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Skater - Ice lander?

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Skater - Ice lander? Skater - Elvis stojko, for one Skater - Rink user Skater - Rollerjam participant Skater - Winter olympian Skater - Lutz performer Skater - Tara lipinski, for one Skater - Roller derby entrant Skater - Certain winter olympics competitor Skater - One using double blades? Skater - Olympian on ice Skater - Rink patron Skater - Axel performer Skater - See 33-across Skater - You have her in there on 21 across Skater - The girl is in there on ice Skater - There's a girl in there on ice Skater - One glides on wheels or blades Skater - Hans brinker, for one Skater - Hockey player, for one Skater - A little rump steak served on ice, maybe Skater - He may be competent to travel at speed in freezing conditions Skater - Could be keats' take on 'the iceman cometh' Skater - Ray reardon? primarily a sportsman Skater - One using blades (or rollers?) Skater - Insect on pond - person on ice Skater - One sliding over ice Skater - Person sliding over ice Skater - Streak (anag) Skater - One who's good with figures Skater - Roller derby participant Skater - Rink slider Skater - Button, notably Skater - Ice capades performer Skater - One could be on thin ice revealing takers Skater - Certain winter olympics performer Skater - Girl cuts sister - she uses sharp blades Skater - Glider on ice Skater - One gliding on ice Skater - Ice sportsman Skater - Fish beginning to rot - one should go on ice Skater - Drive badly, like a composer Skater - Winter sportsman Skater - Girl embraced by senior winter sportsman Skater - Sportsman has a second shot on the rebound, expending some energy Skater - One moving over ice Skater - Dr walker as pictured by raeburn Skater - Winter sports person Skater - One on blades/wheels Skater - Person in boots mounted on blades Skater - Mover on ice Skater - Streak (anag.) Skater - Sportsperson making fish run? Skater - Winter sports participant Skater - One moves on ice Skater - Rockefeller center showoff, perhaps Skater - Rink performer Skater - Any pro hockey player Skater - Athlete on blades Skater - One good at figures? Skater - Rink glider Skater - Run after swimmer or ice-hockey player, say Skater - Person who works with figures Skater - Expert with figures? Skater - One moving on ice Skater - Cousins maybe ask about time with queen Skater - In alaska, term for ice fan? Skater - Curry, possibly fish, with minimum of rice Skater - Ice dancer Skater - One sliding on ice is fish, right? Skater - Person needing sharp blades Skater - One slipping on ice takes off, ending on floor