Soft - Lenient

Word by letter:
  • Soft - Letter on S
  • 1 - st. word S
  • 2 - st. word O
  • 3 - st. word F
  • 4 - st. word T

All questions by word:
Soft - 'piano,' literally Soft - Like 22-down pillows Soft - Not strict Soft - Lenient Soft - Like a buyer's market Soft - Feathery Soft - Downy Soft - Like a slow market Soft - Easily molded Soft - Fluffy Soft - With 100-across, flattery Soft - Quick to yield Soft - Partly melted Soft - Mushy Soft - Toothbrush type Soft - Like an infielder's hands, supposedly Soft - Word with sell or shell Soft - Wishy-washy Soft - Cushy Soft - Not yet set Soft - Lenient, as on crime Soft - Easily bullied Soft - Like cecilia's cees Soft - Like a baby's skin Soft - Gentle Soft - Out of shape Soft - Like cola, drinkwise Soft - Low in volume Soft - Cushiony Soft - Comfortable Soft - Yielding readily to pressure Soft - Lax Soft - Pillowlike Soft - Low on the mohs scale Soft - Like a comfy pillow Soft - Like the "c" in "cement" Soft - Like some g sounds Soft - Flabby Soft - Like furry slippers Soft - Yielding Soft - Weak, as on crime Soft - Like some pretzels Soft - Piano, to a pianist Soft - Well-cushioned Soft - "hush!" to romeo Soft - Easy on crime Soft - Far from stern Soft - Squishy Soft - Like some tacos Soft - Player's piano? Soft - Like pillows Soft - Like some drinks Soft - Too lenient Soft - Pliable Soft - Malleable Soft - Conciliatory Soft - Is the south frequently not severe enough? Soft - Frequently there is not much noise from the south Soft - It's not hard to get to the south so frequently Soft - Thus, 12 in the piano Soft - Tender or yielding to pressure Soft - Not hard, rough or harsh Soft - Cushy, not tough Soft - Easygoing Soft - Is the south frequently not hard enough? Soft - So it's not hard for this to be over one foot Soft - So the piano gets one foot short Soft - Frequently at last it's hardly heard not Soft - Thus it's not hard to add one foot to it Soft - Is the south frequently like this - one foot short? Soft - Like flannel and fleece Soft - Tender-hearted Soft - Woefully out of shape Soft - Hence paper's not like izal Soft - Drunkard hugs female giving first half of 15 Soft - Tender Soft - Not hard Soft - Gentle - malleable Soft - Giving little resistance Soft - Gentle - simple Soft - Subdued - gentle Soft - So to full time, it's mushy and not just in the middle Soft - Like fuzzy slippers Soft - Old french in the way not strict Soft - Cottony Soft - Tenderhearted Soft - Easy, as on crime Soft - Bad at enduring hardship Soft - Like fluffy slippers Soft - Piano, on a music score Soft - Permissive Soft - Like decalcified water Soft - Pillowy Soft - Far from firm Soft - What's wedged in strings of the piano? Soft - Malleable, light Soft - Piano frequently accompanying start of song Soft - (of drink) not alcoholic Soft - Seat given new foundation becomes squashy Soft - Going after rain Soft - Lenient; not coarse Soft - Burroughs engine, not hard to describe Soft - Going unsuitable for a hard runner? Soft - Gentle; easy to cut Soft - Native of riyadh Soft - Gentle; non-alcoholic Soft - Piano solo's beginning, frequently Soft - Piano that's small, frequently Soft - Easy to mould Soft - The side of james Soft - Like this newspaper firm? on the contrary Soft - Sulphur frequently malleable Soft - Is not hard on small old paper Soft - Piano on a piano? Soft - For that reason, felt tips are squashy Soft - In consequence little feet will be tender Soft - Comforting with some words of tender concern Soft - P. (mus.) Soft - Cushioned Soft - Mild Soft - Piano's part in works of tchaikovsky Soft - Tender extract from 'tess of the d'urbervilles' Soft - Velvety Soft - And for this reason newspaper is excessively sympathetic Soft - Like a comfortable pillow Soft - Pliant Soft - Subdued in sound Soft - (of drink) non-alcoholic Soft - Piano needed for lots of tunes -- and drums, often Soft - Like street vendors' pretzels Soft - Mattress choice Soft - Sensitive and unaggressive, slangily Soft - Mild in parts of territory Soft - Loud drunk's arrested and restrained Soft - "wait a moment," to romeo Soft - "piano," literally Soft - Marshmallowy Soft - Like blackjack hands with an ace counted as 11 Soft - Like plush toys Soft - Not firm Soft - Buyer�s market descriptor Soft - Easily yielding to pressure Soft - Like a cashmere sweater Soft - A ___ touch Soft - Type of rock found in '70s Soft - "p," on sheet music Soft - Shift end of couch for tenor to get to piano Soft - Like down clues, no stiff test by all conclusions Soft - Like a nerf ball Soft - Like root beer, but not beer Soft - 'mellow yellow'? Soft - Delicate kings of leon song? Soft - Like tissue paper Soft - Toothbrush option Soft - __-pedal (play down) Soft - “i wanted your ____ verges / but you gave me the hard shoulder” (adrian maurice henri) Soft - Like the g in germany Soft - __ light Soft - Yielding, easily cut Soft - Cushy or cushiony
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Lenient (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - lenient. word on "S". 1 - st. letter S. 2 - st. letter O. 3 - st. letter F. 4 - st. letter T.

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