Anagram - Schoolmaster, to the classroom

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  • Anagram - Letter on A
  • 1 - st. word A
  • 2 - st. word N
  • 3 - st. word A
  • 4 - st. word G
  • 5 - st. word R
  • 6 - st. word A
  • 7 - st. word M

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Anagram - Rattles, for 1-across Anagram - What each of today's four long answers is vis-à-vis new year's eve Anagram - 8-down, to sal mineo Anagram - Schoolmaster, to the classroom Anagram - Twist of phrase, perhaps Anagram - 17-across or 11- or 29-down, to 61-across Anagram - It makes cats scat Anagram - Horrid glances from charles grodin? Anagram - What army is for mary Anagram - Tops for pots Anagram - Moon starers, to astronomers Anagram - Wordplay discovery Anagram - Substitute for butt tissue, e.g.? Anagram - Seaweeds, to seesawed Anagram - Rues, for sure Anagram - Canoe, in relation to ocean Anagram - Cheaters, to teachers Anagram - Eon, for one? Anagram - Maraschino, to harmonicas Anagram - See 17- and 57-across Anagram - Ancients, for instance Anagram - Roped, to pedro Anagram - What cost is of cots Anagram - Scramble, as letters Anagram - Neo, for one Anagram - "destiny," to "density" Anagram - Nominates, for minnesota Anagram - Servant for taverns Anagram - Cone, for once Anagram - Letters for settler, e.g Anagram - Turn of phrase? Anagram - Clue in 'the da vinci code' Anagram - 'tokyo,' to 'kyoto' Anagram - Letters for a horse with another creature Anagram - Just a matter of letters for a horse and sheep Anagram - A horse over the sheep? it's a matter of letters Anagram - A horse and an animal in 11 across is just a matter of letters Anagram - Word formed by rearranging another word Anagram - Word made from the letters of another Anagram - Word made of the letters of another Anagram - Letters are needed to make a horse so sheepish at last Anagram - A sheepish horse in 5 down Anagram - Word created from other word Anagram - Word made by rearranging the letters of another Anagram - The letters came to a horse and sheep Anagram - Turn of a phrase? Anagram - A rag man! Anagram - Chemical agent for climate change Anagram - Course for crusoe? Anagram - Supersonic, to percussion Anagram - Letter shuffle Anagram - Example of where the stick is thickest Anagram - Trestle, for example? Anagram - Sorting out letters, eg having no stamp, for postman Anagram - 'onslaught' is one of laughton's Anagram - Harvester is one of the ravers Anagram - A pair of beasts to make a muddle Anagram - A couple of beasts uniting could present a problem Anagram - Elgar's regal composition Anagram - A couple of beasts as in 10 12 9 11 Anagram - 'three swans' is one of the answers Anagram - Stealth is one of the last Anagram - Crib clue from crucible, for example Anagram - A couple of beasts to be sorted out? Anagram - Rearrangement of letters in a word Anagram - A ragman (anag) Anagram - 'enraged' is of 'angered' Anagram - Jumble of letters Anagram - Rearrangement of a word's letters to form new word(s) Anagram - Scramble of letters (to make trestle, perhaps) Anagram - Word formed by changing the order of letters in another Anagram - Word formed of the same letters Anagram - Rearrangement of letters in word or phrase to form another Anagram - 'supersonic'of 'percussion', for example? Anagram - 'angered' of 'enraged', perhaps? Anagram - 'diagnose' is one of 'san diego' Anagram - Sue is of use Anagram - Loves to solve, e.g Anagram - Eg 'oscillation' of 'colonialist' Anagram - Opts for post, say, in an indian city, beginning in march Anagram - Dormitory, to dirty room Anagram - 28-down, to tokyo Anagram - A ragman? Anagram - "gallery," to "largely" Anagram - Antes up for peanuts? Anagram - Nag a ram (anag) Anagram - Hated to death, say? Anagram - A rag man (anag) Anagram - Any of four long pairs featured in this puzzle Anagram - Servant for taverns, e.g Anagram - Altered word in a puzzle? Anagram - Hedonism for sondheim Anagram - A horse and farm animal is a mix of characters Anagram - Sort of letters from an indian city visited by millions Anagram - Rearrangement of letters Anagram - Argue the point in relation to pouring the tea? Anagram - A pair of animals - characters on the move Anagram - One way to clue a shrew, and stuff Anagram - What may make royal mint restore normality? Anagram - New arrangement bringing together a pair of animals Anagram - Cutting corners in relation to reconstructing? Anagram - Rearranged word Anagram - 'reformed' characters hack into a computer resource Anagram - Word which is another rearranged Anagram - Word rearranged from the letters of another Anagram - Word arranged from the letters of another Anagram - Shuffling of letters Anagram - An indian city with millions under new order, literally Anagram - Word rearranging another's letters Anagram - A pair of animals, impala on safari? Anagram - Jumbling of letters Anagram - One is somewhat tired of waiter's method Anagram - Word formed from letters of another Anagram - Starting point for train-spotting, perhaps? Anagram - Gelding can be niggled by this animal, following another horse Anagram - Word arranging the letters of another Anagram - By it meatballs can be made from stale lamb Anagram - Stuff to support a horse, 1 dn for instance Anagram - Mix-up, for example remains of 19 Anagram - Such as stop for post Anagram - Anemone, to name one Anagram - 'the eyes/they see,' e.g Anagram - Diapers to despair, e.g Anagram - Cats-to-scat wordplay Anagram - 'an indian city' - first of many a type of clue Anagram - What does father make of the raf? Anagram - Puzzle continued unnoticed Anagram - 5 down is one Anagram - Aileen and elaine, for instance Anagram - A ragman files his letters in a different order Anagram - Signed for 25 Anagram - It makes the grandee angered and enraged Anagram - An indian city many find puzzling Anagram - An example of danger in the garden Anagram - A mix up with a horse and sheep Anagram - Eager to agree on such a construction Anagram - Eton is of note Anagram - Andrew was warned to set an example Anagram - New arrangement in an indian city backed by millions Anagram - Letter puzzle Anagram - It's tedious outside for example Anagram - A couple of animals shot for host, for example Anagram - What oven cleaner is of no relevance? Anagram - Often sheds tears from soft-heartedness maybe? Anagram - A couple of beasts that will need sorting out Anagram - A horse getting hit -- there's bound to be one near here! Anagram - Sheet is one of these Anagram - Puzzler continued unnoticed to give an example Anagram - For racing tipster, starting price, for example, is a sign about horse Anagram - Characters reassembled in an ending for film outside indian city Anagram - Possibly posted to depots as an example Anagram - Khachaturian's inspiring mount, main reason being so 26, possibly? Anagram - A couple of beasty types on farm can change how the letters are read Anagram - Is one rattled to make noise, perhaps? Anagram - Live for evil? Anagram - Credit for 22 down, say Anagram - Each clue in all caps in this puzzle is one Anagram - Cone as once modified, for instance Anagram - No more stars, to astronomers Anagram - Canniest, for instance Anagram - Cruciverbal jumble Anagram - 'schoolmaster' is of 'the classroom', for example Anagram - Parties, to pirates Anagram - Loves to solve, say? Anagram - Eg east grinstead in relation to its great danes? Anagram - "olympian," to "palimony" Anagram - *suite for use? Anagram - One makes a gesture of great use Anagram - On end, to donne Anagram - Letter rearrangement Anagram - "tokyo," to "kyoto" Anagram - Auctioned for education, say Anagram - Word that rearranges another's letters Anagram - An insect, for instance Anagram - Wordplay in the jumble Anagram - Ancients, for instance? Anagram - What can get schoolmaster out of the classroom? Anagram - This paper's theme adapted for the times, perhaps? Anagram - Danger coming from garden, for example Anagram - Asked for a desk, say Anagram - One of actors is co-star Anagram - Sport shoe for hoopsters, e.g Anagram - Article after article with added mass � letter-sorter can handle it Anagram - Wordplay involving a horse and another farmyard animal Anagram - Scrambled word
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Schoolmaster, to the classroom (*******) 7 letter. - what is this?

******* - schoolmaster, to the classroom. word on "A". 1 - st. letter A. 2 - st. letter N. 3 - st. letter A. 4 - st. letter G. 5 - st. letter R. 6 - st. letter A. 7 - st. letter M.

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