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Karate - Hands-on defense?

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Karate - "empty hand" fighting skill, literally Karate - 1984 ralph macchio film, with 'the' Karate - A charge applied to knight's combat Karate - A jap. martial art Karate - A martial art Karate - A price on back of pack for a sort of chop Karate - A taker (anag) Karate - A trek planned to take in a martial sport Karate - Activity with chops and kicks Karate - Art martial d'origine japonaise Karate - Art of defence seen in answer given by king in front of judge Karate - Art that packs some punches? Karate - Art with a ranking system Karate - Art with chops Karate - Barefoot activity Karate - Barefoot discipline Karate - Black belt activity Karate - Catherine catches the artist defending sport, in a way Karate - Catherine welcomes artist's skill in combat Karate - Chopper's activity Karate - Chopper's system Karate - Chopping skill Karate - Chopping sport Karate - Chopping spree? Karate - Class taken for kicks? Karate - Class that's not just for kicks Karate - Combat a charge to support king Karate - Combative sport Karate - Dan's speciality as an artist in worked teak Karate - Defensive discipline Karate - Defensive skill Karate - Deserve top honours upfront in fighting system Karate - Discipline in bruce lee movies Karate - Discipline with chops Karate - Discipline with kicks Karate - Dojo activity Karate - Dojo course Karate - Dojo discipline Karate - Dojo doings Karate - Dojo teaching Karate - Dojo's lesson Karate - Eastern style of serving chops? Karate - Form of unarmed combat Karate - From this the academician might get the chop if catherine is around Karate - Get a chop from this with a rate in it Karate - Girl embraces arabian method of fighting Karate - Girl entertaining artist with chop? Karate - Girl involving soldiers in unarmed combat Karate - Girl receiving gunners' martial 1ac Karate - Hands-on defense? Karate - Have a fast chop at last with this Karate - How kate is about to get the academician to fall for her Karate - If the artist turns with catherine around, he'll get the chop from it Karate - In combat punches shrewish woman with a right Karate - In the middle of mikado judge hands out belts to the sporting types Karate - Is katherine about to get the artist back from japan? Karate - It'll give you some kicks Karate - It's got chops Karate - Jap. combat; sort of chop Karate - Japanese art of unarmed combat Karate - Japanese combat Karate - Japanese cousin of kung fu Karate - Japanese form of unarmed combat Karate - Japanese martial art Karate - Japanese system of unarmed combat Karate - Judo's cousin Karate - Katharine embraced artilleryman in combative sport Karate - Kicking and screaming activity? Karate - Kind of chop Karate - King introducing a charge for unarmed combat Karate - Knight with a standard in combative sport Karate - Leader's keynote address to evaluate hand-to-hand combat Karate - Literally, 'empty hand' Karate - Literally, empty hand Karate - Martial art Karate - Martial art debuting as an olympic event in tokyo in 2020 Karate - Martial art demonstrated by artist taken hold of by shrew? Karate - Martial art in which thousand charge around area Karate - Method of self-defense Karate - Mr. miyagi's art Karate - One might get the chop from the girl around the acedemician Karate - One of the martial arts Karate - Oriental martial art Karate - Self-defense art Karate - Self-defense method Karate - Self-defense with a kick? Karate - Shrew in need of taming interrupted by a king in unarmed combat Karate - Shrewish girl set about painter in unarmed combat Karate - Something you might get a kick out of? Karate - Sort of chop a farmer finally fed to shrew Karate - Source of kerfuffle, a judge in choppy exchange? Karate - Sport de combat Karate - Sport from 4-down Karate - Sport in which belts are awarded Karate - Sport where girl impresses artist Karate - Sport whose belt levels, from beginning to advanced, appear in the starred answers Karate - System of unarmed combat Karate - Take ground with artilleryman entering unarmed combat Karate - Take the artist inside, catherine, there's a sport Karate - The sort of combat to take about an artist Karate - This will enable katherine to get around the artist with a chop Karate - Training with kicking Karate - Unarmed combat Karate - Unarmed-combat system Karate - When kate gets around to the academician, one of them gets the chop Karate - With the girl around the artist may get the chop Karate - Woman in need of taming engages artist in combat Karate - You can get your kicks with this Karate - __ chop