Edit - Tinker with, in a way

Word by letter:
  • Edit - Letter on E
  • 1 - st. word E
  • 2 - st. word D
  • 3 - st. word I
  • 4 - st. word T

All questions by word:
Edit - Blue-pencil Edit - Do magazine work Edit - Cut, maybe Edit - Perform copy desk work Edit - Work over time Edit - Touch up Edit - Handle text Edit - Polish language Edit - Touch up, as text Edit - Bowdlerize, with 'out' Edit - Go over proofs Edit - Serve time? Edit - Rewrite Edit - Redo, as text Edit - Use a word processor, maybe Edit - Do galley work Edit - Computer menu option Edit - Take out or put in, e.g Edit - Prepare for publication Edit - Put in or take out, maybe Edit - Not leave alone Edit - Database command Edit - Rephrase Edit - Change the wording of Edit - Better copy Edit - Cut and paste Edit - Work in the cutting room Edit - Pare, say Edit - Tinker with, in a way Edit - Expunge, with 'out' Edit - Get to work on time? Edit - Work in the media Edit - Reduce a sentence, perhaps Edit - Work on copy Edit - Modify Edit - Fix errata Edit - Correct, in a way Edit - Check copy Edit - Delete a scene Edit - Make readable Edit - Ready for print Edit - Word processor menu Edit - Polish prose Edit - Use deles and stets Edit - Cut, as film Edit - Work with copy Edit - Prepare people for people Edit - Change for the better Edit - Shorten, say Edit - Change a manuscript Edit - Correct spelling Edit - Fix, as copy Edit - Prepare to run Edit - Correct text Edit - Fix copy Edit - Trim to fit Edit - Wield the red pencil Edit - Trim, as text Edit - Cut and paste, e.g Edit - Shorten a sentence Edit - Polish film, e.g Edit - Cut down, maybe Edit - Cut features Edit - Tend to some p's and q's Edit - Abridge, maybe Edit - Cut out the bloopers Edit - Work to shape a film Edit - Better copy? Edit - Check for style Edit - Make shorter, say Edit - Redo a clue Edit - Do time? Edit - Perfect prose Edit - Cut, perhaps Edit - Make changes to Edit - Work for hearst, e.g Edit - Get ready for publication Edit - Reword Edit - Do desk work at a newspaper Edit - Work on galleys Edit - Redact Edit - Revise text Edit - Take corrective measures? Edit - Make changes in time? Edit - Blue pencil Edit - Make the final cut? Edit - Fix a draft Edit - Review a review, say Edit - Do some cutting, maybe Edit - Shorten, in a way Edit - Trim to fit, maybe Edit - Mince words? Edit - Make a long story short? Edit - Shorten short stories Edit - Make a change for the verse? Edit - Rework Edit - Make a movie ready for television Edit - Make less boring, in a way Edit - Change for the better, in a way Edit - Revision, informally Edit - Prepare for print Edit - Use stets, e.g Edit - Change for the better, perhaps Edit - Prepare for the press Edit - Change one's story? Edit - Polish Edit - Prep for publication Edit - Do word work Edit - Chop copy Edit - Clean up the galley? Edit - Do some copy work Edit - Emulate perry white Edit - Tidy up, in a way Edit - Do newspaper work Edit - Get people ready for people Edit - Get to work on time Edit - Cut and splice Edit - Fix stories Edit - Splice after cutting Edit - Shorten to fit, perhaps Edit - Make change for money? Edit - Kind of menu Edit - Polish a story, e.g Edit - Microsoft word option Edit - Prepare copy Edit - Do post-production work Edit - Go to work on time? Edit - One way to reduce one's sentence Edit - Amend a draft Edit - Work on, in a way Edit - Prepare for viewing Edit - Correct mistakes in Edit - Revise Edit - Polish a manuscript Edit - Improve, in a way Edit - Polish writing Edit - Mark manuscripts Edit - Trim fat, perhaps Edit - Tweak Edit - Better writing Edit - Polish, as text Edit - Work on a draft Edit - Amend or abridge Edit - Spruce up prose Edit - Word-processing command Edit - Prepare prose Edit - Abridge, e.g Edit - Cut for a column Edit - Prepare for printing Edit - Improve a draft Edit - Tinker with the text Edit - Revise a mistake Edit - Fix errata, e.g Edit - Cut and paste, say Edit - Work on after filming Edit - Revise, as prose Edit - Change your story? Edit - Work for a newspaper Edit - Clean copy? Edit - Ready for printing Edit - Spruce up a manuscript Edit - Shorten, perhaps Edit - Polish, as an essay Edit - Work on a galley Edit - Cut out the boring scenes Edit - Work on proofs Edit - Abridge Edit - Revise, as copy Edit - Tweak, say Edit - Polish, as writing Edit - Cut features, e.g Edit - Correct, as copy Edit - Clean up, as a manuscript Edit - Chop copy, e.g Edit - Cut for a column, say Edit - Wield the blue pencil Edit - Ready for publication Edit - Better writing? Edit - Change copy Edit - Get copy ready Edit - Work on lines Edit - Touch up, as a manuscript Edit - Modify text Edit - Do word processing Edit - Polish literature Edit - Trim articles Edit - Salon job, informally Edit - Pc menu heading Edit - Revise, as text Edit - Copyread Edit - Abridge, perhaps Edit - Mark up Edit - Prune copy Edit - Use a word processor Edit - Prevent errata Edit - Make clearer, perhaps Edit - Cut, for example Edit - Tinker with prose Edit - Film cut Edit - Take (out) Edit - Make copy less sloppy Edit - Change text Edit - Change Edit - Fix text Edit - Cut words Edit - Prepare to print Edit - Work on, as a manuscript Edit - Wield a blue pencil Edit - Fix on a page Edit - Exchange words? Edit - Check drafts Edit - Splice film, e.g Edit - Menu item? Edit - Work at the copy desk Edit - Shorten a life sentence, say Edit - Red-pencil Edit - Correct, as a manuscript Edit - Work for hearst, in a way Edit - Do some video production Edit - Go over the books Edit - Clean up, in a way Edit - Tamper with text Edit - Mark up for revision Edit - Make the cut? Edit - Add vertical line 9 (word 2) and vertical line 7 (word 2) and enter the answer to the resulting clue on this line Edit - Work on a manuscript Edit - Fix a manuscript Edit - Reduce one's sentence, perhaps Edit - Make "time" Edit - Observe time limits? Edit - Alter pieces? Edit - Make self improvements? Edit - Shrink down, maybe Edit - Make less wordy, say Edit - Work with a director Edit - Cut, say Edit - Improve prose Edit - Add or delete, say Edit - Better clues? Edit - Work on proofs, say Edit - Emulate maxwell perkins Edit - Correct copy Edit - Mark one's words, in a way Edit - Rewrite a bit Edit - Work cutting words Edit - Use a 21-across, e.g Edit - Fix some paragraphs Edit - Mark one's words? Edit - Work on a film Edit - Toil over text Edit - Rewrite, perhaps Edit - Work for money, maybe Edit - Work on movie clips Edit - One way to anger an egotistic author Edit - Get copy right Edit - Rework, as an article Edit - Emend Edit - Rewrite, maybe Edit - Do copy desk work Edit - Refine, as a manuscript Edit - Trim copy Edit - Polish articles Edit - Fix, as phraseology Edit - Make a change Edit - Rework, as stories Edit - Mark up, perhaps Edit - Switch lines, say? Edit - Touch up text Edit - Make revisions to Edit - Toolbar option Edit - Step after 'write' Edit - Time manager's directive? Edit - Correct, perhaps Edit - Process text Edit - Chop up, as footage Edit - Work on, as a rough cut Edit - Work over woman's day? Edit - Make spelling corrections to, e.g Edit - Iron out a draft Edit - Cut out, e.g Edit - Fix up, as text Edit - Polish, as prose Edit - Clean rags? Edit - Alter, as a film Edit - Ready for release Edit - See 53-across Edit - Check for errata Edit - Work at a magazine Edit - Menu bar option Edit - Shorten manuscripts, e.g Edit - Fine-tune, as a script Edit - Look for grammatical errors, say Edit - Do book work Edit - Shorten a sentence? Edit - Prepare for final viewing Edit - Cut out, say Edit - Tighten the writin'? Edit - Work on articles Edit - Use photoshop, perhaps Edit - Throw out a line, perhaps Edit - Word-processor command Edit - Assist a writer Edit - Do paper work Edit - Shorten an article Edit - Do some word processing Edit - Better papers? Edit - --- Edit - Take out, maybe Edit - Clean up your language? Edit - Change someone's words around? Edit - Make changes in Edit - Work on a rough cut Edit - Do some cutting Edit - Clean up a manuscript Edit - Polish an article Edit - Tend to text Edit - Cut, paste, or delete, e.g Edit - Tidy text Edit - Do some cutting and pasting Edit - Perfect grafs Edit - Fix up, as prose Edit - Spruce up a story Edit - Fix a story Edit - Do copy work Edit - Convert nc-17 to pg-13 Edit - Tend texts Edit - Tackle texts Edit - Expurgate Edit - Work in postproduction Edit - Tend a text Edit - Bowdlerize Edit - Take out of context? Edit - Shorten, maybe Edit - Make a long story short Edit - Tend text Edit - Use a blue pencil Edit - Do some censoring Edit - Shorten a text, maybe Edit - Use 18-across Edit - Make film cuts Edit - Fix up text Edit - Fix up copy Edit - Tidy up text Edit - Clean up text Edit - Cut film, e.g Edit - Change alot, say? Edit - Move text around Edit - Rephrase, say Edit - This may flow the wrong way, but you can alter that Edit - Alter the water to flow upwards Edit - Might one alter this so as to make the water flow up? Edit - Did the water flow up here? this can change that Edit - To make the water flow up, you'd have to change it like this Edit - Do this for a change and see 12 across Edit - This may change with the turn of the tide Edit - Water flows the wrong way, just to make a change Edit - If it flows the wrong way, alter it Edit - How water flows up over the paper Edit - Alter this with the turn of the tide Edit - The water is coming up, so change it for the better Edit - That will make a change for the water to flow the other way Edit - It would make a change for the water to come back Edit - Change this with the turn of the tide Edit - The tide has risen. change it Edit - The water has come up for a change Edit - Supervise the publication of Edit - Make a correction to the turn of the tide Edit - What goes in and out goes up here Edit - Tied up, by the sound of it, for a change Edit - Shape a film Edit - Do some paper work? Edit - Revise, in a way Edit - Sharpen a speech Edit - Amend Edit - Redo a crossword clue Edit - Alter up the last of 24 down Edit - This water may flow up for a change Edit - The tide is up and may make a change for the better Edit - This may flow up for a change Edit - 'going in and out up, tied in a knot, just for a change (4)' Edit - Can the ebb and flow work for a change? Edit - Change for a turn of the tide Edit - 'if the water is going the wrong way, change it (4)' Edit - The turn of the tide Edit - Correct Edit - Fix, in a way Edit - Polish up prose Edit - Check prose Edit - Change a sentence, say Edit - Change shape? Edit - Change one's story for the better Edit - Change, as text Edit - Rework a document Edit - Fix the soundtrack Edit - Drop a line, maybe Edit - Pass sentences? Edit - Change your story Edit - Tinker with jet pieces, say Edit - Tweak some text Edit - Check for errors Edit - Fix a text Edit - Word processing function Edit - Revise writing Edit - Amend a draft, e.g Edit - Cut text, say Edit - Execute a 47-down, e.g Edit - Work on film Edit - Piece together film Edit - Take the word count down Edit - Prepare to publish current returns Edit - Change when season comes around Edit - Check tendency to turn up Edit - Put together a variety of diet Edit - Fish raised temperature so correct Edit - Correct rise in current Edit - Boy has sex change Edit - Correct reversal of flow Edit - Check overflow? Edit - Revise for publication Edit - Revise - expurgate Edit - Amend a publication Edit - Prepare text for publication Edit - Manage a newspaper Edit - Be in charge (of paper) Edit - Be in charge of (newspaper) Edit - Amend text Edit - Alter text Edit - Supervise - amend Edit - Make alterations (in text) Edit - Woman doesn't finish change Edit - Spruce up, as a story Edit - Rewrite for style Edit - Turn the tide for a change Edit - Work on one's work Edit - Do some wikipedia work Edit - Cut (out) Edit - Change writing for the better Edit - Polish, as a manuscript Edit - Common menu option Edit - Clean up copy Edit - Tighten, possibly Edit - Do some paper work Edit - Make revisions Edit - Fix, as a post Edit - Toil in the cutting room Edit - Change, in a way Edit - Egyptian place of learning with blue-pencil Edit - Strike out, say Edit - Polish a time piece? Edit - Shorten sentences, perhaps Edit - Improve, as a manuscript Edit - Heed Edit - Make less wordy, as an article Edit - Massage a manuscript Edit - Tend manuscripts Edit - Do text work Edit - Make ready for print Edit - Alien swallows detective for a change Edit - Professionally correct Edit - Cut and rearrange Edit - Find the right words, say Edit - Tweak text Edit - Polish, in a way Edit - Supervise publication Edit - Make corrections to Edit - Do copydesk work Edit - Smooth out a rough draft Edit - Cut a column, say Edit - Fix manuscripts Edit - Wikipedia option Edit - Change people, say Edit - Work on a proof Edit - Polish a column Edit - Cut out bloopers Edit - Revise, as an article Edit - Splice film Edit - Make a long story short, perhaps Edit - Make fit to print Edit - Put in a word or two? Edit - Work on movie clips, e.g Edit - Work on a column, say Edit - Tweak texts Edit - Trim, reword, etc Edit - Correction Edit - Remove errata Edit - Volunteer for wikipedia, say Edit - Word choice Edit - Exchange some words? Edit - Fix up a manuscript Edit - Adjust text Edit - Make cuts, say Edit - Clean up an article Edit - Cut-and-paste Edit - Modify, as a manuscript Edit - Energy at college for a change Edit - Ready for publication? Edit - Fix the wording Edit - Revise before printing Edit - Vet text Edit - Make more readable, maybe Edit - Cut down to size, maybe Edit - Redo some passages, maybe Edit - Make less explicit, perhaps? Edit - ___ menu Edit - Proof read Edit - Adjust to fit, perhaps Edit - Italian fellow primarily employed to amend copy Edit - Emend proclamation conservative has issued Edit - Egghead said in france to be a bookmaker Edit - Censor can do what canute could not Edit - Cut film of rowing against a tide Edit - Prepare (material) for publishing Edit - Upsetting time once to make changes Edit - Prepare (text) for publication Edit - Gaunt character of reade Edit - Arrange return of water Edit - Some wanted italics to modify text Edit - Check something which turns up Edit - Prepare for publication in printed item Edit - Prepare (material) for publication Edit - This may turn back - correct Edit - Prepare (text) for issue Edit - Make changes (to text) Edit - Prepare to publish part of screed i typed Edit - Chap's got the article ready for printing Edit - City of canals Edit - Revise two notes-that's it Edit - Prepare for publication the turn of the tide Edit - Reverse current change in text Edit - Rewrite ending for detective: morse's equivalent Edit - Make changes to (text) Edit - Make cuts in typed itinerary Edit - Daughter breaks close relationship up for change Edit - Amend sentences Edit - Fix texts Edit - Cut key for college Edit - Expunge, with "out" Edit - Sounds like something 4 down might do in english institute Edit - Polish writing? Edit - Tinker with text Edit - Peruse and correct Edit - Work with a blue pencil Edit - Tighten, maybe Edit - Work with words Edit - Selection of scattered items put together Edit - Correct a manuscript Edit - Insert or delete text Edit - Democrat in formal wear going up to amend copy Edit - Use pro tools, say Edit - Cut a line from, say Edit - Clean up a manuscript, e.g Edit - Improve on the ebb-tide Edit - Revise decree that's not clear initially Edit - Has the tide turned? that's correct! Edit - Make textual changes Edit - Prepare to publish Edit - Current rise is correct Edit - Prepare to put out with the turn of the tide Edit - Correct at ebb tide Edit - In english and french says 'revise it' Edit - It's about time to revise Edit - Amend and correct Edit - Correct reverse trend Edit - Polish by the turn of the tide Edit - Correct some of the drafted italian newspapers Edit - Tide (anag.) Edit - Check backward tendency Edit - Censor lady for the most part Edit - Correct some submitted items Edit - Change before putting to bed Edit - Polish the pieces that don�t sparkle? Edit - Censor lady cut short Edit - Rework article, ditching part of it Edit - Correct piece of text identified in review Edit - Get ready to go to bed Edit - Correct to keep going for now? Edit - Prepare carbon-free decree Edit - Rise in current is correct Edit - Correct trend upward Edit - Change flow to go up, not down Edit - 'current recession' put into different words Edit - Prepare text Edit - Correct legislative body relocating 50% of its membership eastwards Edit - Correct form of diet for english say in france Edit - Make changes essential to televised items Edit - Correct course heading west Edit - Correct woman missing hospital Edit - Revise writing of sitwell endlessly Edit - Improve on the ebbing tide Edit - Make changes before publication in reversal of trend Edit - Prepare to put out with turn of tide Edit - Revise order cutting chapter Edit - Famous chanteuse hard for you to ignore? correct Edit - Prepare to put out with rising tide Edit - Aspect of sea recalled? that's correct Edit - See 48-down Edit - Fix typos, e.g Edit - Censor film about princess Edit - Doctor, perhaps Edit - Change sentences Edit - Assist a writer, in a way Edit - Emend a manuscript, e.g Edit - It's a long story cut short in english institute Edit - Adjust for space, say Edit - Make clearer, maybe Edit - Check for typos Edit - Drop some details, perhaps Edit - Do work on wikipedia, e.g Edit - Cut to fit, perhaps Edit - Polish language? Edit - Shorten a sentence, say Edit - Prepare for publishing Edit - Change what may turn, turning Edit - Fix a first draft, perhaps Edit - Literary polish raise surfer's concern Edit - Proofread, as i oviously do to a}ll my cleus Edit - Cut down to size Edit - Improve text Edit - Censor review of surfer's concern Edit - Work with 31-down Edit - Prepare to put out with the rising tide Edit - Hereditary, in part? correct Edit - Redact, perhaps Edit - Ready to run Edit - Do some prepublishing work Edit - Polish for publication Edit - Cut a paragraph, say Edit - Modify in a word processor Edit - Polish stories Edit - Revise reportage Edit - Clean up, as copy Edit - Revise an article Edit - Tighten or polish, maybe Edit - Prune, in a way Edit - Revolutionary movement bringing change Edit - Better, as texts Edit - Work the copy desk Edit - Spruce up, as text Edit - Tweak, as text Edit - Work at a copy desk Edit - Rework (text) Edit - Trim an article, say Edit - Correct current flowing back Edit - Work on a lead, maybe Edit - Modify a manuscript Edit - Part of revised item ready for publication Edit - Change, as a wikipedia article Edit - Check Edit - Remove lines, perhaps Edit - Cut a scene Edit - Change from scheduled itinerary Edit - Ukase Edit - Ready to publish leaders of exceptional distinction in telegraph Edit - Loi promulguée par un roi Edit - Fix, as a manuscript Edit - Polish or tweak Edit - Proofreader's change Edit - Correct, as a screenplay Edit - Spruce up an article Edit - Acte législatif qui émanait du roi Edit - Do cutting-room work Edit - Work in a cutting room Edit - Work periodically? Edit - Tighten a text Edit - Trim and touch up Edit - Time change? Edit - Abridge or add to Edit - Exchange words, perhaps? Edit - Toolbar heading Edit - Prepare for the presses Edit - Perfect prose? Edit - Clear of typos Edit - Make some changes to Edit - Crop, say Edit - Drop a line, say Edit - Bleep out cusswords, say Edit - Trim to fit, perhaps Edit - Fix a feature, e.g Edit - Rewrite puzzle clues, say Edit - Clean up time? Edit - Decrease the word count, say Edit - Emend errata Edit - Touch up for publication Edit - Put in other words, say Edit - Change in current switched over Edit - Work on a script Edit - Splice, as film Edit - Tweak a 4 across Edit - 1, 11 or ebb? Edit - Change, as a crossword diagram Edit - Émanait du roi Edit - Word processing menu Edit - Polish, as a paper Edit - Do some copy desk work Edit - Work on a film or a manuscript Edit - Prepare a crossword for publishing Edit - ...purchased Edit - Selection before "copy" or "cut" Edit - Make a manuscript better Edit - Spruce up, as an essay Edit - Pare prose Edit - Pare a phrase? Edit - Menu including cut and paste Edit - Fix sloppy sentences Edit - Prepare text for press Edit - Change one's story, perhaps Edit - Reduce a sentence, say Edit - Check text for publication Edit - Revise, as a manuscript Edit - Touch up, as an article Edit - Rearrange, as text Edit - Cut out bad diet Edit - Make more readable, perhaps Edit - Prepare to put out in current on the ebb Edit - Work with a word processor Edit - Alter an article Edit - Remove fluff from, perhaps Edit - Heading under which "cut" and "copy" appear Edit - Amend text, tied in knots Edit - Change, as some of these clues Edit - Computer menu heading Edit - Computer menu heading Edit - Revise and improve Edit - Revise and improve Edit - Complete fragments, perhaps Edit - Cut the boring parts
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Tinker with, in a way (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - tinker with, in a way. word on "E". 1 - st. letter E. 2 - st. letter D. 3 - st. letter I. 4 - st. letter T.

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