Alter - Lengthen or shorten

Word by letter:
  • Alter - Letter on A
  • 1 - st. word A
  • 2 - st. word L
  • 3 - st. word T
  • 4 - st. word E
  • 5 - st. word R

All questions by word:
Alter - Fiddle with Alter - Modify Alter - Make suit, as a suit Alter - Take up, as a hem Alter - Take in or let out Alter - Do tailoring on Alter - Let down, say Alter - Rehem Alter - Shorten, maybe Alter - Change Alter - Doctor Alter - Lengthen or shorten Alter - Take up, as a leg Alter - Transform Alter - Tailors do it Alter - Kind of ego Alter - Adjust Alter - Vary Alter - Blue-pencil Alter - Change, as a hemline Alter - Let out or take up Alter - Word with ego Alter - Take in, in a way Alter - Tailor Alter - Hem, but not haw Alter - Raise the hem, maybe Alter - Change to fit Alter - Let out, in a way Alter - Take in or out Alter - Rehem, e.g Alter - Let out the waist of, e.g Alter - Make a change Alter - Revise Alter - Make different Alter - Let out or take in Alter - Take in Alter - Tailors do it often Alter - Take up a leg, e.g Alter - Take in, say Alter - ___ ego Alter - Change clothes? Alter - Revamp Alter - Do a tailor's job Alter - Tweak Alter - Take in, perhaps Alter - Let out, say Alter - Do some tailoring Alter - Take in, maybe Alter - Make modifications to Alter - Shorten, as slacks Alter - Take in or let out, e.g Alter - Make a change to Alter - Take up a hem, say Alter - Ego type Alter - Let out, maybe Alter - - Alter - Take in, e.g Alter - Word with "ego" Alter - Desex Alter - Type of ego Alter - Make changes to Alter - Take up a hem, perhaps Alter - Change pants? Alter - Do tailoring work Alter - Morph Alter - Shorten or lengthen, say Alter - Take a tuck Alter - Take up or let down, e.g Alter - Raise a hem, perhaps Alter - Don't leave alone Alter - Shorten the sleeves on, e.g Alter - Make suit Alter - Transmogrify Alter - Tweak, e.g Alter - Transfigure Alter - Let out, perhaps Alter - Professor says 'equine restraint,' pupil suggests ... Alter - Mutate Alter - Do a tailoring job Alter - Take the cuffs off? Alter - Take in, as a dress Alter - Rehem, say Alter - Refashion Alter - Take out, perhaps Alter - With 18-down second self, Alter - This might go native for a change Alter - That's the sort of native that gives one an option Alter - The cockney might get it in the neck, for a change Alter - For a change this might give a native some choice Alter - Adjust for a better fit Alter - One might do this to a native, just for a change Alter - For a change this might give the native some choice Alter - How the cockney might get it in the neck for a change Alter - That makes 25 down sound for a change Alter - This gives the native some choice for a change Alter - For a change this would get 2 down for a choice Alter - For a change, this native would be given a choice Alter - For a change, there could be a choice for such a native Alter - For a change, that's the sort of native that provides one with a choice Alter - Round the neck of the cockney for a change Alter - For a change, that sort of native has a choice Alter - A choice sort of native, for a change Alter - This native might have a choice for a change Alter - For a change, the other thing one might do to a native Alter - How a cockney might get it in the neck for a change Alter - For a change this might go native by choice Alter - You'll not get no change out of this Alter - The cockney will get it in the neck for a change Alter - The sort of native that would give one a choice for a change Alter - The sort of native that has a choice for a change Alter - A cockney might get it in the neck for this Alter - Change, make different Alter - Change, being later Alter - Change, modify Alter - Change or modify Alter - Change or adjust Alter - Change to later Alter - Change for later Alter - Change, maybe later Alter - Alert to change Alter - The sort of native that gives one a choice for a change Alter - Such a native has a choice for a change Alter - Such a p.s. is bound to be in church for a change Alter - To do this to a native would give one a choice of change Alter - Would this make a difference to a native, or would it? Alter - This native has a choice for a change Alter - Change the choice with the native Alter - Might 'e go for a second self Alter - Change it in church, by the sound of it Alter - That native had an option for a change Alter - Get to change the native choice Alter - Such native has the choice of change Alter - In 27 down, by the sound of it, one would get a native by choice Alter - That might change the native or be it Alter - Fifty in rate for a change Alter - Change such a native for choice Alter - So one might change a native for choice Alter - You may 6 down such a native for a change Alter - You'll get some change out of this soft of a native Alter - Change the start of 27 across Alter - Let out, e.g Alter - Change for the church, by the sound of it Alter - Amend Alter - Let out at the waist, e.g Alter - Take in, possibly Alter - Let out, possibly Alter - Change the hymn-book by omitting postscript Alter - Edit recording of shrine Alter - Change from the usual terrible selection Alter - Modify part of 'orse's equipment Alter - Change following demotion of head Alter - Adjust, as a hem Alter - Put on cuffs, maybe Alter - Change one's pants? Alter - Change of leader for ’orse? Alter - Take in, as trousers Alter - Trim to fit Alter - Take up or let out Alter - Take up, e.g Alter - Reshape Alter - Undergo a sea change to alert doctor Alter - With 56-down, secondary personalities Alter - Tweak, say Alter - Spay, say Alter - Modify headstall the horse has slipped Alter - Pick up table to shift Alter - Change cockney's 'orse's 'eadgear? Alter - Revise church book dropping page on saint Alter - Change table in report Alter - Husband leaving item of tack to modify Alter - Change flag when heading off Alter - Metamorphose Alter - Change table referred to in speech Alter - Bout of extravagant spending Alter - Change flag heading off Alter - Put away resistance, accepting large reform Alter - Tailor, say Alter - With 56-down, second self Alter - Change old german sovereign Alter - Change seen along terrace Alter - Change that de la mare won't begin Alter - Old german sovereign given in change Alter - Adapt Alter - Comparatively old german has to adjust Alter - Revise table, they say Alter - Modify piece of local terminology Alter - Change flag once fellow leaves Alter - Adapt or change later Alter - Modify piece of furniture in church according to report Alter - Adjust rope round 'orse's neck? Alter - Change flag, heading off Alter - Rearrange Alter - Tailor, e.g Alter - Refine solution? later! Alter - Change later, or change now Alter - Recast Alter - Take up, say Alter - Change, as hems Alter - Put the cuffs on? Alter - Tinker with Alter - Tangibly influence Alter - Sounds like right place for change Alter - Announced place in church for convert Alter - Take the crotch in, say Alter - Shorten the sleeves of, say Alter - Fix Alter - Size up, maybe? Alter - Take out or let in Alter - Work like a tailor Alter - Revise later, maybe Alter - Fix as 20-across might do Alter - Make alterations to novel? later! Alter - Crop in a lab, say Alter - Mitty's wife running off, leaving change Alter - Neuter Alter - Kind of rocker ego Alter - What producer does to off-key sound Alter - What wardrobe will do to leather pants that don't fit Alter - And 10 across: second self Alter - Fix with a needle Alter - Ziggy stardust was bowie's ___ ego Alter - Sounds like something for 19 down in revamp Alter - Doctor to find cure later Alter - What producer will do to off-key sound Alter - Adjust to fit Alter - Do some tailoring on Alter - Rework Alter - Change may be converted later Alter - Tweak or overhaul Alter - Revamp or revise Alter - Not leave as is Alter - Let down, as trousers, e.g Alter - Sounds like something at the end of 15 across? scratch that! Alter - Shorten or lengthen, perhaps Alter - Touch up with photoshop, say Alter - Transform part of central terrace Alter - Lower, as a hem Alter - Lower, as a hem
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Lengthen or shorten (*****) 5 letter. - what is this?

***** - lengthen or shorten. word on "A". 1 - st. letter A. 2 - st. letter L. 3 - st. letter T. 4 - st. letter E. 5 - st. letter R.

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