hero - To have her around makes him brave Hero - She needs nothing more to make him brave Hero - Classic mariah carey jam from 'music box' Hero - Military-medal recipient Hero - Hoagie's cousin Hero - Novel protagonist Hero - "my __!" Hero - The woman's nothing for leander's lover Hero - Single for chad kroeger of nickelback or mariah carey Hero - The ideal woman's circle Hero - Celebrated man is all but a tyrant Hero - Lion among the romans Hero - He goes down or rises in play Hero - Priestess's object of worship Hero - Brave man: he has heart of iron Hero - Old king detailed brave soldier Hero - That woman with old idol, a priestess Hero - He is brave, so was she Hero - Mythical greek character always in aphrodite's heart Hero - See 27 Hero - Courageous man Hero - Courageous person Hero - Leander's lover - a person of courage Hero - Principal male figure in a story Hero - Elongated lunch Hero - Chief good guy in a book or film Hero - For a brave woman she has nothing Hero - Exceptionally brave person Hero - Tarzan or buck rogers, e.g Hero - Main part, often Hero - Sir galahad, e.g Hero - Long deli sandwich Hero - Main character Hero - Villain's adversary Hero - White hat, in oaters Hero - Tubular sandwich Hero - Brave sandwich? Hero - Foot-long sandwich Hero - Paragon Hero - Adventure novel's protagonist Hero - Activision's guitar ___ Hero - Saving type Hero - What popeye becomes, after eating spinach Hero - Cherokee boxing champion Hero - Guy hitting a game-winning homer, e.g Hero - Cylindrical sandwich Hero - He goes down or rises as the star Hero - Valiant person Hero - Brave one Hero - Wartime honoree Hero - Medal of honor recipient, e.g Hero - Big deli sandwich Hero - The lady's ring is one much admired Hero - Swimmer's objective? a girl's love Hero - White-hat wearer Hero - One coming through in the clutch Hero - Jackie robinson, historically Hero - Tube-shaped sandwich Hero - Chief good guy in a story Hero - Brave guy Hero - 'don't be a ___!' Hero - El cid, e.g Hero - Sign of a brave man going around helsinki metro Hero - Decoration receiver Hero - Villain's foe Hero - Villain's enemy Hero - Medal candidate Hero - Lover of leander, in myth Hero - Principal character, a priestess of aphrodite Hero - Some other one taken for chap we revere Hero - Their first number one album was touch Hero - Brave man Hero - Bold man giving a girl a ring Hero - A local one, perhaps Hero - Local one, perhaps Hero - Enrique iglesias 2002 no. one Hero - Local favourite Hero - Book's chief character Hero - "hoping to get off early, lazy little --,' said norman' (barbara pym, quartet in autumn) Hero - That priestess's love - leander? Hero - Chief male character Hero - Man of valour Hero - One admired bird with no tail Hero - Exemplar Hero - Man of outstanding courage Hero - Unlikely-sounding shakespearean heroine Hero - Very brave man Hero - Hard emperor, no leader, but a paragon Hero - Lady-love? Hero - Illustrious person Hero - Joyce's posthumous leading man takes a 6 with a bird Hero - Champion embraced by the romans Hero - Admired man Hero - One looked up to part of the roof Hero - Sub in a bag Hero - Sandwich choice Hero - Foot-long lunch Hero - Six-footer at a super bowl party? Hero - Superman's sandwich choice? Hero - Someone who's admired lady's ring Hero - It's a brave man who gives her a ring Hero - The principal male character in the robe Hero - His exploits were featured in 'the robe' Hero - One in the role of the leading man Hero - Principal character Hero - It's a brave man who turns in before his better half Hero - Champion in the roman amphitheatre Hero - The lady's love for brave man Hero - One brave among the cherokees Hero - Eg hercules Hero - Brave man, he has heart of iron Hero - Valiant man Hero - A man in the romantic mould Hero - Star from another opera Hero - Revered figure Hero - Leander's suitor Hero - Eg achilles Hero - Object of worship, perhaps, for greek priestess Hero - Conqueror Hero - Principal among the romans Hero - Long-legged bird with no tail makes champion Hero - Principal figure in theatre-in-the-round Hero - Horatius, for example, among the romans Hero - Long-legged bird eclipsed star Hero - Star in another opera Hero - Brave man tackled by the rogue Hero - Admired champion Hero - Some louche rock'n'roll idol Hero - Illustrious man and very important lady in house Hero - Godlike fellow giving the lady a ring Hero - Love suppressed by the girl's idol Hero - Superman, e.g Hero - Girl's love for a brave man? Hero - Rider of a white horse, say Hero - Decorated cop, for one Hero - Blücher openly tackles person with bottle Hero - Lionhearted sort Hero - One who may be a lifesaver Hero - Much admired man getting that woman's love Hero - Principal character in a film or novel Hero - Subject of a parade Hero - Rescuer, to a rescuee Hero - Figure much admired in another organisation Hero - Deli buy Hero - Subway fare Hero - Purple heart recipient, maybe Hero - "a novel without a __" ("vanity fair" subtitle) Hero - Every marvel protagonist Hero - Object of the lady's love? Hero - Object of worship, perhaps Hero - Saving sort Hero - Any of the avengers Hero - The woman's love? probably Hero - Po'boy relative Hero - Principal male character in a play, movie, novel or poem Hero - Male protagonist Hero - Hoagie, in new york Hero - Woman's over leading actor Hero - Medal recipient, perhaps Hero - Sandwich shop order Hero - Subway meal Hero - Lionhearted type Hero - Soldier of distinction Hero - Sub shop purchase Hero - Medal awardee Hero - Epic figure Hero - Central part in andromache, ronsardian protagonist Hero - Woman's old protagonist Hero - Champion one of those trapped in the rounds Hero - Typical comic-book title character Hero - Six-footer at a party, e.g Hero - Brave fellow captured by the roundheads Hero - Caterer's six-foot-long offering, maybe Hero - "there goes my ___" foo fighters Hero - "there goes my ___" Hero - Bonnie tyler "holding out for a ___" Hero - Foo fighters "my ___" Hero - Foos "there goes my ___ ..." Hero - Mariah carey's smash about her savior? Hero - Mariah carey "music box" smash Hero - Metallica "___ of the day" Hero - Gallant sort Hero - Clichéd guy in a white hat Hero - Subway buy Hero - Mariah carey and enrique iglesias hits with same title Hero - Military medal earner Hero - Achilles or ajax Hero - Parade honoree, often Hero - Villain's nemesis Hero - Goat's antithesis, in sports Hero - Recipient of a ticker-tape parade, maybe Hero - Melodrama mainstay Hero - Antagonist's foil Hero - Roll at a counter Hero - Six-foot sandwich, maybe Hero - War ace, e.g Hero - Brave guy that presents that girl with ring Hero - Superman's favorite sandwich? Hero - Deli sub Hero - Villain's antithesis Hero - Wartime medal recipient Hero - The woman's love champion Hero - 'somebody who voluntarily walks into the unknown,' per tom hanks Hero - Foot-long meal, perhaps Hero - Novel creation Hero - Achilles or moses, e.g
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Lifesaver (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - lifesaver. word on "H". 1 - st. letter H. 2 - st. letter E. 3 - st. letter R. 4 - st. letter O.

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