Opec - Grp. that has energy users over a barrel?

Word by letter:
  • Opec - Letter on O
  • 1 - st. word O
  • 2 - st. word P
  • 3 - st. word E
  • 4 - st. word C

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Opec - Noted cartel Opec - Trade grp. since 9/14/60 Opec - Grp. affecting gas prices Opec - The u.a.e. belongs to it Opec - Intl. acronym since 1960 Opec - Oil cartel Opec - Crude group? Opec - Grp. that has energy users over a barrel? Opec - Crude bunch? Opec - Oil grp Opec - Cartel since 1960 Opec - Grp. with crude interests? Opec - Fuel cartel Opec - Kind of minister Opec - Iraq is in it Opec - Syndicate since 1960 Opec - Oil moguls' org Opec - Assn. with many gulf members Opec - Bloc with barrels, briefly Opec - Energy cartel Opec - *mideast ... pipeline ... embargo Opec - Letters from the persian gulf? Opec - Crude gp.? Opec - Grp. full of gas Opec - Nyse influence since 1960 Opec - Crude grp Opec - Barrel-producing grp Opec - Iran is a mem. of it Opec - Grp. with barrels Opec - Price-setting grp Opec - Grp. making barrels of money? Opec - Vienna-based cartel Opec - Crude cartel Opec - Uae et al Opec - Oil cartel letters Opec - Intl. oil group Opec - Crude org Opec - Crude group Opec - Grp. with crude interests Opec - Oil exportation grp Opec - Trading grp Opec - Grp. that includes nigeria Opec - Grp. founded in baghdad, 1960 Opec - Trade org. since 1960 Opec - Grp. of oil producers Opec - Cartel formed in '60 Opec - Oil price-setting grp Opec - Well-financed gp.? Opec - Acronym since 1960 Opec - Qatar's org Opec - 1973 embargo org Opec - Fuel grp Opec - Grp. that has the world over a barrel? Opec - Crude grp.? Opec - Petroleum gp Opec - Grp. with crude intentions? Opec - Group that includes the u.a.e Opec - Cartel letters Opec - Iran, iraq and nine others Opec - Crude letters Opec - Org. based in vienna Opec - Arab oil org Opec - 51 across grp Opec - Oil cartel acronym Opec - Cartel acronym Opec - Petroleum org Opec - Powerful cartel Opec - Crude cartel: abbr Opec - Angola joined it in '07 Opec - International oil cartel Opec - Oil org Opec - Barrel-producing gp Opec - Angola joined it in 2007 Opec - Qatar joined it in 1961 Opec - Cartel since 1960, briefly Opec - Barrel org Opec - Petroleum cartel Opec - Oil group Opec - Oil alliance Opec - Gas group Opec - Big nyse influence Opec - Barrel-making gp.? Opec - Petroleum-regulating gp Opec - It has us over a barrel Opec - Oil acronym Opec - Oil-cartel acronym Opec - Cartel since '60 Opec - Barrel producer's grp Opec - Powerful energy-market gp Opec - Vienna-based org Opec - Ecuador and venezuela are in it Opec - Oily oligopoly Opec - They roll out the barrels Opec - "black gold" gp Opec - Indonesia is considering withdrawing from it Opec - Gp. that includes nigeria and iraq Opec - Petroleum producers org Opec - Oil-producers' org Opec - Cartel that includes iraq and venezuela Opec - Intl. price-setting group Opec - Indonesia recently quit it Opec - Grp. in which many of the leaders wear robes Opec - Their 2008 meeting was last week in algeria Opec - Sometimes-unpopular org Opec - Grp. with clout at the gas pump Opec - Crude letters? Opec - The u.a.e. is in it Opec - Oily gp Opec - Well-known cartel? Opec - Venezuela is in it Opec - Gas grp Opec - Energy acronym Opec - Global cartel Opec - Cartel including saudi arabia (abbr.) Opec - Energy cartel since 1960, briefly Opec - Org. that rolls out the barrels Opec - Oil cartel's initials Opec - Black gold gp Opec - It deals in bbls Opec - Fuel cartel's letters Opec - Oil cartel initials Opec - Gp. that includes iran and ecuador Opec - Cartel led by a secretary general Opec - Well-running group?: abbr Opec - Org. with many mideast members Opec - Acronym for an oil-rich group Opec - Cartel est. in 1960 Opec - Grp. including nigeria and venezuela Opec - 12-member cartel Opec - Crude outfit: abbr Opec - Its hq are in austria, which isn't a member Opec - Gp. that has energy users over a barrel? Opec - Cartel that added angola in 2007 Opec - Crude cartel? Opec - Nigeria is its most populous member Opec - Libya and qatar's oil org Opec - Oil cartel's letters Opec - Source of some of the oil for 31-down Opec - Vienna-based grp. with no european members Opec - Oil nations' grp Opec - Org. joined by angola and ecuador in 2007 Opec - Cartel formed in 1960 Opec - Ecuador joined it in 2007 Opec - Grp. that rolls out the barrels? Opec - Oil-cartel letters Opec - Intl. cartel since 1960 Opec - Fuel cartel acronym Opec - Quota-setting org Opec - Oil gp Opec - Acronym for an oil-rich grp Opec - Indonesia left it in 2008 Opec - Oil cartel since 1960 Opec - Trade org. with saudi arabia and iran Opec - "black gold" bloc Opec - 'well'-financed org Opec - Well-financed org.? Opec - Fuel cartel ... Opec - 'well' financed grp Opec - 30-across cartel Opec - Mostly mideastern cartel Opec - Intl. cartel Opec - 11-mem. oil cartel Opec - Org. for iraq Opec - Crude org.? Opec - Oily org.? Opec - Slick cartel? Opec - 118-across is in it Opec - Grp. that includes iran and iraq Opec - Ecua. rejoined it in 2007 Opec - Oil ministers' grp Opec - "black gold" grp Opec - Oil producer's grp Opec - Crude gp Opec - Twelve-member cartel Opec - Energy-focused org Opec - Group of oil-producing countries Opec - Cartel of oil-producing countries Opec - Group of petroleum producing countries, formed in 1961 Opec - Grp. that includes ecuador and venezuela Opec - Big oil gp Opec - Oil ministers' org Opec - "well"-financed grp Opec - Crude acronym Opec - Ecuador is a member of it Opec - The uae has been a member of it since 1967 Opec - Crude bloc Opec - '70s embargo gp Opec - Oil price setter Opec - Org. that angola joined in 2007 Opec - Gp. that includes venezuela Opec - Grp. that may call on its reserves? Opec - Grp. that has held summit meetings in caracas and riyadh Opec - Org. indonesia left in 2008 Opec - Oil pricing gp Opec - Powerful energy cartel Opec - Grp. created at the baghdad conference, 1960 Opec - Group of countries with a common oil policy Opec - Vienna-based commercial gp Opec - Vienna-based trade bloc Opec - Source of a 1973 crisis Opec - Oil bloc Opec - Grp. with an energy studies department Opec - Well-financed grp.? Opec - Powerful energy grp Opec - Oil pricing grp Opec - Worldwide oil power Opec - They're concerned with the last of 26 down from crude cartel Opec - "fuelling prosperity" grp Opec - Grp. including iran and iraq Opec - Officer in charge admits exercise produces crude cartel Opec - Oil cartel, for short Opec - Org. that creates output ceilings Opec - Group whose o doesn't stand for 'oil' Opec - Group whose o doesn't stand for "oil" Opec - Big acronym in energy Opec - Indonesia joined it in 1962 ... and left in 2008 Opec - Barrel-conscious gp Opec - "black gold" org Opec - Gabon and indonesia are members of it Opec - Gp. for qatar Opec - Intl. association since 1960 Opec - What group founded in 1960 currently has 12 members? Opec - Org. created in baghdad in 1960 Opec - Crude-oil cartel Opec - Fuel org. since 1960 Opec - Famous cartel initials Opec - Trade syndicate since 1961 Opec - Energy cartel, in brief Opec - Well-funded grp.? Opec - This group feels fuelish Opec - Gasoline cartel Opec - Oil grp. since 1960 Opec - Oil-selling cartel (abbr.) Opec - Oil suppliers acronym Opec - Drilling org Opec - Producer of a monthly "oil market report" Opec - Carlos the jackal raided its hq Opec - Acronym for petrol exporting countries Opec - Acronym for countries exporting petrol Opec - Hope canada is included in organisation of countries Opec - Petroleum org. since 1960 Opec - Acronym for petrol-exporting countries Opec - Fuel cartel, briefly Opec - Oil gp. with 12 member nations Opec - Crude assn Opec - Grp. that knows the drill? Opec - 3-down is in it Opec - Gp. that includes nigeria Opec - Org. for qatar Opec - Gp. with valuable reserves Opec - Oil baron's org Opec - Crude-oil cartel, briefly Opec - Oil market report producer Opec - Intl. group headquartered in vienna Opec - Org. that grew out of the 'seven sisters' of oil companies Opec - Assn. consisting of 13 countries Opec - Org. affected by increases in u.s. oil production Opec - 12-member oil gp Opec - Organisation intended to control the pro­duction and sale of petroleum Opec - Cartel since 1961 Opec - Crude oil cartel Opec - Gp. with a slick product Opec - Crude-producing grp Opec - World oil outlook publisher Opec - Thirteen-nation gp Opec - Vienna-based gp. with no european members Opec - Price-per-barrel org Opec - Cartel headquartered in vienna Opec - Cartel of oil producers (abbr.) Opec - It was established at a 1960 baghdad conference Opec - Multinational energy gp Opec - Oil market report publisher Opec - Gp. founded in baghdad Opec - Energy org. since 1960 Opec - Oil-exporting org Opec - Cartel concerned with oil Opec - What indonesia rejoined in 2016 Opec - Grp. that includes iraq and qatar Opec - Gp. for iran Opec - Oil moguls' gp Opec - Org. with crude interests Opec - Org. rejoined by two lapsed member nations in 2016 Opec - International oil-producing cartel Opec - "world oil outlook" publisher Opec - Cartel founded in baghdad, briefly Opec - Group with many barrels Opec - Kuwait was one of its founding members Opec - Crude consortium Opec - Oil-producing gp Opec - Intl. group with two south american members and none in north america Opec - Crude-producing org Opec - Cartel of oil-rich nations Opec - Energy producers deal with constant depression Opec - Arab oil marketing org Opec - Crude oil org Opec - Gp. that includes ecuador and venezuela Opec - Petroleum-selling alliance founded in 1960 Opec - Oil gp. that includes iraq Opec - Fuel cartel initials Opec - Cartel offering prices extremely competitive to start with (inits) Opec - Oil cartel (inits) Opec - Well-endowed org.? Opec - Fourteen-member cartel Opec - Intl. energy group
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Grp. that has energy users over a barrel? (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - grp. that has energy users over a barrel?. word on "O". 1 - st. letter O. 2 - st. letter P. 3 - st. letter E. 4 - st. letter C.

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