Roll - Wallpaper unit

Word by letter:
  • Roll - Letter on R
  • 1 - st. word R
  • 2 - st. word O
  • 3 - st. word L
  • 4 - st. word L

All questions by word:
Roll - "shake, rattle and ___" Roll - #6 Roll - $10 in quarters, maybe Roll - 'heads will ___!' Roll - 'let's ___!' Roll - 'let's ___' Roll - 'shake, rattle, and --' Roll - 'that's how i --' Roll - '___ over beethoven' Roll - ---- with it (oasis) Roll - 40 quarters, e.g Roll - 50 pennies Roll - 50 pennies, conveniently Roll - 64-across option Roll - Accompaniment for rock bun Roll - Aerobatic maneuver Roll - Air maneuver Roll - Air show maneuver Roll - Airplane's complete rotation Roll - An action western? Roll - Bagel Roll - Bagel alternative Roll - Bagel or bialy Roll - Bagel relative Roll - Bagel sans hole? Roll - Bagel, basically Roll - Bagel, for example Roll - Bakery buy Roll - Bakery item Roll - Bakery product Roll - Bakery purchase Roll - Bap Roll - Barm cake Roll - Barnstorming maneuver Roll - Be a bowler Roll - Bit of drum drama Roll - Board-game turn Roll - Bread - list - drumbeats Roll - Bread - list - sway Roll - Bread basket bun Roll - Bread basket choice Roll - Bread basket item Roll - Bread from trolley Roll - Bread register? Roll - Bread turnover? Roll - Breadbasket item Roll - Breadstick alternative Roll - Bun Roll - Bun or bagel Roll - Bundle of coins Roll - Casino action Roll - Certain bread serving Roll - Certs purchase Roll - Cholesterol lowered by intake of bread Roll - Cinnabon purchase Roll - Class list Roll - Classroom reading Roll - Coin collection Roll - Coin collection? Roll - Continuing success if one is on this list Roll - Convenient coin arrangement Roll - Craps play Roll - Croissant, e.g Roll - Croissant, for one Roll - Curl up Roll - Cylinder Roll - Cylinder (of paper etc) Roll - Dice do it Roll - Dice spin Roll - Dice throw Roll - Dice toss Roll - Dice turn Roll - Die cast? Roll - Diner freebie Roll - Dinner bread Roll - Dinner bun Roll - Dinner extra Roll - Dinner side Roll - Does one go around to the baker for it? Roll - Don't fold the list Roll - Dragon or rainbow, at a sushi bar Roll - Drum effect Roll - Drum flourish Roll - Drum sound Roll - Drum specialty Roll - Drummer's accomplishment Roll - Drummer's crowd pleaser Roll - Drummer's highlight Roll - Drummer's pride Roll - Drumming pattern Roll - Drums sound to start a revolution Roll - Eg, bap Roll - Eight the hard way, e.g Roll - Eric linklater's was of honour Roll - Even a speaking part Roll - Favorable thing to be on Roll - Film buy Roll - Film purchase Roll - Film unit Roll - Flatten; register Roll - Food item served in a basket Roll - Forty nickels or 50 pennies Roll - Frank holder Roll - Frank wrapper Roll - Fried-egg holder Roll - Furl central part of umbrella? Roll - Get around to get a part of the play, by the sound of it Roll - Get around to making the baking Roll - Get going Roll - Get moving Roll - Go around in circles Roll - Go around to the baker for it Roll - Go head over heels Roll - Go round and round Roll - Go round both sides and look over to break in Roll - Go round to the bakery for this Roll - Good thing to get on Roll - Great thing to be on Roll - Gymnastic move; bread Roll - Gymnastics move Roll - Ham and swiss holder Roll - Hard eight, e.g Roll - Hard or soft bakery buy Roll - Hot dog holder Roll - Hot streak Roll - Hot-dog holder Roll - If you go round to the baker's you'll get this Roll - It involves many raised hands Roll - It may be called bread Roll - It may be in a cloverleaf shape Roll - It's called in class Roll - Item in a restaurant basket Roll - Item often served with a pat of butter Roll - Kaiser __ Roll - Kaiser's bread? Roll - Kaiser, for one Roll - Kin of 22-down Roll - Life savers buy Roll - List of bakery's product Roll - List of food Roll - List of members Roll - List of names Roll - List of students Roll - List percussion effect Roll - List press Roll - List source of abusive comments, perhaps, omitting first one Roll - Lucky streak Roll - Luxury car missing second wheel Roll - Make into a ball Roll - Masking-tape buy Roll - Members' list Roll - Monopoly action Roll - Monopoly turn Roll - Move by turning over Roll - Move like a ball Roll - Move like a wheel Roll - Move on casters Roll - Move on wheels Roll - Move on wheels - individual portion of bread Roll - No opening for comic turn Roll - Oasis "___ with it" Roll - Official list of members Roll - Official list; cylinder Roll - Official register's function under discussion Roll - One may call it a breakfast stand-by Roll - One of three in a yahtzee turn Roll - Order to make a scene? Roll - Pack of 50 pennies, say Roll - Pack of coins Roll - Pack of pennies Roll - Pack of quarters Roll - Pack of quarters, e.g Roll - Packaged coins Roll - Paper towel unit Roll - Paper-towel unit Roll - Parker house, e.g Roll - Part of some sandwiches Roll - Patrol leader passes round bread Roll - Piano player, perhaps Roll - Pitch's partner Roll - Plane's longitudinal rotation Roll - Press directory Roll - Register Roll - Register - for continental breakfast? Roll - Register movement of ship Roll - Register on which one is regularly successful Roll - Register one filled at lunchtime, perhaps Roll - Reo "___ with the changes" Roll - Resound Roll - Restaurant freebie Roll - Restaurant freebie, often Roll - Revolve Roll - Revolve - piece of bread Roll - Rob of bread Roll - Rob, in a way Roll - Rock cake Roll - Rock partner Roll - Rock's companion Roll - Rock's companion? Roll - Rock's partner Roll - Roster Roll - Roulette ball limits circular movement Roll - Sandwich option Roll - Sandwich-bread alternative Roll - Scotch tape unit Roll - See 10 Roll - See 108-down Roll - See 11-down Roll - See 13 across Roll - See 19 Roll - See 21 Roll - See 62-across Roll - Six pieces of sushi, usually Roll - Slip by bundle of notes, for instance Roll - Small round bread Roll - Small round piece of bread Roll - Small rounded bread Roll - Snake eyes or boxcars Roll - Somersault Roll - Something called Roll - Sound of a drum or a list of names Roll - Sounds like part played in revolutionary movement Roll - Spin a record Roll - Start a monopoly turn Roll - Start a yahtzee turn Roll - Steve winwood "___ with it" Roll - Sushi bar offering Roll - Sushi offering Roll - Sushi plate item Roll - Sushi selection Roll - Swagger back from 9 Roll - Swell Roll - Take a turn, in some games Roll - Take one's turn, maybe Roll - Take turns? Roll - Tape unit Roll - Teacher's list Roll - Teachers call it spin Roll - The old western way Roll - The turnover from the bakery Roll - Three-sixty in a canoe Roll - Throw (a die or dice) Roll - Throw (dice) Roll - Throw dice Roll - Throw of the dice Roll - Throw the dice Roll - Throw, as dice Roll - Toss of the dice Roll - Toss the dice Roll - Tumble Roll - Turn at the casino Roll - Turn at the tables Roll - Turn from side to side Roll - Turn over a bun Roll - Turn over and over Roll - Turn over list Roll - Turn over, and start recording film Roll - Turn to rip front off malicious poster Roll - Turn with dice Roll - Undulate Roll - Vegas toss Roll - Wad of cash Roll - Wallpaper purchase Roll - Wallpaper unit Roll - Western action Roll - Western action before fosbury Roll - What could be bread bowl Roll - What either a hot person or dog is on Roll - What goes with rock drummer's piece Roll - What reo speedwagon will do "with the changes" Roll - What to do with the punches Roll - What you get round at the bakers Roll - Wheel, an integral part of trolley Roll - Win easily Roll - Winning streak Roll - Word with "egg" or "jelly" Roll - Word with egg or jelly Roll - Would the baker get around to it? Roll - Wrapping-paper unit Roll - Yahtzee player's turn Roll - Yaw relative, on an aircraft
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Wallpaper unit (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - wallpaper unit. word on "R". 1 - st. letter R. 2 - st. letter O. 3 - st. letter L. 4 - st. letter L.

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