Urdu - Hindi relative

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  • Urdu - Letter on U
  • 1 - st. word U
  • 2 - st. word R
  • 3 - st. word D
  • 4 - st. word U

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Urdu - Language written in persian-arabic letters Urdu - Literary variant of hindustani Urdu - Pakistani language Urdu - Hindi relative Urdu - Language of pakistan Urdu - Indic language Urdu - Pakistani tongue Urdu - Language of lahore Urdu - South asians speak it Urdu - Official language of pakistan Urdu - Karachi tongue Urdu - It's heard in islamabad Urdu - Asian tongue Urdu - Lahore language Urdu - Language of islamabad Urdu - A pakistani poet might write in it Urdu - An official language of pakistan Urdu - Pakistan tongue Urdu - It's spoken in islamabad Urdu - Language in which 'pakistan' means 'land of the pure' Urdu - Language written with persian-arabic letters Urdu - Language whose name means 'army' Urdu - Language similar to hindi Urdu - Sanskrit Urdu - Sanskritic language Urdu - Language that gave us "khaki" Urdu - Literary language of pakistan Urdu - Language commonly used in bollywood films Urdu - Lahore lingo Urdu - A language of pakistan Urdu - Akbar allahabadi wrote poetry in it Urdu - "khaki" source Urdu - Indo-aryan language Urdu - Language of the hindustan express Urdu - It's spoken in karachi Urdu - Language in which the 'voice of lahore' newspaper is written Urdu - Tongue like hindi Urdu - Islamabad tongue Urdu - Pakistan's official language Urdu - Language derived from hindustani Urdu - Language of sanskrit Urdu - Language in pakistan Urdu - It's written right to left Urdu - Language heard in karachi Urdu - Language kin of hindi Urdu - Language from which 'loot' comes Urdu - Language in lahore Urdu - Karachi language Urdu - Language that gave us "thug" Urdu - Language for pakistan's daily jang Urdu - Pakistan's language Urdu - Tongue akin to hindi Urdu - Pakistan language Urdu - Asian language Urdu - Pakistani's language Urdu - Might the old city do, by the sound of it, for pakistan? Urdu - In india the sound of this will crop up Urdu - That'll make 'er sound suitable for india, in a manner of speaking Urdu - Does the old city sound as if it would suit an indian, in a manner of speaking? Urdu - Will the old place do for india, in a manner of speaking? Urdu - Language related to hindi Urdu - Language closely related to hindi Urdu - Will the ancient city serve, by the sound of it, for india, in a manner of speaking Urdu - One of official languages of pakistan Urdu - An official language of pakistan related to hindi Urdu - Pakistan's national language Urdu - The old city will do, by the sound of it, for india Urdu - Will the old city do for india, in a manner of speaking? Urdu - 'would the old city do to be in india, in a manner of speaking? (4)' Urdu - Our duty is to protect the language Urdu - 'en party's pronounced language Urdu - Our duty is to embrace a foreign language Urdu - Language about road bends Urdu - Language used by monsieur dumas Urdu - Indic language written in persian script Urdu - It's written from right to left Urdu - Descendant of sanskrit Urdu - Bbc asian network language Urdu - Language spoken in new delhi Urdu - Language whose alphabet reads from right to left Urdu - Language written right to left Urdu - Language from old city of the french Urdu - Language that gave us 'nabob' Urdu - Kin of hindi Urdu - National language of pakistan Urdu - Hindustani language Urdu - A pakistani language Urdu - Language used in pakistan, india Urdu - Language used by kurd, unsurprisingly Urdu - From amateur, dull speech Urdu - Language akin to hindi Urdu - Part of our duty is making a speech Urdu - Analyse and develop (an idea) in detail Urdu - Loud ruffian from the south holding tongue Urdu - A form of hindustani Urdu - Channel to north of isle of wight Urdu - Language used by our dustman Urdu - A language of pakistan and india Urdu - Foreign language provides way into universities Urdu - University's way to introduce universal language Urdu - Official language used in pakistan Urdu - Form of hindustani Urdu - Tongue? your duty to hold it! Urdu - Language teacher who's no good grasping dutch at first Urdu - Language from which 'cummerbund' comes Urdu - Sanskrit language Urdu - Source of khaki? Urdu - Indian language Urdu - What you are speaking is dutch? no, pakistani Urdu - Language of monsieur dumas Urdu - United on the way to universal language Urdu - The language our duchess uses! Urdu - Language that's the way into universities Urdu - Language Urdu - Some absurd utterance in a foreign language Urdu - Language outwardly revered in universities Urdu - Foreign words helping you to fulfil your duty Urdu - In revolution, proud russian defended language Urdu - Some favour dutch as a language Urdu - Partly honour dutch in another language Urdu - Language spoken by moslems in pakistan and india Urdu - Old city of the french language Urdu - Language of monsieur dupont Urdu - Language that gives us 'nabob' Urdu - Indian tongue Urdu - One of pakistan's official languages Urdu - Asian language written in arabic script Urdu - Language that gave us 'khaki' Urdu - Talk of karachi Urdu - Language that gave us 'cummerbund' Urdu - Language that gave us 'punch' Urdu - Language of jaipur dude Urdu - Kashmir language Urdu - Delhi tongue Urdu - Language written from right to left Urdu - Se parle en inde du nord Urdu - Langue indo-aryenne Urdu - Se parle au pakistan Urdu - Hindustani tongue Urdu - Language of the lahore post Urdu - Way universities go about presenting a language
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Hindi relative (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - hindi relative. word on "U". 1 - st. letter U. 2 - st. letter R. 3 - st. letter D. 4 - st. letter U.

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