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Evert - Turn out

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Evert - Six-time u.s. open tennis champ Evert - Turn outward Evert - Six-time u.s. open champ Evert - Chrissie of tennis Evert - 'the ice maiden' Evert - Three-time wimbledon champ Evert - Flip, in a way Evert - Turn inside out Evert - Three-time wimbledon winner Evert - Turn out Evert - Court foe of king Evert - Upset Evert - Champion with a two-handed backhand Evert - Nbc tennis commentator Evert - Tennis star chris Evert - Winner of four consecutive u.s. open titles Evert - 1989 tennis retiree Evert - Tennis hall-of-famer Evert - Tennis champ chris Evert - Three-time wimbledon queen Evert - 1995 tennis hall of fame inductee Evert - Navratilova rival Evert - Tennis great Evert - Tennis hall of famer Evert - King foe Evert - Tennis legend Evert - Goolagong rival Evert - Seven-time french open winner Evert - Winner of six u.s. opens Evert - Tennis star of the '70s Evert - "ice maiden" of sports Evert - Chris who won 18 grand slam singles titles Evert - Tennis great chris Evert - Tennis legend chris Evert - Chris of tennis Evert - Four-in-a-row u.s. open winner Evert - Chris of courts Evert - Chris of the courts Evert - Turn inside-out Evert - Seven-time french open champ Evert - Winner of four straight u.s. opens, 1975-'78 Evert - Six-time u.s. open champ chris Evert - 1975-78 u.s. open champ chris Evert - Six-time u.s. open winner Evert - King rival Evert - Tennis star nicknamed 'the ice maiden' Evert - Seven-time french open singles champ Evert - Court legend chris Evert - King rival, once Evert - Chris on the court Evert - Tennis hall-of-famer chris Evert - '70s tennis star Evert - Chris __ lloyd Evert - Turn aside Evert - Chris of the court Evert - Turn outward Evert - Court star chris Evert - Chris of tennis fame Evert - Chris of tennis lore Evert - Florida's ___ tennis academy Evert - Three-time wimbledon winner chris Evert - Football side, not cricket side, to turn inside out Evert - Was she always last on court? Evert - Turn out as tennis player, once Evert - Turn out to see navratilova's old rival? Evert - Turn aside or outwards Evert - Longtime navratilova rival Evert - Chris who won six u.s. opens Evert - Winner of seven french opens Evert - First female athlete to host "snl" Evert - Navratilova's foe Evert - Turn inside out at any time before tea Evert - Us tennis player's return kicking right at first Evert - Tennis hall of famer chris Evert - Legendary chris of the courts Evert - Lady with a great racket Evert - Chris known for her ground strokes Evert - Turn inside out (biol.) Evert - She briefly played doubles as mrs lloyd Evert - John lloyd briefly interrupted the singles game of this champion Evert - She won eighteen grand slam singles titles Evert - Turn out always on time Evert - Turn out in football team - losing side at old trafford Evert - Turn out eleven from merseyside home? that's not on! Evert - Rival of navratilova, once Evert - Chris - - , american tennis-player Evert - Chris - - (tennis) Evert - Chris - - (women's tennis) Evert - Always with time to turn out Evert - Chris --, us tennis player who won 18 singles grand slam titles Evert - Former us tennis player Evert - Tennis star who once won 125 straight matches on clay Evert - Player in the most grand slam singles finals Evert - Half of the 'love double' at wimbledon 1974 Evert - Chris who won seven french opens Evert - Three-time wimbledon champ chris Evert - Publisher of "tennis" magazine Evert - Chris with three wimbledon wins Evert - 1976 sports illustrated sportswoman of the year awardee Evert - Old tennis champion is upset Evert - Chris --, female tennis star Evert - Chris with six u.s. open wins Evert - Court attendant once making rude sign in box, perhaps rejected Evert - Chris with 18 grand slam singles wins