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Palace - Royal home

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Palace - Fairy tale setting Palace - Royal home Palace - It's fit for a king Palace - Ferber's "ice ___" Palace - Home fit for a king Palace - Big house Palace - Alhambra, for one Palace - Camelot sight Palace - Place for a king Palace - Royal residence Palace - Buckingham, e.g Palace - Opulent residence Palace - King's residence Palace - Guard's workplace Palace - Royal abode Palace - See 34-across Palace - Regal residence Palace - Queen's guard workplace Palace - Alhambra, e.g Palace - Fancy home Palace - Regal home Palace - Regal digs Palace - Majestic home Palace - King's home Palace - It's on the cards one will be under one's friend, and isn't that grand? Palace - Royal building Palace - That's a, in place of the friendly one Palace - Your friend, for one, is something like 8 across Palace - Your friend had got one winner - isn't that grand? Palace - How grand father gets with grand decoration! Palace - His royal residence has holes in it at last (6) Palace - How grand for your friend to get the winning one! Palace - That friend is one that's grand Palace - Father gets something decorative and grand Palace - One grand is enough for father to get open work Palace - In the locality a thing that's fit for king (6) Palace - Home for a king Palace - Regal mansion Palace - Official residence of a sovereign Palace - Impressive residence of a ruler Palace - Fairy tale setting, sometimes Palace - Residence of a sovereign Palace - A in position for royalty there Palace - Finery for father is grand in a place Palace - Has father got adornment for his fine house? Palace - France's élysée, for one Palace - Residence of a ruler Palace - Grand home Palace - Classic theater name Palace - Abode accommodating principal character, perhaps? Palace - China service for stately home Palace - A place arranged for the bishop's residence Palace - Site contains a mansion Palace - See 13 Palace - Versailles possibly rejected drink expert? Palace - Royal house Palace - See 23 Palace - To a friend, the highest honour is showing such a magnificent home Palace - King's quarters Palace - Versailles attraction Palace - Site includes a splendid residence Palace - Sovereign's residence Palace - Walk around lake by a large house Palace - Head of state's residence Palace - Locality around a king's official residence Palace - China has very good football team Palace - Splendid house Palace - Residence housing foremost of aristocrats? Palace - Many an archaeological site Palace - The royal house put a friend on the spot Palace - Set around a stately home Palace - Eg buckingham Palace - Buddy escorts master home Palace - Royal mansion Palace - Situation surrounding a magnificent home Palace - Castle Palace - Location around a royal residence Palace - Mansion Palace - Friend with service in royal house Palace - Official residence father started leaving before one Palace - Residence for father next to the french church Palace - Step outside hollywood location, splendid building Palace - Stately mansion Palace - Locality around a grand house Palace - Monarch's residence Palace - Locality round a monarch's official residence Palace - Where you'll find king, queen or bishop, and second of pawns in position Palace - Centre for monarch in residence Palace - Royal dwelling Palace - Kingly residence Palace - See 10 Palace - Large building site conceals article Palace - Kingly home Palace - Dad wants ornamental fabric in splendid home Palace - Location occupied by heart of royalty? Palace - Friend with brilliant home -- a big expensive one Palace - Place for a queen Palace - Elsa's home in 'frozen' Palace - Elsa's frozen home, in "frozen" Palace - See 16 Palace - The alhambra, for one Palace - Place fit for a queen Palace - State quarters? Palace - Home encapsulating a royal residence