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Baste - Tend a turkey, e.g

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Baste - Thrash Baste - Moisten the turkey Baste - Cudgel Baste - Butter up? Baste - Sew with loose stitches Baste - Moisten, as a roast Baste - Tend a turkey, e.g Baste - Put in stitches Baste - Keep the roast moist Baste - Dress down Baste - Prepare the turkey Baste - Cooking or sewing term Baste - Wallop Baste - Sew loosely Baste - Make a temporary stitch Baste - Tend to the turkey Baste - Treat the butterball Baste - Stitch temporarily Baste - Turkey recipe word Baste - Thanksgiving day chore Baste - Keep your turkey moist Baste - Moisten in the pan Baste - Tend to a turkey Baste - Part of a turkey recipe, perhaps Baste - Moisten, in the oven Baste - Tend to, as a turkey Baste - Butter up, perhaps Baste - Cookbook instruction Baste - Join temporarily Baste - Moisten, as poultry Baste - Sewing term Baste - Cookbook instruction, sometimes Baste - Moisten, in a way Baste - Temporary stitch Baste - Sew together Baste - - Baste - Moisten, as a turkey Baste - Moisten a bird Baste - Reapply pan drippings Baste - Moisten while roasting Baste - Beat badly Baste - Sew temporarily Baste - See to the roast Baste - Tack together Baste - Thanksgiving verb Baste - Cookbook directive Baste - Moisten Baste - Do a turkey day duty Baste - Moisten during roasting Baste - Clobber Baste - Moisten the bird Baste - See to the turkey Baste - Moisten a turkey Baste - Moisten while cooking Baste - Squirt juice over Baste - Wet chicken? Baste - Prepare a turkey Baste - Keep the turkey moist Baste - Reuse the juices Baste - Treat the turkey Baste - Tend the turkey Baste - Moisten in the oven Baste - Bathe in butter Baste - While bits of the beast are in the oven, this is what you do Baste - To do this in the kitchen made one contemptible about tea Baste - Sounds as if its headquarters are in the oven with the fat Baste - How the cook will put fat on the bits of the beast Baste - During roasting, spoon liquid over Baste - Do a turkey tender's task Baste - Keep moist in the kitchen Baste - A bet's something for the cook to do Baste - Keep the bit of this beast moist in the oven Baste - Coat with juice Baste - Moisten poultry Baste - Juice, as a goose Baste - Butter the butterball Baste - Beat time in hq Baste - In the meantime, apply fat Baste - Pour fat over Baste - Pour oil over when roasting Baste - Moisten with hot fat Baste - Moisten with fat while roasting Baste - Moisten roasting meat with melted fat Baste - Pour fat over meat during cooking Baste - Denounce with vigor Baste - Keep a turkey from drying out Baste - Tend to a duck Baste - Vigorously denounce Baste - Pour hot cooking juices over Baste - Beast chopped up to keep moist in oven Baste - Turkey-cooking instruction Baste - Keep moist, as a roast Baste - Moisten with butter, say Baste - Mean to cover last of roast to make it moist Baste - Keep from drying out Baste - Moisten with gravy Baste - Pour fat over beast to be cooked Baste - Moisten (joint) Baste - Pour hot fat over Baste - Thrash son in fit of temper Baste - Pour hot fat over (meat) Baste - Pour fat over (meat) during cooking Baste - Pour hot oil on to cook Baste - Pour fat over meat Baste - Pour fat over (meat) Baste - Beat established for an audience Baste - Loosely stitch creature, needle finally moving to tail Baste - Keep moisturised when baking, founded on radio report? Baste - Beat time in fleet hq Baste - Keep moist when roasting some lamb as tender Baste - Moisten with liquid when roasting Baste - Moisten or malign Baste - Keep moist when roasting some lamb (a steak) Baste - Cook and sew Baste - Beast (anag.) Baste - No recipe for roast breast should make you 'drizzle with jus'! Baste - Essence maintaining temperature, pour over oil Baste - Moisten (a roast) Baste - Abets (anag.) Baste - Moisten food's main ingredient retaining temperature Baste - Pour liquid over while cooking Baste - Moisten, as meat Baste - Butter up, in a way Baste - Time in depot to grease joint? Baste - Moisten a roast Baste - Moisten one's meat, maybe Baste - Soundly sited to keep moist Baste - Pour oil over unfortunate beast Baste - Stitch with tacks Baste - Drizzle with fat Baste - Scold vigorously Baste - Brush with liquid while roasting Baste - Roughly stitch up rocky bates Baste - Keep moist, in a way Baste - Looking at with interest Baste - Do a sewing or cooking job Baste - Read the riot act Baste - Pour pan drippings over Baste - Beat time - mean to keep it Baste - Moistening liquid Baste - Keep moist during cooking Baste - Thing to do to a turkey Baste - Add liquid while cooking low, maintaining temperature Baste - Pour juices over Baste - Cover with liquid for cooking Baste - Butter up the turkey Baste - Moisten with butter Baste - Moisten with butter Baste - Turkey recipe verb Baste - Turkey recipe verb Baste - Plaster Baste - Plaster