Shaw - 'bury the dead' playwright

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Shaw - 'heartbreak house' writer Shaw - Cnn anchor bernard Shaw - 'candida' playwright Shaw - 'pygmalion' writer Shaw - 'pygmalion' dramatist Shaw - 'begin the beguine' bandleader Shaw - 'bury the dead' playwright Shaw - "pygmalion" playwright Shaw - Clarinetist artie Shaw - 'pygmalion' playwright Shaw - "rich man, poor man" author Shaw - "saint joan" playwright Shaw - 'man and superman' playwright Shaw - Three-time indy winner wilbur ___, who introduced the crash helmet Shaw - "saint joan" author Shaw - "candida" playwright Shaw - Artie or george Shaw - "pygmalion" writer Shaw - "major barbara" playwright Shaw - Irwin or artie Shaw - "pygmalion" penner Shaw - 'my fair lady' is based on his work Shaw - Creator of professor higgins Shaw - "major barbara" author Shaw - Writer of 'saint joan' Shaw - Playwright george bernard Shaw - Charles of two-buck chuck Shaw - He played quint in "jaws" Shaw - 'saint joan' playwright Shaw - Bandleader artie Shaw - George bernard ___ Shaw - Nobelist who wrote "man and superman" Shaw - Newsman bernard Shaw - 'arms and the man' playwright Shaw - Dublin-born dramatist Shaw - 'major barbara' playwright Shaw - "begin the beguine" bandleader artie Shaw - 'the apple cart' playwright Shaw - "the devil's disciple" playwright Shaw - Robert of "jaws" Shaw - Irwin who wrote 'rich man, poor man' Shaw - "the young lions" author Shaw - "heartbreak house" playwright Shaw - 'pygmalion writer Shaw - "arms and the man" playwright Shaw - 'rich man, poor man' novelist, 1970 Shaw - Cnn alumnus bernard Shaw - Professor higgins' creator Shaw - Henry higgins's creator Shaw - Henry higgins creator Shaw - "pygmalion" dramatist Shaw - "rich man, poor man" novelist irwin Shaw - Who wrote 'hell is full of musical amateurs' Shaw - Only man to win both a nobel prize and an oscar Shaw - Playwright g.b Shaw - 'fanny's first play' playwright Shaw - Literature nobelist who cofounded the london school of economics Shaw - Quint portrayer in "jaws" Shaw - 1925 literature nobelist Shaw - Winner of both a nobel and an oscar Shaw - The 1999 comedy 'she's all that' is based on his work Shaw - Bernard formerly of cnn Shaw - Playwright george bernard __ Shaw - 'pygmalion' author Shaw - 'saint joan' writer Shaw - 'pygmalion playwright' Shaw - 'pygmalion' penner Shaw - George bernard -- Shaw - He got stung in "the sting" Shaw - Irwin who wrote "rich man, poor man" Shaw - Author who said 'democracy is a device that ensures we shall be governed no better than we deserve' Shaw - Irwin or george bernard Shaw - 'candida' writer Shaw - Among irish, a writer Shaw - Writer's seaside location broadcast Shaw - "pygmalion" playwright george bernard Shaw - Creator of eliza doolittle Shaw - "evening in byzantium" novelist irwin Shaw - Styx rocker tommy Shaw - Artie of jazz Shaw - Irish playwright, d. 1950 Shaw - "pygmalion" author Shaw - G. b. ---; t. e. --- Shaw - Playwright; small wood Shaw - Lorraine, who will be throwing the hammer for great britain Shaw - Winnie, who was queen of scottish courts Shaw - George bernard -, irish dramatist Shaw - Writer's proverbial wisdom about husband Shaw - Irish author initially identified with great britain Shaw - Observed henry hiding inside wood Shaw - Dramatist and aircraftsman Shaw - Thicket with singular hedgerow fruit Shaw - Dramatist's adage about husband Shaw - George bernard - Shaw - Writer as aircraftsman Shaw - Playwright in short piece of fabric wrapped round Shaw - Only literature nobelist also to win an oscar Shaw - 'the devil's disciple' dramatist Shaw - Irish dramatist Shaw - Gbs, irish dramatist Shaw - Irish playwright Shaw - Artie --, us bandleader and clarinettist Shaw - Earliest signs of spud harvest and wood Shaw - Playwright spotted outside front of haymarket Shaw - Writer of plays safe for audience Shaw - 'on the rocks' playwright Shaw - "jaws" star robert Shaw - Quint in "jaws" Shaw - The s in gbs Shaw - 'begin the beguine' clarinetist artie Shaw - Anna howard ___ (suffragette who inspired a '30 rock' episode) Shaw - Author has enigmatic wife Shaw - Pygmalion playwright Shaw - Playwright irwin Shaw - Only person to win both an academy award and a nobel prize Shaw - "i often quote myself. it adds spice to my conversation" speaker Shaw - Jim _____ (cable magnate) Shaw - Tommy of styx Shaw - Uriah heep singer bernie Shaw - Singer marlena Shaw - "(there's) always something there to remind me" sandie Shaw - Man and superman playwright Shaw - Robert who co-starred in 'the sting' and 'jaws' Shaw - Thicket; playwright Shaw - 'you never can tell' playwright Shaw - Eliza doolittle's creator Shaw - Artie or george bernard Shaw - Playwright who wrote 'hell is full of musical amateurs' Shaw - Robert who starred in "jaws" Shaw - Artie of the big band era Shaw - Robert of "jaws" or tommy of styx Shaw - Sir run run __, 17 movie mogul and philanthropist Shaw - Horse, observed outside wood
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'bury the dead' playwright (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - 'bury the dead' playwright. word on "S". 1 - st. letter S. 2 - st. letter H. 3 - st. letter A. 4 - st. letter W.

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