Sam - Patriot, e.g

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  • Sam - Letter on S
  • 1 - st. word S
  • 2 - st. word A
  • 3 - st. word M

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Sam - 'gunsmoke' bartender Sam - Uncle of note Sam - Ted's role on 'cheers' Sam - Texas's houston Sam - 'as time goes by' singer in 'casablanca' Sam - Uncle ___ Sam - U.s. defense weapon Sam - Mil. defense weapon Sam - Uncle who 'wants you!' Sam - Patriot, e.g Sam - Walton of wal-mart Sam - With 56-across, three-time masters winner Sam - Wal-mart founder walton Sam - With 25-across, three-time masters champ Sam - Rick's pianist Sam - Finger-pointing uncle Sam - Rob's role on 'the west wing' Sam - Ted's role on "cheers" Sam - Dooley wilson's role in 'casablanca' Sam - Golfer snead Sam - Powerful uncle Sam - 2001 title role for sean penn Sam - Player of 'as time goes by,' in film Sam - Friend of frodo Sam - Danson's classic character Sam - Wal-mart guy Sam - Spade, for one Sam - "chain gang" singer cooke Sam - Waterston of hollywood Sam - Famous uncle Sam - Finger-pointing "uncle" Sam - Danson's sitcom portrayal Sam - "cheers" character Sam - Spade for hire Sam - Our uncle Sam - Spike lee's 'summer of ___' Sam - 'casablanca' role Sam - Frodo's friend Sam - Waksal of imclone Sam - Uncle with a top hat Sam - Pianist at rick's café américain Sam - Spade of fiction Sam - 1950's-60's singer cooke Sam - A guided missile Sam - Uncle of 32-down Sam - Spade or cooke Sam - Character from yosemite Sam - Wealthy walton Sam - "casablanca" role Sam - "spider-man" director raimi Sam - Frodo's buddy Sam - ___ adams, patriot with a beer named after him Sam - "i want you" uncle Sam - Ted's "cheers" role Sam - 'cheers' role Sam - Classic tv's "mayday" malone Sam - Uncle in a top hat Sam - 'casablanca' pianist Sam - Froot loops toucan Sam - "i am ___" (2001 film) Sam - "the wild bunch" director peckinpah Sam - "casablanca" pianist Sam - With 12-down, "cheers" bar owner Sam - "casablanca" character Sam - "cheers" role Sam - Tv witch, for short Sam - *man in a star-spangled suit Sam - Late comedian kinison Sam - America's uncle Sam - "cheers" barkeep Sam - "green eggs and ham" guy Sam - Muppet name Sam - Uncle who wants you? Sam - Spiegel who produced 'on the waterfront' Sam - "jarhead" director mendes Sam - Norm's bartender Sam - "you send me" singer cooke Sam - Houston or waterston Sam - Wal-mart founder's name Sam - *figure in a star-spangled hat Sam - Business' walton or waksal Sam - American uncle Sam - Tycoon walton with a club Sam - Pointing uncle Sam - Ted's classic character Sam - Recruiting-poster uncle Sam - Symbolic uncle Sam - ___ hill Sam - 4 down's first name Sam - Houston of texas Sam - Neill of 'jurassic park' Sam - "uncle" dressed in red, white and blue Sam - Half of a 1960s r & b duo Sam - 'cheers' bartender Sam - He played it again Sam - Pianist at rick's Sam - Retail mogul walton Sam - ___ i am (dr. seuss character) Sam - Brownback who withdrew from the 2008 election Sam - 1940s-'50s house speaker rayburn Sam - Al capp's marryin' ___ Sam - Soul singer cooke Sam - He plays for 102 down Sam - "green eggs and ham" pusher Sam - 1964's "biggest cooke in town" Sam - Football hall-of-famer huff Sam - Movie maker goldwyn Sam - Muppet eagle Sam - Late billionaire walton Sam - All-american uncle Sam - "maltese falcon" character Sam - Cooke who sang 'you send me' Sam - Houston or shepard Sam - Walton who founded wal-mart Sam - 'dick tracy' character catchem Sam - Unisex nickname Sam - "choke" star rockwell Sam - Brewer adams Sam - Cubs owner zell Sam - Seuss character Sam - Uncle on a poster Sam - National uncle Sam - Hill of fame Sam - Sch. term Sam - "the end of faith" author harris Sam - Raimi or rayburn Sam - "uncle" with a red bow tie Sam - 1984 mascot: ___ the olympic eagle Sam - 'bring it on home' singer cooke Sam - "as time goes by" pianist Sam - 'drag me to hell' director raimi Sam - Uncle pointing at you Sam - Actor neill Sam - Golf legend snead Sam - Time that's exactly halfway between midnight and noon Sam - Uncle who wants you Sam - The record man Sam - Mr. houston Sam - Bartender in 'gunsmoke' or 'cheers' Sam - News anchor donaldson Sam - See 60 across Sam - "cheers" bartender Sam - Walton of walmart Sam - With 44d, director of "jarhead" Sam - "as time goes by" pianist of film Sam - *noted seuss protagonist with an upcoming birthday, and a hint to a two-part puzzle that begins this week (1) Sam - Piano player in rick's place Sam - Green eggs and ham pusher Sam - With 22 down, dr. seuss character Sam - Hammett's spade Sam - Houston after whom the texas city is named Sam - Bartender for cliff and norm Sam - Soulful cooke Sam - Fictional detective spade Sam - 'american beauty' director mendes Sam - One of the warner brothers Sam - Yosemite __ Sam - "casablanca" piano player Sam - Pal of frodo Sam - Sleuth spade Sam - Texas' houston Sam - See 17-down Sam - 'casa-blanca' pianist Sam - Pianist at rick's cafe Sam - Senator nunn Sam - Golf's snead Sam - Crooner cooke Sam - -- -i-am Sam - Uncle -- Sam - Yosemite -- Sam - Singer cooke Sam - Malone of 'cheers' Sam - 'choke' star rockwell Sam - Funnyman kinison Sam - Houston, e.g Sam - 1950s-'70s senator ervin Sam - Mother's back for him after 5 down for america Sam - His mother is up for him Sam - Iconic american uncle Sam - Us uncle Sam - Iconic us uncle Sam - Actor-director shepard Sam - Popular american uncle Sam - Avuncular american icon Sam - Spade the sleuth Sam - Patriotic uncle Sam - ... browne belt Sam - Detective spade Sam - "i can't remember it, miss ilsa. i'm a little rusty on it" speaker Sam - Filmmaker peckinpah Sam - All of america's uncle Sam - Eagle mascot of the 1984 l.a. olympics Sam - America's 'uncle' Sam - Business mogul walton Sam - "cheers" character malone Sam - ___-i-am (seuss character) Sam - Uncle on recruiting posters Sam - Wanted poster uncle? Sam - 13 across, in short, from south america Sam - Casablanca piano player Sam - Newsman donaldson Sam - 'play it again, ___' Sam - Eagle mascot of the 1984 summer olympics Sam - With 1-down, famed sleuth Sam - Eagle mascot of the 1984 los angeles olympics Sam - Yosemite ___ Sam - "lord of the rings" sidekick Sam - See 100-across Sam - Abbr. in dungeons Sam - Texas patriot houston Sam - 'bewitched' wife, familiarly Sam - "skyfall" director mendes Sam - "green eggs and ham" narrator Sam - Walton of retail Sam - "the lord of the rings" hobbit Sam - Bronffman or slick Sam - Avuncular top hat wearer Sam - The usa's "uncle" Sam - Cooke of soul Sam - One of the muskrats in the 1976 hit 'muskrat love' Sam - 'uncle ___ wants you' Sam - ___ the eagle (a muppet) Sam - Bugs' cowboy foe Sam - College football star michael in 2014 news Sam - Literary sidekick introduced in '54 Sam - U.s. 'uncle' Sam - Merrie melodies sheepdog Sam - Walton or waterston Sam - To whom ilsa said "i'll hum it for you" Sam - Dashiell's detective Sam - Los angeles olympics' eagle mascot Sam - "green eggs and ham" man Sam - Snead of golf Sam - "cheers" bar owner Sam - Her reach charted twice during the nineties Sam - Their hits include shining light and burn, baby, burn Sam - Casablanca pianist Sam - Bluesman --- mo Sam - - peckinpah, us film director Sam - As time goes by, he plays a lot of brazilian music Sam - A sham this early rocker Sam - Get short with ryder Sam - Their first no 1 was tiger feet Sam - Mother and son turned up together once Sam - Boy, no son to strong man Sam - - weller (the pickwick papers) Sam - Type of missile (abbr.) Sam - Mr pickwick's servant Sam - Dishonest scheme hasn't caught him? Sam - Uncle - Sam - Uncle deleting page from contents of in-box? Sam - Spade of 'the maltese falcon' Sam - Comedian kinison Sam - "casablanca" piano man Sam - Missile man Sam - Looney tunes cowboy Sam - Bronffman or spade Sam - Cooke with soul Sam - Legendary soul singer cooke Sam - Mccloud of 1970s tv's 'mccloud' Sam - Walton with a club Sam - Rob's "west wing" role Sam - "i can't remember it, miss ilsa" speaker Sam - Uncle in striped pants Sam - Actor shepard Sam - "ghost" guy Sam - 'the muppets' eagle Sam - Waterston of 'the newsroom' Sam - Champion of weather reports Sam - Smith who sings the new 'james bond' song Sam - Texas hero houston Sam - Green eggs advocate Sam - Smith who sang the theme for 'spectre' Sam - 'stay with me' singer smith Sam - Bearded uncle Sam - Smith who crooned, 'oh, won't you stay with me? / 'cause you're all i need' Sam - Singer smith who said the likeness between his 'stay with me' and tom petty's 'won't back down' was 'a complete coincidence' Sam - "yosemite" toon Sam - 'spectre' director mendes Sam - Yosemite of "looney tunes" Sam - 'bring me the head of alfredo garcia' director peckinpah Sam - Oscar- and grammy-winning singer smith Sam - Waterston of 'law & order' Sam - Frodo's best friend Sam - Who sings 'as time goes by' in 'casablanca' Sam - 'cheers' barkeep Sam - 'green eggs and ham' guy Sam - Singer smith Sam - "casablanca" man Sam - First name on "cheers" Sam - One of bugs' foes Sam - Uncle of an entire country Sam - Surface-to-air missile Sam - Bronfman or pollock Sam - Retired newsman donaldson Sam - 'the west wing' speechwriter Sam - Dean's brother on 'supernatural' Sam - Malone on "cheers" Sam - 'uncle --' (usa) Sam - Pink floyd "lucifer ___" Sam - Pianist told to "play it again" Sam - "cupid" singer cooke Sam - "twistin' the night away" cooke Sam - Uncle in red, white and blue Sam - Film character who was asked to 'play it' Sam - Twin of 14-across in 'lord of the flies' Sam - Pianist at rick's cafe americain Sam - Uncle of a yank Sam - Oncle des usa Sam - Iconic recruitment poster uncle Sam - __ adams Sam - Actor waterston Sam - "some of the old songs, __" ("casablanca" line) Sam - Legendary singer cooke Sam - 'stay with me' grammy-winner smith Sam - "i am __" ("green eggs and ham" beginning) Sam - Male or female nickname Sam - Froot loops mascot toucan Sam - "green eggs and ham" character Sam - 'the muppet show' eagle Sam - Texan hero houston Sam - Bugs' cowboy enemy Sam - Waterston of "law & order" Sam - Houston, for example Sam - Oncle de nos voisins Sam - Neill of film Sam - Uncle __ Sam - 'gunsmoke' barkeep noonan Sam - See 15-across Sam - Uncle of america Sam - Bugs bunny antagonist yosemite Sam - One of frodo's friends Sam - One of frodo's friends
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