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  • 1 - st. word T
  • 2 - st. word A
  • 3 - st. word P
  • 4 - st. word S

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Taps - Dances, in a way Taps - Bugler's evening tune Taps - Late-hours tune Taps - Melody at the base Taps - Lights-out signal Taps - Bugler's melody Taps - Reveille opposite Taps - Closing bars Taps - Drawers in a bar? Taps - They run from time to time Taps - Music at many a memorial Taps - Emulates bojangles Taps - "lights out" tune Taps - Base lullaby of sorts Taps - Army "lights out" tune Taps - Night tune Taps - Pub array Taps - Lights-out melody Taps - Touches on the shoulder Taps - Bugle tune Taps - Bugle call at a military funeral Taps - "lights-out" indicator Taps - "lights out" signal Taps - Song at a military funeral Taps - Bugler's bedtime tune Taps - Base music Taps - Base number Taps - Tune with only four distinct notes Taps - Designates Taps - It's bugled on a base Taps - Army bugle call Taps - Bar fixtures Taps - Reveille counterpart Taps - "lights out" bugle tune Taps - Last melody? Taps - Soldier's good night tune Taps - Nominates Taps - Pub hardware Taps - Makes use of Taps - Lager sources Taps - Reveille's counterpart Taps - Lights-out song? Taps - Military base tune Taps - Military funeral concluder Taps - 'lights out' tune Taps - End-of-day tune Taps - Eavesdroppers' equipment Taps - Lights-out signaler Taps - For water and lights out, by the sound of it Taps - They may be turned on for lights out in the us Taps - At the end of the day they get turned on for the american serviceman Taps - They sound as if they get the lights knocked out in the usa Taps - Knocks lightly Taps - It causes lights to go out Taps - Military signal to turn the lights out Taps - They're faucets in america Taps - Bugler's sign-off Taps - Military signal for lights out Taps - Military signal and faucets Taps - Water did be spitting from them up the last thing at night Taps - Turn them off and turn the lights off in the us army Taps - Turn them on for knocks for the blows at last Taps - They were spitting up the water in them Taps - Uses a foot to keep time Taps - Base lullaby Taps - Base notes Taps - Tune for lights out Taps - Selects, so to speak Taps - Funeral tune Taps - Evensong? Taps - Gi's lullaby? Taps - Evening bugle call Taps - Night notes Taps - Memorial day performance Taps - Composition of only four different notes Taps - Twilight tune Taps - Gets the keg rolling Taps - It's played nightly on base Taps - Army "good-night" tune Taps - Beasts with prominent snouts Taps - 'lights out' music Taps - "lights out" music Taps - Restin' piece? Taps - Light hits Taps - Bugler's goodnight Taps - Knocks softly Taps - Military lights-out tune Taps - Doesn't pound hard Taps - Strikes lightly; eavesdropping devices Taps - Lightly strikes penalty? Taps - Thread cutters' strikes Taps - Jack to some extent despatched bugs Taps - Flow controllers Taps - Four-note piece Taps - Army bugler's tune Taps - Camp lullaby Taps - Shortly, what central heating will reveal knocks? Taps - Knocks gently Taps - Knocks Taps - Thankyou note asks for money Taps - Bugs (wire) Taps - Blows hot and cold? Taps - Bugle "lights out" tune Taps - Brewpub lineup Taps - Bugs; valves Taps - Bugs Taps - Music on base Taps - Lights-out song Taps - Call in the evening Taps - Opposite of "reveille" Taps - Military "lights out" song Taps - Dancing-shoe attachments Taps - Repertoire requirement for a military bugler Taps - Bugle melody to signal day's end Taps - Lights-out song, in the barracks Taps - Nighttime notes Taps - 24-note tune Taps - Group at the bar Taps - Military "lights out" music Taps - Bugle tune ... or what one does to 1-, 18-, 35-, 43- and 62-across Taps - Exploits Taps - Chooses to lead Taps - Staple of memorial day services Taps - 'lights out' lullaby Taps - Brewpub array Taps - Argument about bathroom fittings Taps - Four-note lights-out tune Taps - Knocks lightly on the faucets Taps - What drummer does to feet Taps - What a drummer does Taps - Last song? Taps - What fan does w/feet Taps - Funeral piece Taps - Flag ceremony piece Taps - Audience does this with toes Taps - Strikes lightly Taps - Tune from an army bugler Taps - Gentle prods Taps - Solo heard at arlington national cemetery Taps - Draws off, as maple syrup Taps - Argument escalates into blows Taps - Night music on base Taps - Local asks for money for taking care of groups on the borders Taps - Hits up (for) Taps - Knock's system for distributing water Taps - They run hot and hot in past confusion Taps - Four-note tune Taps - Sends morse but intercepts call Taps - Draws upon Taps - Call heard at arlington Taps - Plumbing fixtures ejected liquid the wrong way Taps - Bugler's "lights out" tune Taps - What drummer does with feet Taps - Plants a bug in Taps - Melody from a bugler Taps - They run hot and cold in past confusion Taps - Tune played at twilight Taps - Tune played at twilight
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Spigots (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - spigots. word on "T". 1 - st. letter T. 2 - st. letter A. 3 - st. letter P. 4 - st. letter S.

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