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Presto - Magic word

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Presto - Word said with a wave of the hand Presto - Chop-chop Presto - Direction in 23-across Presto - Magician's word Presto - Magical utterance Presto - Magic word Presto - Immediately Presto - Magician's cry Presto - The magic word Presto - Quickly Presto - Abracadabra alternative Presto - Magician's exclamation Presto - Fast, in music Presto - Mazur's "quickly" Presto - Allegro's superior Presto - Lively tempo Presto - Cousin of 'abracadabra!' Presto - Fast Presto - Quick movement Presto - In a fast tempo Presto - Conjurer's word Presto - "abracadabra" alternative Presto - In a jiffy Presto - Magician's declaration Presto - "abracadabra!" equivalent Presto - Fast tempo Presto - 1989 rush album Presto - At a rapid tempo, in music Presto - "ta da!" Presto - Quite fast, in music Presto - "--- change-o!" Presto - Really fast Presto - Really moving, musically Presto - "shazam!" Presto - "voila!" Presto - Fast movement Presto - Cousin of 'voila!' Presto - Faster than allegro Presto - 'shazam!' Presto - Cry just before a rabbit appears? Presto - Rapidly Presto - Magically fast Presto - 'voila!' Presto - Part of a magician's mumbo-jumbo Presto - With 57-across, "presenting: wall hanging!" Presto - 'allakazam!' Presto - Asap Presto - Very fast, in music Presto - Lickety-split Presto - Although given lots of time, the tour has got muddled - how scandalous! Presto - What's left in the river may go with the hay, by the sound of it Presto - What's left in the river after the hay, by the sound of it Presto - Very fast the hay followed it for the magician Presto - What's left in the river goes with the hay, by the sound of it Presto - After 27 across, this sort of poster is for the magician Presto - Seems what's left in the river Presto - Under the hay, by the sound of it, one might find something from the magician with this Presto - This may be played very fast after 27 across for the magician Presto - Not at all slow to take it easy in the river Presto - By the sound of it, give some hay to this for the magician Presto - Sounds as if one is after the hay for the magician Presto - Sounds as if this might come under the hay for a magician Presto - Appearance announcement Presto - Following the hay, by the sound of it, comes this for the magician Presto - Sounds as if the newspapers get to follow 27 across for the magician Presto - Hey . . . . ., says the magician (6) Presto - Hey, quickly for a magician Presto - Hey......,cries the magician Presto - Hey ..., according to the magician Presto - Hey! take your ease in the river Presto - Hay, by the sound of it, this might 5 down in the river for the magician Presto - This follows the sound of the hay as if by magic Presto - Hey! that's a poster for the magician Presto - 'by the sound of it, it's under the hay for the magician (6)' Presto - By the sound of it this might follow the hay while the rest of it is in the river Presto - 'stop re this after the bay, by the sound of it, for a surprise (6)' Presto - For the magician after the hay, by the sound of it Presto - Word before a transformation Presto - Scored very quickly? Presto - Quick tempo Presto - "just like that!" Presto - Quickly get what's left in the post office Presto - "___ change-o!" Presto - Quick pasta sauce keeps the runs in Presto - Tear up poster very quickly Presto - Topers getting wrecked quickly Presto - Preston north end exited rapidly Presto - River-borne spider is very fast Presto - Scored quickly with pressure before interval at oval Presto - Quick! the city's lost its north end Presto - Quick change of poster Presto - Quick (of music) Presto - (of music) very fast Presto - The magic word? Presto - Hey, it's a magician's word Presto - Father missing one round in quick tempo Presto - 'voilà' Presto - (musically) fast Presto - Quickly dump surplus in river Presto - Very fast, in scores Presto - Very fast tempo Presto - Very fast (mus.) Presto - Sauce right inside 29? on the contrary Presto - In quick tempo (mus.) Presto - Quickly abandoning new northern city Presto - Tuck right into italian sauce, or fast Presto - In a quick tempo (music) Presto - Very fast, musically Presto - Topers moving quickly in bars Presto - Old weaving centre loses name very quickly Presto - Lancashire football team not entirely quick to score Presto - In quick tempo (music) Presto - Quickly iron shirt with no tails Presto - Tip of finger caught in dressing fast Presto - Quickly deposit balance in post office Presto - Annoyance: duck stopping runs being scored quickly Presto - Iron shirt with no tails quickly Presto - Urge endlessly to fast to the maximum Presto - In a quick tempo Presto - Upwards of 170 beats per minute Presto - To be played quickly Presto - Wand-waver's cry Presto - Those left in work returned quickly Presto - Quickly dump the others in the river Presto - Quickly set off for the outskirts Presto - Poster (anag.) Presto - Scored quickly Presto - Hey, with this it happens magically, at once Presto - Very quick (mus.) Presto - At great speed reaching town, not north end Presto - Express musically Presto - Fast passage for others in shipping line Presto - It means passage must be taken without delay Presto - Very quick recipe? italian sauce bottles! Presto - Musical instruction to play quickly Presto - Italian river engulfing remainder at once Presto - Frydaddy brand Presto - In quick tempo Presto - Player's quick to eliminate right-winger from city Presto - It's faster than allegro Presto - Magician's command Presto - Played rapidly Presto - Hey ..., said the magician Presto - Rapid tempo marking Presto - Quickly find some cash - balance nil! Presto - Passage played at a quick tempo Presto - Most of the media is on to what is said quickly Presto - Rush's 13th Presto - '89 rush album Presto - 1st atlantic album by rush in '89 Presto - Rush's 13th for a magic show? Presto - Rapid tempo Presto - Cry at a magic act Presto - Northern city losing its name very quickly Presto - Kin of 'shazam!' Presto - Revealing cry Presto - (in music) fast Presto - Hey ..., says the magician Presto - Fast, for fiddlers Presto - As quickly as possible