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Word by letter:
  • Lit - Letter on L
  • 1 - st. word L
  • 2 - st. word I
  • 3 - st. word T

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Lit - "a place in the sun" band Lit - "english" course Lit - "miserable" rockers Lit - "my own worst enemy" rockers Lit - "zip-lock" rockers Lit - 25 down and any more ought to provoke some response Lit - A bit sloshed Lit - A bit tipsy Lit - Ablaze Lit - Activated, as a fuse Lit - Activated, as a match Lit - Active, as a match Lit - Afire Lit - Afire, as a candle Lit - Aflame Lit - After half a century it is in flames Lit - Aglow Lit - Alighted half a century with it Lit - All fired up Lit - American __ Lit - American ___ (univ. course) Lit - Any more for response when the fire is going? Lit - Any more would get a response Lit - Berated (with "into") Lit - Berated, with 'into' Lit - Berceau Lit - Beyond tipsy Lit - Blazing Lit - Blitzed Lit - Blotto Lit - Body of writings, for short Lit - Bombed Lit - Books, briefly Lit - Books, etc Lit - Books, for short Lit - Boozy Lit - Brief reading? Lit - Brightened Lit - Brightened up Lit - Brightened, with "up" Lit - Brit __ (hardy category) Lit - Buckcherry "___ up" Lit - Burning Lit - Burning, as a candle Lit - Chick __: light women's fiction Lit - Classics, for short Lit - Coll. course Lit - College students are like candles: they get ___, and then they go out Lit - Couche de légumes Lit - Could you get any response from this? Lit - Creative writing, in short, was illuminating Lit - Dodo Lit - Drunk Lit - Drunk as a candle? Lit - Eng. class Lit - Eng. course Lit - Eng. major’s course Lit - Eng. subj Lit - English class, for short Lit - English course, for short Lit - English dept. subj Lit - English __ Lit - English ___ Lit - Enkindled Lit - Enlightened learner on top of computer technology Lit - Fiction course, for short Lit - Fired Lit - Fired up Lit - Flambé, say Lit - Flaming Lit - Flicked a bic Lit - Fried Lit - Fucked up Lit - Glowing Lit - Glowing, perhaps Lit - Good books, briefly Lit - Got the fire started Lit - Half seas over Lit - Hammered Lit - Having been fired, he might make it supple Lit - High as a kite Lit - High on highballs, e.g Lit - How one got fired Lit - Humanities course, for short Lit - Humanities maj Lit - Ignited Lit - Ignited with a match Lit - Ignited, as a bottle rocket Lit - Ignited, as a fire Lit - Ignited, as a match Lit - Ignited, say cigarette Lit - Illuminated Lit - Illumined Lit - Iluminated Lit - In 6 down it would get any in response Lit - In a blaze Lit - In flames Lit - In one's cups Lit - Inebriated Lit - Inebriated: slang Lit - Inflamed Lit - Intoxicated Lit - Kiddie -- Lit - Kiddie or chick follower Lit - Kiddie ___ Lit - Kiddie ___ (book genre) Lit - Kindled Lit - Landed Lit - Lighted Lit - Like a burning candle Lit - Like a hearth Lit - Like a shining candle Lit - Like a sizzling fuse Lit - Like an active candle Lit - Like burning candles Lit - Like many a 32 across Lit - Like many a tree at christmas Lit - Like some jack-o'-lanterns Lit - Loaded Lit - Luminous Lit - Made light of it Lit - Matched? Lit - More than tipsy Lit - Nobel category for golding and grass: abbr Lit - Not in the dark Lit - Not sober Lit - Now bright Lit - Oiled Lit - On Lit - On fire Lit - On fire, as a match Lit - On like a lantern Lit - On s'y repose Lit - On, as a candle Lit - On, as a kerosene lamp Lit - On, as a lamp Lit - On, as a victorian lamp Lit - On, as an old lamp Lit - On, in a way Lit - On, perhaps Lit - Opposite of "extinguished" Lit - Pickled Lit - Pie-eyed Lit - Plastered Lit - Plumard Lit - Potted Lit - Put a match to Lit - Put a spot on, perhaps Lit - Reading course, for short Lit - Reading material, for short Lit - Reading matter, for short Lit - Really tipsy Lit - Sauced Lit - See 116-down Lit - See 43-across Lit - Set a match to Lit - Set ablaze Lit - Set afire Lit - Set aflame Lit - Set burning Lit - Set fire to Lit - Set fire to sleeping accommodation in paris Lit - Set off Lit - Set on fire Lit - Settled for fine writing in condensed form Lit - Settled one of several pieces of political instability militarily Lit - Shining Lit - Shit-faced Lit - Showed happiness, with "up" Lit - Sloshed Lit - Smashed Lit - Snockered Lit - Soused Lit - Sozzled Lit - Squiffed Lit - Started a fire Lit - Started a match Lit - Started a torch job Lit - Started burning Lit - Started the pilot Lit - Started, as a cigarette Lit - Started, as a fire Lit - Starting to burn Lit - Stewed Lit - Stewed to the gills Lit - Stiff Lit - Struck, as a match Lit - Tanked Lit - Three sheets to the wind Lit - Thus was the olympic cauldron london's opening ceremony's centrepiece Lit - Tipsy Lit - Tipsy and then some Lit - Took a match to Lit - Torched Lit - Touched a match to Lit - Trashed Lit - Turned on Lit - Turned on section of artillery in retreat Lit - Turned on, as a bulb Lit - Turned on, as a lamp Lit - Un bon endroit où lire Lit - Under the table Lit - University course, for short Lit - Wasted Lit - Way past tipsy Lit - Wd. with "english" or "kiddie" Lit - Where henri hits the hay Lit - Word with "english" or "kiddie"
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*** - put a match to. word on "L". 1 - st. letter L. 2 - st. letter I. 3 - st. letter T.

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