Hair - Wig, essentially

Word by letter:
  • Hair - Letter on H
  • 1 - st. word H
  • 2 - st. word A
  • 3 - st. word I
  • 4 - st. word R

All questions by word:
Hair - Slight edge Hair - Salon focus Hair - Telly savalas's lack Hair - It grows on you Hair - Locks Hair - It'll grow on you Hair - Wig, essentially Hair - Fuzzy wuzzy's lack Hair - It may get a part Hair - Hit 1968 musical Hair - Wig Hair - Head locks Hair - Goldie's locks? Hair - It could receive permanent damage Hair - "age of aquarius" musical Hair - Hippie musical Hair - It launched "the age of aquarius" Hair - Narrow margin Hair - Very slim margin Hair - "aquarius" musical Hair - With 10-down, bun protectors Hair - It may be spiked Hair - Salon sweepings Hair - Tress material Hair - Barber's focus Hair - 'aquarius' show Hair - Musical with the song 'frank mills' Hair - It may be pulled back Hair - 'ain't got no' musical Hair - 'aquarius' musical Hair - "the american tribal love-rock musical" Hair - Show with "aquarius" Hair - Lock material Hair - Long-running broadway musical Hair - Tiniest of margins Hair - Rapunzel's abundance Hair - 1968 musical Hair - Rogaine user's desire Hair - Mammal feature Hair - Kind of trigger Hair - Controversial '60s musical Hair - It might get brushed aside Hair - Famous musical Hair - Eyebrow makeup? Hair - "i got life" musical Hair - Samson's pride Hair - Famous rock musical Hair - Rapunzel's pride Hair - "the drapes," in a bawdy matching question Hair - Slimmest winning margin? Hair - Cueball's lack Hair - Tresses Hair - Mane makeup Hair - Slim margin of victory Hair - Broadway debut of '68 Hair - Barber's concern Hair - Do stuff Hair - Taboo-flouting musical Hair - Access to rapunzel Hair - Minuscule margin Hair - Beauty-parlor concern Hair - "aquarius" show Hair - It may be kept under wraps Hair - Word with "cut" or "line" Hair - It may be put in a bun Hair - Head covering Hair - Slim winning margin Hair - Tonsorial target Hair - Hide partner Hair - Beauty-salon sweeping Hair - "abie baby" musical Hair - Small margin of victory Hair - Ponytail material Hair - "love-rock" musical Hair - Desired rogaine result Hair - By a __ (barely) Hair - Eyebrow makeup Hair - Barber's expertise Hair - 'age of aquarius' musical Hair - *extremely narrow winning margin Hair - Mustache material Hair - It was "the american tribal love rock musical" Hair - Della sells hers in 'the gift of the magi' Hair - Show subtitled 'the american tribal love-rock musical' Hair - It's cut and dried Hair - Headlocks? Hair - Show with song "good morning starshine" Hair - Mane, essentially Hair - "let the sunshine in" musical Hair - Sideburns, e.g Hair - "abie baby" production Hair - It can be spiked or set, but not bumped Hair - Tiny margin Hair - Barber-floor stuff Hair - Broadway revival of 2009 Hair - Scalp stuff Hair - Wig material Hair - Rock musical with a 2009 broadway revival Hair - '60s musical Hair - Locks that can be cut Hair - "good morning starshine" musical Hair - Groundbreaking '60s musical Hair - It can be spiked or pressed Hair - Fur Hair - Sometimes you just can't do a thing with it Hair - It really grows on you Hair - Musical with "good morning starshine" Hair - 'flower power' musical Hair - ___-trigger temper Hair - 2009 broadway revival Hair - Beehive contents Hair - Musical with a nude scene Hair - Scalp covering Hair - Target for items found in the answers to starred clues Hair - It could receive permanent damage? Hair - Show featuring 'easy to be hard' Hair - Bit of evidence for a sleuth Hair - Pigtail material Hair - Very narrow margin Hair - Pigtail, e.g Hair - Source of samson's strength Hair - It's cut and styled Hair - "good morning starshine" play Hair - Drain clogger, often Hair - Small margin of defeat Hair - 'easy to be hard' musical Hair - Stylist's focus Hair - It rarely has more than one part Hair - What can't be parted after it's departed? Hair - Salon concern Hair - Brush target Hair - It's over your head Hair - Rapunzel's ladder Hair - Depilatory target Hair - Beautician's concern Hair - 'american tribal love rock musical' Hair - Kojak's lack Hair - Barbershop sweepings Hair - 1960s musical Hair - Stuff for 32-down Hair - Locks,e.g Hair - What beehives are made of? Hair - Mustache makeup Hair - Barber's sweepings Hair - Eyelash, e.g Hair - Mane stuff Hair - It may be permed Hair - Head locks? Hair - Slimmest of margins Hair - Musically, that was the tops Hair - Sounds as if it might have long ears on its head like this Hair - Filaments growing on the epidermis Hair - It helps prevent heat loss through the head Hair - Rapunzel's "ladder" Hair - Famous hirsute musical with song ` `aquarius' ' (4) Hair - Chinny-chin-chin stuff Hair - Hirsute hippy musical with song 'aquarius' Hair - Threadlike growth Hair - Famous hippy musical of hirsute character Hair - Sounds a little beastly going on ahead Hair - Coif makeup Hair - Brushed stuff Hair - It may be worn down Hair - Thread-like strands on the body Hair - Bun contents Hair - Mop, say Hair - Musical sequence describing minor interval? Hair - Biter's bit, taken the morning after Hair - Musical of various styles? Hair - Rocker possibly not opening locks Hair - Hard song to follow in old musical Hair - Musical a let-down for enjoyment? Hair - Thread-like structure(s) Hair - Musical (locks?) Hair - Mane Hair - Fur - mop Hair - Musical with nude scenes Hair - Outgrowth from the skin Hair - Musical with the song 'easy to be hard' Hair - Common drain clogger Hair - Rapunzel's most notable feature Hair - Bad __ day Hair - Narrowest of margins Hair - Drain clog cause, maybe Hair - Beehive's makeup Hair - "what a piece of work is man" musical Hair - Barbershop floor sweepings Hair - Groundbreaking musical Hair - Goes on ahead to fashion centre for atmosphere Hair - Magic charm Hair - Cut and dried thing Hair - Workforce rings first class for locks Hair - Locks, essentially Hair - It's hot air on top of everything else Hair - It may feature a side part Hair - It may have highlights Hair - Broadway hit of the '60s Hair - Bristle Hair - "can draw you to her with a single __": dryden Hair - Show growth Hair - Rapunzel's claim to fame Hair - Do on the outskirts of hanover trade fair Hair - Baldy's lack Hair - 1960s' rock musical with nudity Hair - Kind of spray Hair - Penitent's shirt material Hair - The matter of a page-boy pompadour took up? Hair - Tribal rock musical that once gave employment to meat loaf Hair - Fibre; small extent Hair - Red face powder Hair - Covering hydrogen with common mixture of gases Hair - Craig bellamy needs a band for his Hair - Human head covering Hair - Nineteen sixties musical; filament Hair - Fur, say Hair - Stuffing for certain seats Hair - Barber's speciality; musical Hair - Fibre Hair - Musical shock? Hair - Skin filament Hair - Hard to express shock Hair - We're told to bolt locks Hair - Filament Hair - Showy garden flower Hair - Warm coat one's advised to keep on to stay cool? Hair - Pilus Hair - Word with spray or style Hair - Bald person's lack Hair - Hard to communicate in barnet? Hair - Object of lots of teasing? Hair - Blonde's secret Hair - A very small quantity of hydrogen and atmospheric gases Hair - "easy to be hard" musical Hair - 1960s musical which shocked with its scenes of nudity Hair - Capital growth Hair - Hot music that grows on one! Hair - Hot and dry? that's a shock Hair - Shock damage nearly caught one Hair - Shock caused by hospital broadcast Hair - The shock of barnet Hair - Musical giving shock? Hair - Show fibre Hair - Hard expression bringing shock? Hair - Coiffure Hair - Musical that opened on broadway in 1968 Hair - Hydrogen air-locks Hair - Whiskers Hair - Fuzz Hair - Show that may need cutting? Hair - Hot gaseous mixture -- that may end in a bang Hair - Shock generated by musical Hair - Hot tune from sixties musical? Hair - Whisker Hair - Fibre is hard, in need of ventilation Hair - Start of hymn tune, it grows on one Hair - What may be hard to dry? Hair - Barbershop sweeping Hair - Something off the top of your head? Hair - Top of some heads Hair - Locks or strands Hair - What's set at a salon Hair - Barnet hospital to put on tv, etc Hair - Bangs on the head? Hair - Slimmest margin? Hair - Scalp output Hair - 'where do i go?' musical Hair - It prevents baldness Hair - Locks in hard manner Hair - Hard look that may spread over man's face Hair - 'good morning starshine' musical Hair - 2009 tony winner for best revival of a musical Hair - Very small margin Hair - Barbershop leavings Hair - Head cover Hair - Strands strewn around a shower Hair - Musical - locks Hair - Beauty-school specialty Hair - Growth from skin Hair - Barber's floor sweepings Hair - Shock hospital broadcast Hair - Both sides of harvard choir grows on you Hair - Tarantula feature Hair - Barbershop floor collection Hair - Rapunzel's bounty Hair - Ginger feature Hair - Locks often gray Hair - Broadway debut of april 1968 Hair - "aquarius" musical (and a word that can precede the first parts of 17- and 55-across and 9- and 24-down) Hair - Early november song that grows? Hair - Part of dog, to nazareth Hair - Nazareth "___ of the dog" Hair - Pavement "cut your ___" Hair - No ban in bahrain concerning barbers Hair - Slim margin Hair - Scalp production Hair - Maybe rocker removing hat will reveal it? Hair - Brow or lash Hair - 'good morning starshine' show Hair - Musical intro to happy tune Hair - Beard, e.g Hair - What alopecia sufferers lose Hair - Stage musical Hair - With albert, a saskatchewan city Hair - Wig, e.g Hair - Starts 13 down on top Hair - Hard appearance that could be a shock Hair - Origin of hippie melody? Hair - Weird al yankovic "bad ___ day" Hair - ___ metal (1980s music subgenre) Hair - Hot wind causes shock Hair - Metaphor for thinness Hair - Drain clog cause, perhaps Hair - Filament growing from the skin Hair - Design of hitler, say, combed across the forehead, perhaps? Hair - Hot song in old musical Hair - Threadlike strands growing from the skin Hair - Threadlike strands growing from the skin
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Wig, essentially (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - wig, essentially. word on "H". 1 - st. letter H. 2 - st. letter A. 3 - st. letter I. 4 - st. letter R.

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