Oreo - Snack item since 1912

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  • Oreo - Letter on O
  • 1 - st. word O
  • 2 - st. word R
  • 3 - st. word E
  • 4 - st. word O

All questions by word:
Oreo - Snack since 1912 Oreo - Black-and-white snack Oreo - Cookie with a creme center Oreo - Chocolate snack Oreo - Hydrox rival Oreo - Nabisco sweet Oreo - Hydrox alternative Oreo - Lunchbox treat Oreo - Two-toned treat Oreo - 'biscuit' introduced in 1912 Oreo - Cookie favorite Oreo - Black-and-white treat Oreo - Snack that's bitten or licked Oreo - Kind of 'snackwich' Oreo - Nabisco treat Oreo - It may get a good licking Oreo - Nabisco favorite Oreo - Sweet sandwich Oreo - After-lunch sandwich Oreo - Nabisco cookie Oreo - Treat with milk Oreo - Cookie since 1912 Oreo - Hydrox competitor Oreo - Cookie in stacking contests Oreo - It may get a licking after dinner Oreo - It comes in black and white Oreo - Chocolate-and-cream cookie Oreo - Modern ice cream flavor Oreo - It's dipped in milk Oreo - Popular cookie Oreo - Mountain: prefix Oreo - Snack in a stack Oreo - Three-ply snack Oreo - Dessert item since 1912 Oreo - Round sandwich Oreo - Chocolate treat Oreo - Sandwich cookie Oreo - Nabisco brand Oreo - Creme-filled snack Oreo - Classic cookie Oreo - Snack item since 1912 Oreo - Often-twisted treat Oreo - Three-layer treat Oreo - Cookie with a creamy middle Oreo - Doublestuf treat Oreo - Cookie with filling Oreo - Sweet treat since 1912 Oreo - Snack brand that sponsored dale earnhardt Oreo - Soft-centered snack Oreo - Three-tiered treat Oreo - Twistable cookie Oreo - Stackable cookie Oreo - Stacked cookie Oreo - Nabisco goodie Oreo - It's creamy in the middle Oreo - Round of snacking? Oreo - Particular sandwich cookie Oreo - Two-color cookie Oreo - Popular lunch bag munchie Oreo - Creme-filled cookie Oreo - Hydrox look-alike Oreo - Creme container Oreo - Cream sandwich Oreo - Dunkable treat Oreo - ___ o's (post cereal) Oreo - Lunchbox favorite Oreo - Classic snack Oreo - Something often twisted apart Oreo - Brown bagger's dessert, perhaps Oreo - Layered cookie Oreo - Snack cookie Oreo - Bicolor treat Oreo - Lunchbox goodie Oreo - Creme cookie Oreo - Grade school snack Oreo - Round sandwich cookie Oreo - Nabisco snack Oreo - Sandwich that won't make a lunch Oreo - Nabisco nosh Oreo - Two-tone treat Oreo - Popular cookie brand Oreo - Treat for cookie monster Oreo - It has a 1 3/4' diameter Oreo - Ice cream flavor Oreo - Snack favorite Oreo - It may be pulled apart before eating Oreo - Snack choice Oreo - Treat for cookie monster? Oreo - Cookie often eaten inside-out Oreo - Top-selling u.s. cookie Oreo - Cream-filled cookie Oreo - Two-tone snack Oreo - Cookie treat since 1912 Oreo - New 'biscuit' of 1912 Oreo - A kid'll eat the middle of one first Oreo - Filled treat Oreo - Popular treat since 1912 Oreo - Cookie treat Oreo - Black-and-white classic Oreo - Lunch box addition, perhaps Oreo - Circular snack Oreo - It has a creamy middle Oreo - It's often twisted apart Oreo - Certain cookie Oreo - Black and white treat Oreo - "biscuit" introduced in 1912 Oreo - Cookie that has its name on it Oreo - Black-and-white bite Oreo - Cookie bestseller Oreo - Lunch box treat Oreo - Black-and-white cookie Oreo - Sweet treat Oreo - It may be dunked Oreo - Nabisco best seller Oreo - Cookies 'n' cream component Oreo - Double stuf, for one Oreo - Double delight snack Oreo - Nabisco nibble Oreo - Cookie jar denizen, maybe Oreo - Cookie often eaten inside out Oreo - Store-bought cookie Oreo - Snack sold in a stack Oreo - Cookie snack Oreo - Snack food Oreo - Food item whose name appears on its side Oreo - Cookie with creme inside Oreo - Layered treat Oreo - Creme-filled treat Oreo - Name on a wafer Oreo - "uh-oh!" cookie Oreo - Wafers-and-creme treat Oreo - Popular cookie since 1912 Oreo - Dunkable cookie Oreo - Classic treat Oreo - Creamy cookie Oreo - Sandwich-style dunker Oreo - Best-selling cookie Oreo - Popular snack Oreo - Sweet snack Oreo - Black and white goodie Oreo - Droxie alternative Oreo - Snack with a lickable center Oreo - Bicolored snack Oreo - Nosh from nabisco Oreo - Cookie choice Oreo - Twistable treat Oreo - Cookie with its name on its side Oreo - Common cookie Oreo - Popular sandwich cookie Oreo - Dunked sweet Oreo - Ubiquitous crossword cookie Oreo - Filled cookie Oreo - Some twist it before eating Oreo - Snack that may be twisted apart Oreo - Round treat Oreo - Ice cream add-in Oreo - Tri-level snack Oreo - Nabisco product Oreo - Ingredient in cookies 'n cream ice cream Oreo - It was made kosher in 1998 Oreo - Lunchbox snack, perhaps Oreo - Separable snack Oreo - White-centered snack Oreo - Lunchbag snack Oreo - Sandwich-style sweet Oreo - Twist-apart treat Oreo - Billion-selling cookie Oreo - Droxie competitor Oreo - Cookie used in cheesecake Oreo - Twist-off snack Oreo - After-meal sandwich Oreo - 'got milk?' ad partner Oreo - Lunchbox dessert Oreo - Snack first created in 1912 Oreo - Embossed snack Oreo - Often-dunked item Oreo - Two-tone cookie Oreo - Sweet debut of 1912 Oreo - Cookie jar denizen, perhaps Oreo - Oft-dunked treat Oreo - Cookie with a 1 3/4" diameter Oreo - Chocolaty treat Oreo - Oft-twisted treat Oreo - Lunchbox sweet Oreo - Dairy queen blizzard flavor Oreo - Black and white cookie Oreo - Creamy nibble Oreo - Cookie jar denizen, often Oreo - Chocolate cookie Oreo - High-contrast cookie Oreo - Little dipper in a milky way? Oreo - "milk's favorite cookie" Oreo - Crossword cookie Oreo - Popular snack since 1912 Oreo - Cookie Oreo - Splittable cookie Oreo - Oft-twisted cookie Oreo - Triple-decker treat Oreo - Nabisco bestseller Oreo - Double stuf treat Oreo - Two-colored cookie Oreo - Food with its name stamped on it Oreo - Popular treat to split Oreo - Crunchy ice-cream ingredient Oreo - Sandwich snack Oreo - Ubiquitous snack Oreo - Dunkable sweet Oreo - Snack introduced in 1912 Oreo - Lunchbox cookie, perhaps Oreo - Crunchy munchie Oreo - Modern ice-cream flavor Oreo - Cookie many take apart Oreo - Cookie that turns 100 in 2012 Oreo - Nabisco best-seller Oreo - Lunch munchie Oreo - Cookie sometimes deep-fried Oreo - Popular milk dunkee Oreo - Sandwich-cookie name Oreo - Chunky milkshake flavor Oreo - Double stuf maker Oreo - Lunchbag treat Oreo - It has a cream center Oreo - Cookie with orange filling in october Oreo - Lunchtime snack Oreo - Oft-dunked sweet Oreo - Three-layer cookie Oreo - Snack with a cream center Oreo - Cookie that can be divided Oreo - Oft-twisted snack Oreo - Hydrox rival, once Oreo - Little dipper? Oreo - Vowel-rich cookie Oreo - Cream-filled treat Oreo - Cookie that debuted in 1912 Oreo - Sandwich cookie name Oreo - Cheesecake flavor Oreo - Cookie for 95 years Oreo - 95-year-old cookie Oreo - Cookie jar item Oreo - Double stuf cookie Oreo - Treat with creme Oreo - A favorite with milk Oreo - Cookie jar favorite Oreo - Lickable treat Oreo - Snack with several eating options Oreo - Cookie often pulled apart Oreo - Cookie introduced in 1912 Oreo - Cookie sometimes deep fried Oreo - It was once made with lemon meringue Oreo - Triple-decker cookie Oreo - Twisted food Oreo - Double stuf, e.g Oreo - Three-layer snack Oreo - Ice-cream additive Oreo - Oft-dunked item Oreo - Treat that can be pulled apart Oreo - Lunchbox goody Oreo - Circular treat Oreo - Cakesters brand Oreo - Edible disk Oreo - Cookie some dunk in milk Oreo - Stacking contest cookie Oreo - Item often dunked in milk Oreo - Treat that's sometimes dunked Oreo - Creme-filled chocolate cookie Oreo - Cookie jar item, perhaps Oreo - Twisted delight? Oreo - Cream cookie Oreo - Cookie with its name on it Oreo - Big stuf was one, 1985-91 Oreo - "milk's favorite cookie," according to ads Oreo - Lunchbox snack Oreo - Lunch bag treat Oreo - Dunkable delectable Oreo - Cookie with a floral design on it Oreo - Triple-layer cookie Oreo - Cakesters cookie Oreo - Thing often eaten open-faced Oreo - Milk partner Oreo - Domino's __ dessert pizza Oreo - Classic nabisco snack Oreo - After-lunch bite Oreo - Sandwich treat Oreo - Cakesters flavor Oreo - It may get a licking after lunch Oreo - Stacked snack Oreo - After-lunch snack Oreo - Blue-packaged cookie Oreo - Cookie nearing 100 Oreo - Vowel-rich snack Oreo - Snack with a floral design on it Oreo - After-lunch sandwich? Oreo - Dairy queen blizzard choice Oreo - Cookie classic Oreo - Twisting dessert Oreo - Cookie creation of 1912 Oreo - Cookie with a filling Oreo - Sandwich for dessert Oreo - One of a half-trillion sold since 1912 Oreo - Cookie-based jell-o pudding flavor Oreo - Hydrox rival, now that hydrox is back on the market Oreo - Milk-and-cookies choice Oreo - Its parts may be eaten separately Oreo - Cookie sold in a blue package Oreo - Creme-centered snack Oreo - Vanilla ice cream add-in Oreo - Lunchbox dessert item Oreo - Cookie with three parts Oreo - Ice cream mix-in Oreo - Cookie that once had "sandwich" in its name Oreo - Cookie whose name is also a racial slur Oreo - Mcflurry flavor Oreo - Cookie monster treat, maybe Oreo - Ice-cream extra, perhaps Oreo - Nabisco chocolate-and-creme cookie Oreo - Nabisco classic Oreo - Kind of mud pie Oreo - Classic nabisco cookie Oreo - It can be crumbled on your cone Oreo - Cookie served crumbled in some drinks Oreo - Milk go-with Oreo - Bite in black and white Oreo - Twist-apart snack Oreo - Three-layered snack Oreo - White-centered cookie Oreo - Ice-cream ingredient, maybe Oreo - Tiered snack Oreo - Crossword constructor's favorite cookie Oreo - Layered cookie treat Oreo - Twist-open snack? Oreo - Two-toned cookie Oreo - Treat with a 'golden' variety Oreo - After-dinner sandwich? Oreo - Black and white bite Oreo - Its creme may be eaten first Oreo - It has 12 flowers on each side Oreo - Subject of weird al's 'the white stuff' Oreo - Circular cookie Oreo - It's 71% cookie, 29% creme Oreo - Two-toned cookie treat Oreo - Cookie similar to hydrox Oreo - Twisted treat Oreo - It has two colors and three layers Oreo - Cookie used in some klondike bars Oreo - Ice-cream extra, at times Oreo - Dunking cookie Oreo - Big name at nabisco Oreo - Crosswords' favorite cookie Oreo - World's best-selling cookie Oreo - Uh-oh! ___ (nabisco product) Oreo - Cookies 'n' cream cookie Oreo - Mousse pie ingredient, maybe Oreo - One may be dipped in milk Oreo - Duotone cookie Oreo - ___ cakesters (nabisco offering) Oreo - Longtime hydrox competitor Oreo - Cookie with a twist? Oreo - Snack with a floral design Oreo - Treat in a blue wrapper Oreo - Ice cream topping, sometimes Oreo - Cookie type Oreo - Cookie in some pie crusts Oreo - Target of some twisters Oreo - Cookie with creme Oreo - Snack with a creamy middle Oreo - White-center snack Oreo - Golden ___ (nabisco cookie) Oreo - Cookie that might flavor a mcflurry Oreo - Three-tiered snack Oreo - One twisted cookie? Oreo - Oft-disassembled cookie Oreo - Top-selling cookie Oreo - Ice-cream flavor Oreo - Cookie first baked in manhattan's chelsea district Oreo - Twisted-apart treat Oreo - Two-tone sandwich cookie Oreo - Round, crunchy sweet Oreo - Cookie that many take apart Oreo - Twist-apart cookie Oreo - Kind of pie or cake Oreo - Chiaroscuro cookie Oreo - Triple-decker snack Oreo - Snack with a removable top Oreo - Cookies & cream ingredient, maybe Oreo - Subject of weird al yankovic's 'the white stuff' Oreo - Cookie name Oreo - Sand-wich cookie Oreo - Often-dunked cookie Oreo - Nabisco nugget Oreo - Cookie giant Oreo - Oft-dunked cookie Oreo - Common name for a black-and-white dog Oreo - Cookie that once had 'sandwich' in its name Oreo - Item in a 'lick race' Oreo - After-school treat Oreo - Three-part cookie Oreo - Ubiquitous cookie Oreo - Snack that's often separated Oreo - Treat introduced in 1912 Oreo - Lunch box cookie Oreo - Food associated with the starts of 16-, 36- and 56-across Oreo - Nabisco trademark Oreo - Cookie with creme in the middle Oreo - ___ frosty parfait (wendy's dessert) Oreo - Multi-level cookie Oreo - ___ crumbles Oreo - Name for a black and white dog Oreo - Cookie with parallel chocolate disks Oreo - Double-disc cookie Oreo - Cookie shaped like two of its letters Oreo - Sandwich without meat or cheese Oreo - Tiered treat Oreo - Tri-level cookie Oreo - Cookie used in milkshakes Oreo - Cookie found in many crosswords Oreo - Cookie that often appears in crosswords Oreo - Three-tier cookie Oreo - White-and-black stacked snack Oreo - ___ balls (chocolaty snacks) Oreo - Crumbled ingredient in 'dirt pudding' Oreo - Snack with a double stuf variety Oreo - Cookie celebrating 100 years Oreo - Layered snack Oreo - Cookie celebrating its centennial in 2012 Oreo - Cookie favorites for decades Oreo - 100-year-old cookie Oreo - Snack Oreo - Doubly unhealthy deep-fried snack Oreo - 100-year-old snack Oreo - Cookie with an iconic embossed design Oreo - Cookie that's been around for a century Oreo - One dunked after school Oreo - Cookie with two colors and three layers Oreo - Hugely popular cookie Oreo - Black and white snack since 1912 Oreo - Certain cookie with a filling Oreo - ___ blizzard (dairy queen offering) Oreo - Sandwich often given a twist Oreo - Cookie in ice cream, often Oreo - Common black-and-white cat name Oreo - Cookie first sold in 1912 Oreo - Brand that turned 100 in 2012 Oreo - Lunch box dessert item Oreo - You might unscrew it to eat it Oreo - Post-sandwich sandwich? Oreo - Brand with a 2012 centennial Oreo - Nabisco item Oreo - Nabisco's bestseller Oreo - Cookie that can be readily stacked Oreo - Cookies-and-cream cookie Oreo - After-school cookie Oreo - Small sandwich Oreo - "creme sandwich" cookie Oreo - Two-tone dunker Oreo - Popular dunker Oreo - Dipped cookie Oreo - Crumbled ice-cream additive Oreo - 101-year old cookie Oreo - Post-sandwich sandwich cookie Oreo - Chunky milkshake ingredient Oreo - Crushed sundae topping Oreo - Crumbly snack Oreo - Creme-filled chocolate snack Oreo - Nabisco moneymaker Oreo - "double stuf" treat Oreo - Snack-aisle fixture Oreo - Black and white dunker Oreo - Licked cookie Oreo - Sweet lunchbox sandwich Oreo - Cookie that's one year older than crosswords Oreo - Biscuit Oreo - Snack brand with a 2012 centennial Oreo - Domino's topping introduced in '07 Oreo - ___ biscuit (1912 debut) Oreo - Nabisco mainstay Oreo - Pulled-apart cookie Oreo - Cookie on a sundae, perhaps Oreo - "double stuf" cookie Oreo - __ cakesters Oreo - Snack item that's round on both ends? Oreo - Versatile cookie Oreo - Cookie with only one consonant Oreo - You may be fooled at its beginning Oreo - Dunkable snack Oreo - Crunchy ice-cream flavor Oreo - Cookie owned by the same company as chips ahoy! Oreo - It may get dipped in milk Oreo - Cookie with a disgusting-sounding, limited-time watermelon flavor Oreo - Pie crust flavor Oreo - Three-part snack Oreo - 'wonderfilled' brand Oreo - Cookie found in ice cream Oreo - Cookies 'n cream cookie Oreo - Cookie that can be 'double stuf' Oreo - Snack that can be twisted apart Oreo - Cookie that can be "double stuf" Oreo - Dairy queen blizzard add-in Oreo - Treat with a creme filling Oreo - Treat with three vowels Oreo - Brand with a 'triple double' variety Oreo - Brand with a "triple double" variety Oreo - Twistable cookie treat Oreo - Kind of "snackwich" Oreo - Black and white snack Oreo - Crunchy ice-cream topping Oreo - Cookie in pie crusts Oreo - Brand with a "twist, lick, dunk" app Oreo - Black-and-white delight Oreo - Milkshake flavor Oreo - 'milk's favorite cookie' Oreo - Lunchbox cookie Oreo - Lunchbox cookie, sometimes Oreo - Lickable cookie Oreo - Brownie brand Oreo - Chips ahoy! alternative Oreo - Snack brand that turned 100 in 2012 Oreo - Black-and-white dunker Oreo - Snack that's been a kosher food since 1998 Oreo - Cookie with its name stamped on it Oreo - Chocolaty snack Oreo - Brand with a 'wonderfilled' ad campaign Oreo - Cookie that's kosher Oreo - Some kids eat the middle of this first Oreo - Cookie atop a sundae, sometimes Oreo - Cookie in many crosswords Oreo - Cookie brand Oreo - Sandwich cookie brand Oreo - Three-tiered cookie Oreo - Breyers __ cookies & cream Oreo - Crunchy ice-cream addition Oreo - Doublestuf cookie Oreo - Jell-o pudding flavoring Oreo - Cookies n' creme cookie maker Oreo - 8 down cookies 'n creme ingredient Oreo - Chocolaty nibble Oreo - Small, round sandwich Oreo - "wonderfilled" cookie Oreo - "wonderfilled" sweet Oreo - Treat dipped in milk Oreo - Post-sandwich sandwich Oreo - Cookie ingredient in dirt cake Oreo - Dunked cookie Oreo - Mcflurry option Oreo - White-centered treat Oreo - Traditional ingredient in cookies and cream ice cream Oreo - Double stuf brand Oreo - Black-and-white sandwich Oreo - Lunch-box cookie Oreo - Cookie sometimes dunked in milk Oreo - Cookie deep-fried at fairs Oreo - ___ cheesecake (black-and-white dessert) Oreo - "wonderfilled" snack Oreo - Nabisco sandwich cookie Oreo - Mini found in snak-saks Oreo - __ balls: chocolaty snacks Oreo - Popular creme-filled cookie Oreo - Cookie involved in a licking race Oreo - Snack often twisted Oreo - Cookie added to a mcflurry Oreo - Snack sometimes fried Oreo - Bicolor snack Oreo - Ingredient in several dairy queen blizzards Oreo - Snackworks.com brand Oreo - Handi-snacks brand Oreo - "grab 'em. pop 'em. love 'em" brand of minis Oreo - Cookie jar denizen, sometimes Oreo - Snack with a white center Oreo - Cookie jar denizen Oreo - Cookie in cookies-and-cream ice cream Oreo - Cookie with white filling Oreo - Non-fruit smoothie flavor Oreo - Crumbled ice cream topping Oreo - Big nabisco brand Oreo - Chocolate cookie with white filling Oreo - Doublestuf, e.g Oreo - Its spring edition has yellow filling Oreo - Its limited editions have included watermelon and gingerbread Oreo - Black and white cookies Oreo - "the world's favorite cookie" Oreo - Stackable snack Oreo - Cookie with a chocolaty outside Oreo - Snack with white filling Oreo - Commercial cookie Oreo - 'who's that kid with the ___ cookie?' (old jingle) Oreo - "who's that kid with the ___ cookie?" (old jingle) Oreo - Cookie that has its own day every march 6 Oreo - Dirt pie ingredient Oreo - Cookie on a sundae, sometimes Oreo - Product first released by the national biscuit company in 1912 Oreo - Cookie with a thins variety Oreo - Stackable dessert item Oreo - Type of cookie Oreo - Snack in a new "thin" version Oreo - Cookie with a seasonal pumpkin spice variety Oreo - Dunkable dessert Oreo - Treat invented in what's now the chelsea market Oreo - Sandwich in a lunchbox Oreo - Cookie celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2012 Oreo - Treat invented in chelsea Oreo - Cookie created in 1912 Oreo - Treat invented in manhattan's chelsea district Oreo - Treat consisting of 29% creme Oreo - Cookie with a green tea version in asia Oreo - Cookie that outcompeted hydrox Oreo - Cookie with a white cream filling Oreo - Cookie that's loaded with vowels Oreo - Cookie selection Oreo - Crossword solver's favorite cookie? Oreo - Cookie that can be twisted apart and licked Oreo - Cookie that i like best when it's stuft doubly and frozen and peanut butter Oreo - Cookie brand covering the spectrum from 'thins' to 'mega stuf' Oreo - Treat with a trademarked design Oreo - Treat that's had a holiday candy cane edition Oreo - Best-selling sandwich cookie Oreo - Crunch parfait ingredient Oreo - Cookie that debuted a 'thins' line in 2015 Oreo - Classic cookie with a 'thins' variety Oreo - Cookie that reportedly is produced in 59 minutes Oreo - Cookie often taken apart Oreo - __ cookies 'n creme: jell-o flavor Oreo - Brand touted as 'milk's favorite cookie' Oreo - Cookie with a golden variety Oreo - Deep-fried carnival treat Oreo - Cookie brand with a twist, dunk, lick game app Oreo - Piecrust flavor Oreo - Source of some ice creams' crunch Oreo - Cookie-inspired name for a black and white cat Oreo - Snack that turns 104 in 2016 Oreo - Cookie that donald trump said he was 'never eating again' in protest of a plant move to mexico Oreo - Cookie snackwich Oreo - Dessert item that was clued as 'mountain: comb. form' in old crosswords Oreo - Dairy queen blizzard option Oreo - Small sweet sandwich Oreo - Snack with a thins variety Oreo - Chocolaty treat since 1912 Oreo - Black-and-white, in sneaker lingo Oreo - Cookie with a 'cinnamon bun' flavor Oreo - The cookie in cookies 'n' cream, often Oreo - Twistable snack Oreo - Double stuf cookie brand Oreo - Source of cheesecake crunch Oreo - Three-layered cookie Oreo - Lunch box treat since 1912 Oreo - Cookie that's 'wonderfilled' Oreo - Cookie in blizzard cake Oreo - Creme-filled goodie Oreo - Sister brand of teddy grahams Oreo - Blizzard flavor Oreo - Treat often split Oreo - Cookie resembling the old hydrox Oreo - "america's favorite cookie" Oreo - Cookie sometimes eaten inside-out Oreo - Cookie with a cookie dough variety Oreo - Coveted cookie Oreo - Cookie with the crossed lines from the nabisco logo on it Oreo - Three-ply cookie Oreo - Venerable cookie Oreo - Sandwich after a sandwich? Oreo - Dirt pudding ingredient Oreo - Popular chocolate cookie Oreo - Mcflurry variety Oreo - Snack sometimes eaten from the inside out Oreo - Food brand since 1912 Oreo - 'twist, lick, dunk' cookie Oreo - Dirt cake ingredient Oreo - Handi-snacks snack Oreo - Treat with a lickable center Oreo - Cookie that can be disassembled Oreo - Treat since 1912 Oreo - Cookie in dirt cake Oreo - ___ thins (cookie variety) Oreo - 1 down-shaped treat Oreo - Cookie with a 'cookie dough' variety Oreo - Crunchy ingredient in ice cream Oreo - Separable cookie Oreo - Black-and-white sandwich cookie Oreo - Cookie in some mcflurrys Oreo - Cookie that started as a hydrox knockoff Oreo - Three-layered treat Oreo - Snack once embossed with turtledoves Oreo - Cookie with a 'thins' line Oreo - Chocolate-and-vanilla treat Oreo - Common cookie type Oreo - Cookie in some cheesecake crusts Oreo - Chocolate cookie brand Oreo - Snack often eaten inside-out Oreo - Stacked snack since 1912 Oreo - Biggest-selling cookie brand in the u.s Oreo - Snack that can stack Oreo - It often gets dunked Oreo - Cookie that's often pulled apart Oreo - Creme-centered treat Oreo - It has a candy corn limited edition for halloween Oreo - Black-and-white stacked snack Oreo - Embossed cookie Oreo - Double delight cookie Oreo - Cookie from nabisco Oreo - Nabisco chocolate-creme cookie Oreo - Cookie with a peeps-flavored 2017 variety Oreo - Cookie that may be dipped in milk Oreo - Nabisco cookie since 1912 Oreo - Cookie with three layers Oreo - Sister brand of nilla Oreo - Mini __ cheesecake Oreo - Cookies 'n' creme cookie Oreo - Brand with a 2017 dunk challenge Oreo - Jell-o pudding flavor Oreo - Cookie with more vowels than consonants Oreo - Cookie with a limited-edition peeps version Oreo - __ biscuit, product debut of 1912 Oreo - Brand advertised as 'wonderfilled' Oreo - Nabisco's answer to the hydrox Oreo - Cookie with flower designs Oreo - Cookie in some klondike bars Oreo - Billion-selling snack Oreo - Nabisco brand since 1912 Oreo - 1912 answer to the hydrox Oreo - One may be crumbled on a sundae Oreo - Nabisco's answer to hydrox Oreo - 'wonderfilled' snack Oreo - ___ o's (chocolaty cereal brand) Oreo - Cookie with three vowels Oreo - 'wonderfilled' cookie Oreo - Cookie you may twist apart Oreo - Cookie that somehow did a swedish fish version Oreo - Dunked snack Oreo - Certain cookie brand Oreo - Cookie in some ice cream Oreo - Snack in a new firework flavor Oreo - It's 29% cream Oreo - 'creme sandwich' introduced over a century ago Oreo - Treat older than sliced bread Oreo - Cookie from the makers of 10-across Oreo - Crunchy cheesecake ingredient Oreo - Lunchbox staple Oreo - Certain fro-yo add-in Oreo - Cookie with a limited-edition swedish fish variety Oreo - Cookie with a pb&j variety Oreo - Crumbled froyo topping Oreo - Its filling contained lard until 1997 Oreo - Brand name after 'oh! oh!,' in old ads Oreo - Snack you might bite or lick Oreo - Cookie deep-fried at state fairs Oreo - Cookie once billed as a "biscuit" Oreo - Treat with a thins variety Oreo - Android operating system named for a cookie Oreo - Crunchy cookie Oreo - Cookie in dirt pudding Oreo - Small, sweet sandwich Oreo - Small, sweet sandwich Oreo - Cookie with a cookies & creme variety Oreo - Onetime 'open up...and take a lick!' advertiser Oreo - Treat whose name appears on it twice Oreo - Treat whose name appears on it twice Oreo - Nabisco snack since 1912 Oreo - Cookie with a triple double variety
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Snack item since 1912 (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - snack item since 1912. word on "O". 1 - st. letter O. 2 - st. letter R. 3 - st. letter E. 4 - st. letter O.

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