Veto - Emphatic no

Word by letter:
  • Veto - Letter on V
  • 1 - st. word V
  • 2 - st. word E
  • 3 - st. word T
  • 4 - st. word O

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Veto - Clinton denial Veto - Congress-thwarting move Veto - Quash Veto - Emphatic no Veto - Presidential power Veto - Kill, in a way Veto - Presidential action Veto - Literally, 'i forbid' Veto - Kill bill? Veto - Kind of power Veto - Presidential option Veto - High-level denial Veto - Executive nix Veto - President's prerogative Veto - Presidential move Veto - Bill sinker Veto - Gubernatorial right Veto - Nix, à la nixon Veto - Nix, in the oval office Veto - Denial Veto - Bill killer Veto - Disallow Veto - Security council power Veto - Kill a bill Veto - Chief executive act Veto - Presidential privilege Veto - A presidential power Veto - Presidential thumbs-down Veto - Prohibit, presidentially Veto - Nix Veto - Turn down Veto - Nix by nixon, e.g Veto - See 15-across Veto - Power used only three times by george w. bush Veto - Pork chop? Veto - Say no to, as a bill Veto - A certain thumbs down Veto - Oval office power Veto - Challenge to congress Veto - Kill bills Veto - Line-item item Veto - Presidential rejection Veto - One of 37 cast by bill clinton Veto - Presidential prerogative Veto - Nix, presidentially Veto - Refuse to approve Veto - Governor's turndown Veto - Bill squelcher Veto - White house rejection Veto - Nix from the governor Veto - Put the kibosh on Veto - Power to kill a bill Veto - Give a thumbs down to Veto - Obama cancellation Veto - Say no to Veto - Keep from going through Veto - Reject Veto - It will kill the bill Veto - Block in washington Veto - Presidential 'no' Veto - Quash, as a bill Veto - Presidential "thumbs down" Veto - Overrule Veto - "big brother"'s power of ___ Veto - Turn thumbs down Veto - President's rejection Veto - Presidential refusal Veto - Kill, as a bill Veto - Executive turndown Veto - White house no Veto - President's refusal Veto - Ixnay Veto - Reject, as a bill Veto - Governor's rejection Veto - White house power Veto - Nix a bill Veto - No from the white house Veto - 'big brother"s power of ___ Veto - Might this prevent the medicine man getting round to this? Veto - Animals are patient with one who gets round for bidding Veto - Forbid the vote Veto - Can the medicine man get round to being so forbidding? Veto - Does this prevent you from getting the doctor round for your pet? Veto - Does this forbid you to get the medical man round for your pet? Veto - This will prevent you from getting the blooming beastly doctor round Veto - One cannot agree to practise anything so beastly around here Veto - The medical man gets nothing to make him say no Veto - The medicine man gets nothing in the way of refuse Veto - Might a man of medicine get around to put a stop to this? Veto - How forbidding to get him round for your pet! Veto - Forbid one to get one round for one's sick pet Veto - This will stop you from getting the doctor round for your animal Veto - For bidding? Veto - Get the doctor around for your 34 across or put your foot down Veto - Nothing could make a medicine man so forbidding Veto - An overriding negative vote Veto - Vote to block a decision Veto - Vote that blocks a decision Veto - The power to prohibit or reject a proposal Veto - Overriding negative vote Veto - The right to reject a proposal Veto - Right to reject a decision Veto - It's for bidding Veto - That's for bidding one to get the beastly doctor round Veto - A confused vote, altogether negative Veto - Bill's setback Veto - Over-riding negative vote Veto - Cast over-riding vote Veto - An over-riding negative vote Veto - Refuse to endorse Veto - Over-riding no vote Veto - Authoritative prohibition Veto - Forbid you to get one round to see your pet Veto - Forbid one's beastly practice over 32 down Veto - Forbid the beastly doctor to get around Veto - Block Veto - Presidential turndown Veto - The right to reject a decision Veto - Emphatic rejection Veto - White house turndown Veto - Obama's option Veto - Prohibition couched in negative tones Veto - Some love tokens current during prohibition Veto - Forbid to check 22 Veto - Check duck in bar Veto - Vote to relax prohibition Veto - Refuse to allow a free vote Veto - Forbid check on love Veto - Reject - vote (anag) Veto - Ban Veto - Reject - ban Veto - Prohibition Veto - Right to reject a proposal Veto - The right to reject Veto - Right of rejection Veto - Right to ban Veto - Right to prevent proposed action Veto - Forbid Veto - Power to reject legislation Veto - Overrule and thoroughly investigate second in command Veto - Legislative turndown Veto - Gubernatorial turndown Veto - White house "no" Veto - Refuse to allow Veto - Official nix Veto - Second and last switch in poll's bar Veto - Nixon nix, once Veto - Treats animals with love in prohibition Veto - The right to forbid an action Veto - Rejection from the top Veto - Red light area of selective toronto Veto - No Veto - Highest power? Veto - Governor's nix Veto - Presidential no Veto - Overrule, forbid Veto - Film breaking very old ban Veto - Scrutinise nothing in negative result Veto - Formally forbid Veto - Forbid; prohibition Veto - Do not allow duck to be held by its medico Veto - Reject nothing after review Veto - Refuse a doctor nothing Veto - Stop doctor taking oxygen Veto - Ban; refuse to allow Veto - Disallow choice, two characters having switched Veto - Prohibit Veto - Prohibition - check chicago's last Veto - Ban a set of executive toys Veto - Stop and check round Veto - Reject nothing after check to assess suitability Veto - Examine second part of pope's interdict Veto - Red light quarters to the west in veracruz township Veto - Disallow something slithy, switching halves? Veto - Ban not even partly taken up Veto - Literally, "i forbid" Veto - It can be overridden Veto - Block, as a bill Veto - Not allow Veto - Block from the white house Veto - Vote cast by objector? Veto - Refuse to allow doctor round Veto - Blocking vote Veto - Ban doctor who at last Veto - Refuse to allow check on job centre Veto - Reject a retired soldier (old) Veto - Don't allow to give half to Veto - Victory in europe to produce ban Veto - Negative tory's refusal of consent Veto - Ban on-screen love Veto - Check out nothing, yet turn it down Veto - Don't allow to appraise the ring Veto - Un rejection Veto - Overrule check on job centre Veto - Prevent legislation through rigging of vote Veto - Ban circle following old soldier Veto - Refuse to authorise Veto - Live together, retaining right to say 'no' Veto - Prohibit some progressive tokenism Veto - Don't allow to examine hole Veto - Check out oxygen bar Veto - Block vote? Veto - Run checks on opening of olympic bar Veto - Rejection for ex-gi band Veto - Refuse permission to examine ring Veto - Very old film attracting old ban Veto - Embargo Veto - Carefully examine old political block Veto - Don't allow boxer's doctor beside ring Veto - Block up in remote village Veto - Authoritative ban Veto - Nix from nixon, once Veto - Investigate old block Veto - Ban casting vote Veto - Just say no Veto - Controversial line-item action Veto - Word on a big red stamp that i imagine the president owns Veto - 'i forbid,' to caesar Veto - Nix from the president, e.g Veto - Examine old reject Veto - Forbid to go back inside remote valley Veto - Disallow cipher, following check Veto - Refusal to assent Veto - Don't allow surgeon to take lead in operation Veto - Specialist doctor gets round ban Veto - Quash musician's audition Veto - Band audition denial Veto - "there's a beat in all machines" danish band Veto - "crushing digits" danish band Veto - 'no' from a higher-up Veto - Prohibit nothing after check Veto - Ban from competitive tobogganing Veto - Nix, as a president Veto - Kill, as legislation Veto - Presidential bill-blocker Veto - Officially negate Veto - Preventative power Veto - Blocking action Veto - Refus formel Veto - Ban, refuse to allow Veto - Executive negation Veto - Oval office rejection Veto - Don't allow old soldier to ring
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Emphatic no (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - emphatic no. word on "V". 1 - st. letter V. 2 - st. letter E. 3 - st. letter T. 4 - st. letter O.

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