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  • Hole - Letter on H
  • 1 - st. word H
  • 2 - st. word O
  • 3 - st. word L
  • 4 - st. word E

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Hole - Reason for darning Hole - Mending site Hole - Tunnel Hole - Bind, so to speak Hole - Doughnut's middle Hole - 19th ___ (golf clubhouse) Hole - Problem in the defense lines Hole - Aperture Hole - Flag location Hole - Links target Hole - Green target Hole - Links unit Hole - Driver's destination? Hole - Financial predicament Hole - Tiger's target Hole - Course division Hole - Place for an ace Hole - Ace place? Hole - You can dig it! Hole - Moth's legacy Hole - Ozone problem Hole - Doughnut feature Hole - You can dig it Hole - Pocket problem Hole - Pail problem Hole - Place for a numbered flag Hole - Course goal Hole - Cavity Hole - Darner's target Hole - Golf unit Hole - Middle of a doughnut Hole - Ace's hideout Hole - Green's feature Hole - Boring result Hole - Doughnut's center Hole - Serious flaw Hole - Flaw, as in a theory Hole - Argument weakness Hole - Golfer's target Hole - Negative space Hole - Moth's calling card Hole - Froot loops feature Hole - Story inconsistency Hole - Kind of card Hole - Golf course feature Hole - In one preceder, sometimes Hole - Golfer's goal Hole - Deep impression Hole - Excavation Hole - Predicament Hole - A fire may be in it Hole - Love group Hole - Why you may give a darn? Hole - Duffer's target Hole - Darn it Hole - Ozone layer concern Hole - Bagel's center Hole - Bagel feature Hole - Needle feature Hole - Opening Hole - Logical flaw Hole - Golfer's objective Hole - Putting target Hole - Swiss cheese feature Hole - Donut center Hole - Puncture Hole - Plot flaw Hole - Excavation result Hole - Can you dig it? Hole - Boring result? Hole - Duffer's destination Hole - Dig this! Hole - Green feature Hole - Golfer's quest Hole - Evidence of lost ground? Hole - Ace in the __ Hole - Donut feature Hole - Putter's target Hole - Result of being bored Hole - One of 18 in golf Hole - Woodpecker's creation Hole - "fixing a ___" (beatles song) Hole - Sock flaw Hole - Swimming spot Hole - "___ in the wall" (game show based on the japanese "human tetris" clips on youtube) Hole - "___ in the wall" (upcoming game show based on the japanese "human tetris" clips on youtube) Hole - Place for an ace? Hole - One of 18 on a golf course Hole - ___-in-the-wall (dive) Hole - Financial bind Hole - Reason there's no money in your pocket? Hole - Sewing-needle feature Hole - What a dibble makes Hole - Argument's weakness Hole - Digger's creation Hole - Courtney love band Hole - With 63 across, golfer's dream Hole - Sock darner's target Hole - Course component Hole - Inedible doughnut part? Hole - Flaw in logic Hole - Perforation Hole - Driver's ultimate destination? Hole - Burrow indicator Hole - Reason to give a darn? Hole - Palette feature Hole - Inedible swiss cheese part? Hole - Donut middle Hole - Donut part? Hole - Golf goal Hole - It may be bored Hole - Golf target Hole - Pit Hole - Loose-leaf feature Hole - Gap Hole - Gopher's hideout Hole - Swiss feature Hole - See 75-down Hole - Drill mark Hole - Mouse pad? Hole - '___ in the wall' (upcoming game show based on the japanese 'human tetris' clips on youtube) Hole - That sounds wholly bored Hole - What a bore to have made it sound all like this! Hole - By the sound of it, that's all that's needed to make it; all of it, by the sound of it Hole - Act of love? Hole - Hollow, cavity Hole - It sounds wholly holy Hole - Doughnut center Hole - Of course, i aim for this before i cheer for the spanish Hole - Flag location, on a golf course Hole - You may dig this Hole - Gap left by removing the head from all parts Hole - Awkward situation a golfer may get into Hole - See 16 Hole - See 23 Hole - See 17 Hole - Sock problem Hole - Darner's focus Hole - Center of a bagel Hole - Badger digs Hole - 1 of 18 Hole - Alice fell in one Hole - Great debt, so to speak Hole - Flaw in one's logic Hole - Problem with one's reasoning Hole - Gardening tool hides large leak Hole - Bagel center Hole - Jelly doughnut's lack Hole - Target on the green Hole - Burrowing result Hole - Tunnel, e.g Hole - Reason to discard a sock Hole - Green opening Hole - Jackson ___, wyo Hole - Ice fishing access Hole - Running back's target Hole - Predicament - golfer's target Hole - Cavity in a solid Hole - Part of a round Hole - Burrow Hole - Metaphor for debt Hole - Women moved out of complete dump Hole - Band headed by courtney love Hole - Complete, except at the front there's a gap Hole - Gap; difficult situation Hole - Awkward situation is complete when wicket's lost Hole - Aperture; cavity Hole - He admits old learner with depression Hole - Jackson ___, wyoming Hole - Shoveler's creation Hole - Nothing left in explosive crater Hole - Underhand elem­ents of golf and soccer Hole - Flaw in an argument Hole - Difficult situation, darn it! Hole - Sounds like complete mess Hole - See 27 Hole - See 3 Hole - See 6 Hole - Aperture; pit Hole - Nasty place Hole - Word with doughnut or black Hole - Deficit, informally Hole - See 28 Hole - Healthy wife lacking flaw Hole - Aperture; flaw in a plan Hole - Reason for giving a darn? Hole - Follow-up to ass, mass, or glass Hole - Reason to darn a stocking Hole - Thing to dig Hole - Sink full when wife's left Hole - With 109-down, uncommon eagle Hole - Boring outcome? Hole - One of the front or back nine Hole - Bad thing to have in one's pocket Hole - Courtney love's band Hole - What aerosmith had in their "soul" Hole - What the beatles fixed Hole - The beatles were "fixing" one Hole - Kelly clarkson song about courtney love band? Hole - Cyndi lauper "___ in my heart (all the way to china)" Hole - Stp "trippin' on a ___ in a paper heart" Hole - Jimmie's chicken shack song they fell into? Hole - Alice in chains "down in a ___" Hole - Steely dan "fire in the ___" Hole - Feature of a putting green Hole - Opening on golf course Hole - See 9 Hole - Extreme "___ hearted" Hole - Scrape top off aggregate Hole - Target on a course Hole - Donut part with the fewest calories Hole - Drilled bowling ball feature Hole - "reasons to be beautiful" band Hole - What a debater may exploit Hole - Woodchuck's escape route Hole - Of course, it's apparent in cholera Hole - Moth larva's handiwork Hole - Problem with a sock Hole - Poor housing contributes to cholera Hole - Pocket or sock problem Hole - Feature of bagel and some gazpacho leftovers Hole - Tunnel, essentially Hole - 19th ___ (post-round hangout) Hole - Darn it! Hole - Ice fisher's creation Hole - One of the front nine Hole - This in one is a golfer's dream! Hole - Ozone layer problem Hole - Drain opening Hole - Empty space; aperture Hole - One of 18 Hole - One of 18
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Links unit (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - links unit. word on "H". 1 - st. letter H. 2 - st. letter O. 3 - st. letter L. 4 - st. letter E.

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