Ibsen - Playwright henrik

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Ibsen - 'ghosts' writer Ibsen - 'the wild duck' playwright Ibsen - 'peer gynt' dramatist Ibsen - See 46-across Ibsen - 'little eyolf' playwright Ibsen - 'hedda gabler' playwright Ibsen - 'a doll's house' dramatist Ibsen - Dramatist henrik Ibsen - 'peer gynt' playwright Ibsen - 'ghosts' playwright Ibsen - Playwright henrik Ibsen - "a doll's house" playwright Ibsen - 'a doll's house' playwright Ibsen - "hedda gabler" playwright Ibsen - "hedda gabler" dramatist Ibsen - 'the master builder' playwright Ibsen - 'love's comedy' playwright Ibsen - "a doll's house" dramatist Ibsen - "ghosts" writer Ibsen - "ghosts" playwright Ibsen - Peer gynt creator Ibsen - "peer gynt" creator Ibsen - 'when we dead awaken' dramatist Ibsen - "peer gynt" dramatist Ibsen - "peer gynt" playwright Ibsen - Norwegian playwright Ibsen - 'the wild duck' dramatist Ibsen - 'hedda gabler' dramatist Ibsen - "ghosts" dramatist Ibsen - "ghosts" playwright henrik Ibsen - Creator of hedda gabler Ibsen - "the master builder" playwright Ibsen - "when we dead awaken" dramatist Ibsen - 'ghosts' dramatist Ibsen - Norwegian dramatist Ibsen - "a doll's house" author Ibsen - 'the wild duck' playwright henrik Ibsen - Peer gynt's creator Ibsen - 'peer gynt' writer Ibsen - 'hedda gabler' author Ibsen - 'a doll's house' writer Ibsen - Henrik who wrote 'peer gynt' Ibsen - This is ben or henrik Ibsen - Noted norwegian playwright Ibsen - Norwegian author of 'peer gynt' etc Ibsen - Norwegian dramatist of 'hedda gabler' Ibsen - 'is ben the one to play right, by the sound of it, for norway? (5)' Ibsen - 'when we dead awaken' playwright Ibsen - Playwright is ben in disguise Ibsen - More than one ghost writer Ibsen - Children's writer almost turns playwright Ibsen - Playwright with drug - ditch posh professor and put in saint Ibsen - Memsahib's entering with playwright Ibsen - Playwright at home, having caught disease Ibsen - Author of 17 and (with model) of 'the railway children's return'? Ibsen - Timeless children's author upset by playwright Ibsen - Norwegian dramatist, henrik (1828-1906) Ibsen - Norwegian dramatist, henrik Ibsen - 'doll's house' dramatist Ibsen - Norwegian dramatist and poet Ibsen - Scandinavian playwright Ibsen - Author of 'peer gynt' Ibsen - Norwegian dramatist, d. 1906 Ibsen - "law & order" evidence Ibsen - "when we dead awaken" was his last play Ibsen - Dramatist, author of peer gynt Ibsen - Nordic poet Ibsen - Created an enemy of the people at home covering mad cow disease Ibsen - Norwegian novelist Ibsen - Hedda gabler's creator Ibsen - Created international standard book number around energy from producer of ghosts Ibsen - Is ben a playwright? Ibsen - Doll's house playwright Ibsen - Is ben confused with the playwright? Ibsen - Dramatist initially indulged by old nurse Ibsen - Writer introducing disease to home Ibsen - Northernmost destination of longfellow Ibsen - Brand new play from him once? Ibsen - Hedda gabler author Ibsen - Playwright uses some scripted 'ad lib' (sensation) Ibsen - His supporters believe in ghosts Ibsen - Henrik -, dramatist from fourteen down (hedda gabler) Ibsen - Dramatist's home visited by killer in ayrshire Ibsen - Brand loyalty is expected of his admirers Ibsen - Norwegian playwright (peer gynt) Ibsen - Playmaker content in upping one's bid Ibsen - Aida ran unintelligibly for confused ephesian wife Ibsen - Up-and-coming novelist wasting time as playwright Ibsen - Children's author is shortly back for another Ibsen - Norwegian dramatist (hedda gabler) Ibsen - Author who wrote the railway children turned up short of time Ibsen - One's bibliography will include this flipping author Ibsen - His supporters may believe in ghosts Ibsen - Norwegian's attention finally given to one problem on farm Ibsen - Brand new play from him in 1866? Ibsen - Peer gynt playwright Ibsen - Playwright at home having caught disease Ibsen - Linesman is blind? spectacles evidently needed, for starters Ibsen - English author almost upset a european one Ibsen - Dramatist, jonson, touring south island first Ibsen - His plays are popular around british home counties Ibsen - Author writing another up, abridged Ibsen - Writer's home full of disease Ibsen - Writer is penning book in french Ibsen - Norwegian playwright henrik Ibsen - Ben is resolved to become a tip-top dramatist Ibsen - Sibs enjoy pinching play­fellow Ibsen - In the same place an oriental copper could well be a dramatist Ibsen - 'doll's house' playwright Ibsen - Playwright making money after one book Ibsen - On reflection nesbit is deficient as writer Ibsen - Dramatist having some lines bigot brought up Ibsen - Writer sadly begins to lose force Ibsen - Henrik --, norwegian dramatist Ibsen - European writer begins novel dismissing government Ibsen - Playwright Ibsen - Henrik --, norwegian dramatist 1828-1906 Ibsen - Dramatist engaged in fib senselessly Ibsen - Author surrounded by nibs, envelopes... Ibsen - Playwright's digestive problem requiring nurse Ibsen - Cribs enabling to comprehend foreign author Ibsen - Norwegian author Ibsen - Writer of one's biography written up Ibsen - Playwright's introduction covering animal disease Ibsen - Playwright's single book despatched unfinished Ibsen - See 7 down Ibsen - Nibs and pen, first off, are required by writer Ibsen - Norse playwright Ibsen - 'railway children' author endlessly recalled playwright Ibsen - Writer turns in one's biro Ibsen - Playwright who wrote in danish Ibsen - "the wild duck" playwright Ibsen - Author elected to keep a tragedy in stock? Ibsen - Inspiration for shaw and wilde Ibsen - Order of st. olav honoree, 1893 Ibsen - 'the pretenders' playwright Ibsen - 'an enemy of the people' playwright Ibsen - Barges in losing rag with writer associated with the pillars of society Ibsen - He wrote about british isles in french Ibsen - Henrik --, norwegian dramatist who wrote 'a doll's house' Ibsen - "peer gynt" playwright henrik Ibsen - His last play was 'when we dead awaken' Ibsen - Norwegian playwright, d. 1906 Ibsen - 'a doll's house' playwright henrik Ibsen - World's #2 most-performed playwright Ibsen - Writer's current book dispatched without back cover Ibsen - Major influence for shaw and wilde Ibsen - Dramatist and writer for children almost returned Ibsen - Dramatist at home infected by disease Ibsen - English author making comeback? no time for scandinavian one Ibsen - 'peer gynt' dramatist henrik Ibsen - "an enemy of the people" playwright Ibsen - Dramatist at home nursing complaint Ibsen - Playwright's single book: 'every way but west' Ibsen - One book by sterne? oddly, a different writer
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Playwright henrik (*****) 5 letter. - what is this?

***** - playwright henrik. word on "I". 1 - st. letter I. 2 - st. letter B. 3 - st. letter S. 4 - st. letter E. 5 - st. letter N.

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