Ama - Well-intentioned grp.?

Word by letter:
  • Ama - Letter on A
  • 1 - st. word A
  • 2 - st. word M
  • 3 - st. word A

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Ama - G.p. grp Ama - Doc's org Ama - Doc bloc Ama - Professional org. since 1847 Ama - Grp. with a caduceus Ama - Antismoking grp Ama - Physicians' grp Ama - Cold war grp.? Ama - Health-care lobby grp Ama - Journal publisher Ama - Grp. with a staff in its symbol Ama - Professional org Ama - Org. with a much-quoted journal Ama - Doctors' grp Ama - Doctors' org Ama - Journal publisher, for short Ama - Dr.'s org Ama - G.p.'s grp Ama - 'i ___ camera' (1955 film) Ama - 31-across's grp Ama - Group the surgeon gen. addresses Ama - Docs' org Ama - Org. with a much-cited journal Ama - Well-intentioned grp.? Ama - 'i ___ rock' Ama - Org. with an influential journal Ama - Simon & garfunkel's "i --- rock" Ama - Grp. of g.p.'s Ama - "i --- rock" (pop tune) Ama - Sawbones' org Ama - Health-promoting org. since 1847 Ama - Docs united: abbr Ama - "i --- rock" Ama - Van druten's "i --- camera" Ama - Bloc for a doc Ama - "i ___ lineman for the county" Ama - "i --- lineman for the county" Ama - M.d. alliance Ama - "i --- camera" Ama - Dylan's "i --- lonesome hobo" Ama - Org. with a widely read journal Ama - Health org Ama - Org. with a snake in its logo Ama - Powerful advocacy grp Ama - Org. with an oft-quoted journal Ama - Physicians gp Ama - Marcus welby's org Ama - Org. with a caduceus logo Ama - Doc bloc: abbr Ama - Doctorsâ org Ama - Influential journal publisher: abbr Ama - Commercial suffix with roller Ama - Org. for doctors Ama - Dylan's "i ___ lonesome hobo" Ama - Sawbones' grp Ama - "i --- rock" (simon and garfunkel hit) Ama - Van druten's "i ___ camera" Ama - Fitness grp Ama - Famous jour. publisher Ama - Palindromic org Ama - Org. founded by dr. nathan smith davis Ama - M.d.'s org Ama - Group of drs Ama - G.p. group Ama - Battler of big tobacco: abbr Ama - Dr.'s advocate Ama - Doc's grp Ama - 'i ___ rock' (1966 hit) Ama - Drs.' group Ama - Docs' grp Ama - Ob-gyn's gp Ama - Grp. pledged to 'do no harm' Ama - Org. for an ob/gyn Ama - Docs org Ama - Dr.'s order? Ama - Ob-gyn's org Ama - “i ___ rock” Ama - Grp. with a famous journal Ama - Organization for spock Ama - Doctor's org Ama - Hosp. workers' org Ama - Grp. with a noted journal Ama - Physician's org Ama - "i ___ rock" (simon and garfunkel hit) Ama - Doc bloc, for short Ama - Med. group Ama - Sawbones' gp Ama - Fitness-advocating org Ama - Health standards org. since 1847 Ama - Where a doc pays dues Ama - Simon & garfunkel's "i ___ rock" Ama - Gps' gp Ama - Physicians org Ama - Drs.' org. since 1847 Ama - Org. for life savers Ama - Practicing grp Ama - Org. for a g.p Ama - Doc's bloc Ama - Gp grp Ama - Medical grp Ama - "i ___ camera" (1955 film) Ama - Gp's gp Ama - "i __ soldier, too: the jessica lynch story" Ama - Org. for spock Ama - Org. with a house of delegates Ama - Physicians' org Ama - "today i ____ man" Ama - Dr.'s group Ama - Doctors' order? Ama - Org. founded at upenn in 1847 Ama - Gps' org Ama - Docs in a bloc Ama - Gps' grp Ama - Org. for gps Ama - Fitness advocacy grp Ama - Caring grp Ama - It has an office of hiv/aids Ama - Docs' lobby Ama - Org. that supports caps on malpractice awards Ama - "i-rock" insert Ama - Org. with a noted journal Ama - Org. that supports malpractice reform Ama - Docs' bloc Ama - Drs. assn Ama - 'i ___ shepherd of those sheep': millay Ama - Exercise advocacy org Ama - Nureyev documentary, i ___ dancer Ama - Patients' bill of rights supporter Ama - Drs.' org Ama - Org. with an online doctorfinder Ama - Pac of docs Ama - Ob/gyn's org Ama - Mds' org Ama - Gp's group Ama - Org. that publishes health studies Ama - "i ___ rock" Ama - Org. with a council on ethical and judicial affairs Ama - Org. with its own insurance agency Ama - 'helping doctors help patients' org Ama - 'i ___ bird now' (antony and the johnsons album) Ama - Pro-curing grp.? Ama - Health gp. with a 125-year-old journal Ama - Org. for docs Ama - Org. that publishes an alternative to the new england journal Ama - Well-known journal org Ama - Org. with some real operators Ama - Overseer of some practices: abbr Ama - Org. with a journal Ama - Org. whose logo includes the staff of aesculapius Ama - Internists' grp Ama - Org. concerned with liability reform Ama - Surgeons' org Ama - Guided by voices' 'i ___ scientist' Ama - Doc grp Ama - Org. with many specialists Ama - Bloc of docs Ama - Org. for 47-across Ama - Doc’s org Ama - 14-down org Ama - Gp. with many a gp Ama - Org. for mds Ama - Org. with a respected journal Ama - Org. tweaked in "sicko" Ama - Doc org Ama - Gps' group Ama - Org. with a famous journal Ama - Org. that publishes physician specialty codes Ama - Professional grp. with its own insurance agency Ama - Simon and garfunkel song "i ___ rock" Ama - Antismoking org Ama - Org. with a longstanding journal Ama - "do no harm" org Ama - Flu fighters: abbr Ama - "i ___ rock" (simon & garfunkel) Ama - Org. involved in the healthcare debate Ama - Powerful health care lobbying gp Ama - Anti-smoking org Ama - Practice overseers: abbr Ama - Gp. that supports malpractice damage award limits Ama - Docs' lobby: abbr Ama - "today i ___ man" Ama - G.p.'s gp Ama - Grp. with an influential journal Ama - 'today i ___ man' Ama - Gp's soc Ama - Member of a latin trio Ama - Grp. of mds Ama - 'today i ___ man' (bar mitzvah phrase) Ama - Gp's org Ama - Professional org. with a house of delegates Ama - Physicians' gp Ama - Physician coalition abbr Ama - Org. for operators? Ama - Doc's group Ama - "today, i ___ man" Ama - Peta foe, at times Ama - Grp. knocked in 'sicko' Ama - Obstetricians' org Ama - Org. in the health care debate Ama - Org. for 9-down Ama - Org. of physicians Ama - Org. that does patient work Ama - Org. for 41-down Ama - Org. with a peer-reviewed weekly journal Ama - Grp. for doctors Ama - Org. with a widely-read journal Ama - "i ___ rock" (simon & garfunkel song) Ama - Org. featuring seasonal flu information Ama - Residency regulator Ama - Subj. in 'sicko' Ama - Bloc of 25 down Ama - 'i ___ jelly donut' Ama - Org. for orthopedists Ama - "today i __ man!" Ama - 'i ___ camera' Ama - Org. with a serpent in its logo Ama - Org. involved in patient work? Ama - 'i -- rock' Ama - Doctor's order?: abbr Ama - Dr.'s grp Ama - Med. org Ama - Dr.'s gp Ama - Healers' org Ama - 'i -- camera' Ama - 'today i -- man' Ama - 'i -- lineman ...' Ama - Docs' gp Ama - G.p.s' gp Ama - Healing org Ama - 110-downs' gp Ama - Drs.' gp Ama - "i ___ camera" Ama - Org. for d.o.'s Ama - Drs. group Ama - Doc workers' org.? Ama - Journal-publishing gp Ama - Sawbones gp Ama - Health advocacy grp Ama - Journal-publishing org Ama - Specialty code list publisher Ama - Grp. knocked in "sicko" Ama - "i ___ rock" (simon & garfunkel hit) Ama - Grammys rival Ama - G.p.'s group Ama - Health care grp Ama - Doc lobby Ama - Drs.' trade group Ama - "today i ___ man" (bar mitzvah phrase) Ama - Health advocacy abbr Ama - 'i --camera' Ama - Antismoking gp Ama - Colbert children's book 'i ___ pole (and so can you!)' Ama - Doc's bloc: abbr Ama - 'i ___ man of constant sorrow' Ama - "i __ rock" Ama - Wkly. research journal publisher Ama - Prescription-writers' org Ama - Health-care org Ama - Physician's gp Ama - Physician's grp Ama - Gp. for doctors Ama - Where a doc pays his or her dues Ama - Org. that opposed medicare in the '60s Ama - Surgeon's org Ama - "helping doctors help patients" org Ama - Cardiologists' org Ama - Its website has a neurology archives page Ama - Doctor's advocacy grp Ama - "today i ___ man!" Ama - Org. that publishes advocacy update Ama - Professional org. ending eight answers in this puzzle Ama - Practice advocate Ama - Pub. of an oft-quoted journal Ama - Med. journal publisher Ama - Org. that endorsed obamacare Ama - Popular reddit section, briefly Ama - Health advocacy org Ama - Health org. since 1847 Ama - "i __ fool!" Ama - Marcus welby's gp Ama - Healthcare lobby Ama - Org. the surgeon general addresses Ama - Org. founded by dr. nathan davis Ama - Popular reddit feature, for short Ama - Doctor's advocacy gp Ama - Docs united Ama - Major supporters of the aca Ama - Professional org. with a 'healthy' balance sheet Ama - Gp. that declared obesity a disease Ama - Org. offering group practice membership Ama - Org. whose past presidents include two mayos Ama - Org. for a dr Ama - Org. funding healthcare awareness Ama - Heal the claims process campaign sponsor Ama - Medic's org Ama - Could be lee, brown or maybe a kinks' album Ama - Shola --- Ama - The former mrs sonny bono Ama - Jimmy, jill, tom maybe Ama - Chicago-based professional org Ama - Org. opposed to smoking Ama - Health care org Ama - Drs. are in it Ama - Org. backing obamacare Ama - Drs.' grp Ama - Gp. of g.p.'s Ama - Mayo brothers' org Ama - 'i rock' Ama - Gp. whose symbol is the rod of asclepius Ama - Org. with a pediatrics journal Ama - 'i ___ real american...' (hulk hogan theme lyric) Ama - "i ___ real american..." (hulk hogan theme lyric) Ama - Org. that inveighs against smoking Ama - Org. with a snaky logo Ama - 'i camera' Ama - Its website has a doctorfinder Ama - Org. with a monthly journal of ethics Ama - Org. with a code of ethics Ama - Org. encouraging vaccination Ama - Grp. of docs Ama - To whom a doctor pays dues Ama - Org. that endorses vigilant hand-washing Ama - Internists' org Ama - Org. with a famed journal Ama - Both of the mayo brothers served terms as its pres Ama - 'i ___ rock' (1966 hit tune) Ama - Its website has a doctorfinder page Ama - Online q&a session Ama - Powerful advocacy gp Ama - Reddit q&a session, briefly Ama - Quack stopper, for short Ama - Org. for 45-across Ama - Physicians' medical gp Ama - Org. with a staff of aesculapius logo Ama - Org. with a caduceus in its logo Ama - Doc's gp Ama - Gp. with many specialists Ama - Org. for drs Ama - Paul simon's 'i ___ rock' Ama - No-holds-barred online q&a Ama - Org. with real operators Ama - Lobbyist for docs Ama - Bioethics e-journal publisher Ama - Org. for physicians Ama - Professional org. that supported the passage of obamacare Ama - Gp. once led by charles mayo Ama - 'i ___ robot, beep boop beep' (unusually common impersonation of a robot) Ama - Caregivers' org Ama - Org. with a doctorfinder webpage Ama - Ent's group Ama - Reddit q&a feature whose name suggests no topic is off-limits Ama - Org. for many residents Ama - Gp. of docs Ama - Org. with the staff of aesculapius in its logo Ama - Org. with the rod of asclepius in its logo Ama - Org. with a doctored journal? Ama - Org. that endorses 7-down Ama - Supporter of the a.c.a Ama - Medical org Ama - Its website has a delivering care section Ama - Org. encouraging healthy lifestyles Ama - Doctorfinder org Ama - Org. with a noted weekly research journal Ama - Gp. once headed by charles mayo Ama - Drs.' order? Ama - Docs' group Ama - Operator's org.? Ama - Operator's org.? Ama - Collector of dues from drs
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Well-intentioned grp.? (***) 3 letter. - what is this?

*** - well-intentioned grp.?. word on "A". 1 - st. letter A. 2 - st. letter M. 3 - st. letter A.

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