Stole - Operagoer's wear, maybe

Word by letter:
  • Stole - Letter on S
  • 1 - st. word S
  • 2 - st. word T
  • 3 - st. word O
  • 4 - st. word L
  • 5 - st. word E

All questions by word:
Stole - Tiptoed Stole - Wrap Stole - Mink wrap Stole - Clerical scarf Stole - Pirated Stole - Lifted, so to speak Stole - That's a wrap! Stole - Made hot? Stole - Lifted Stole - Pilfered Stole - Operagoer's wear, maybe Stole - Was crooked Stole - Shoulder wrap Stole - Non-p.c. garb Stole - Capelet relative Stole - Filched Stole - Misappropriated Stole - Moved stealthily Stole - "how the grinch ___ christmas" Stole - Absconded with Stole - Shoulder scarf Stole - Ripped off Stole - Shoplifted Stole - Fur scarf Stole - 'lifted' Stole - Swiped a mink? Stole - Cold shoulder treatment? Stole - Boosted Stole - Took the wrong way? Stole - It's a wrap Stole - Shoulder warmer Stole - Mink, for one Stole - Made off with Stole - Broke a commandment Stole - Item worn around the shoulders Stole - Pinched Stole - Walked quietly Stole - Furry wrap Stole - Took illegally Stole - Went quietly Stole - Evening wrap Stole - Fur piece Stole - Over-the-shoulder throw Stole - Embezzled Stole - Fancy wrap Stole - Moved quietly Stole - Kind of wrap Stole - Swiped Stole - Fur wrap Stole - Took second, in a way Stole - Committed larceny Stole - Nipped Stole - It's a fur piece Stole - Took off with Stole - Took the wrong way Stole - Purloined Stole - Accessory seen at 20-across Stole - Plagiarized Stole - Made off with a neckpiece? Stole - Took badly? Stole - Heisted Stole - Took a five-finger discount Stole - Burgled Stole - Made off like a bandit? Stole - Took without permission Stole - Item made from 20-across Stole - Scarf made of fur Stole - Liturgical vestment Stole - Boa, e.g Stole - Embezzled, e.g Stole - Cold-shoulder treatment? Stole - Poached Stole - Copped Stole - Robbed Stole - Appropriated inappropriately Stole - It's pinched around the neck Stole - Cope with this when it came to the pinch Stole - Perhaps one felt the pinch to acquire one and get it in the neck Stole - Wide scarf worn about the shoulders Stole - Made off with clerical vestment? Stole - Moved furtively Stole - Took wrongly Stole - Pinched this and got it in the neck Stole - Took part in a theft Stole - Walked off with Stole - Tiptoed, say Stole - Took - scarf Stole - Garment worn over the shoulders Stole - Nicked - wrap Stole - Ganked Stole - Priest's vestment Stole - Crept away Stole - Helped oneself, illegally Stole - Purloined the wide scarf Stole - Swiped a credit card? Stole - Bishop's vestment Stole - Took part in a robbery Stole - Ran off with Stole - Lifted or boosted Stole - Came by dishonestly Stole - Emulated a pirate Stole - Committed robbery Stole - Thieved Stole - Gown accessory Stole - Moved silently in vestment Stole - Pinched; shawl Stole - Lifted shawl Stole - Pinched, shawl Stole - Took unlawfully; shawl Stole - Long shawl Stole - Item of clothing is nicked Stole - Pinched; wrap Stole - Purloined; shawl Stole - Nicked Stole - Purloined; wrap Stole - Poached fish? about time! Stole - Wrap or scarf Stole - Wrap on one's shoulders Stole - Time to wear exclusive garment Stole - Shoulder accessory Stole - Took; scarf Stole - Scarf Stole - Committed theft Stole - Pinched fingers to leave trapped Stole - Jacked Stole - 'borrowed' Stole - Lifted, say Stole - Took inventory? Stole - Purloined sale items turned up with fence finally Stole - Women's retro accessory Stole - Lifted lady's garment Stole - What unoriginal songwriter did Stole - Brand new "you ___" Stole - What unoriginal musician did Stole - Lifted cd Stole - Kiss "i ___ your love" Stole - Took Stole - Furry shoulder scarf Stole - Item made of fur, poached Stole - Furry shoulder warmer Stole - Snatched time in part of wellington Stole - Went in stocking feet, say Stole - Carried off Stole - Fancy shoulder wrap Stole - Pinched lady’s scarf Stole - Vestment around a cleric's neck
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Operagoer's wear, maybe (*****) 5 letter. - what is this?

***** - operagoer's wear, maybe. word on "S". 1 - st. letter S. 2 - st. letter T. 3 - st. letter O. 4 - st. letter L. 5 - st. letter E.

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