Eats - Emulates pac-man

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  • Eats - Letter on E
  • 1 - st. word E
  • 2 - st. word A
  • 3 - st. word T
  • 4 - st. word S

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Eats - Chow Eats - Bolts down Eats - Tucks away Eats - Beanery sign Eats - Food Eats - Vittles Eats - Grub Eats - Diner sign Eats - Emulates pac-man Eats - Dines Eats - Supper, say Eats - Seat in a different way? Eats - Truck-stop offering Eats - Breaks bread Eats - Takes a loss on, in slang Eats - Greasy spoon sign Eats - Gobbles up Eats - Banishes hunger temporarily Eats - Stops fasting Eats - Takes a course? Eats - "'cause i --- me spinach, i'm popeye..." Eats - Takes in Eats - Has dinner Eats - Puts away Eats - Corrodes Eats - Gets down Eats - Erodes Eats - Enjoys thanksgiving Eats - Lunches or brunches Eats - Truck stop sign Eats - Sign on a cheap diner Eats - Hash-house sign Eats - Partakes of Eats - Food, slangily Eats - Chuckwagon offerings Eats - Victuals Eats - Has a little lamb? Eats - "... 'cause i ___ me spinach, i'm popeye ..." Eats - 36-down, in slang Eats - Digs in Eats - Beanery offering Eats - Grub or grubs Eats - Consumes comestibles Eats - Downs a submarine? Eats - Gobbles down Eats - Chows down Eats - Consumes Eats - Sign at a greasy spoon, perhaps Eats - Wears (away) Eats - Truck-stop offerings Eats - Refreshments Eats - Packs away Eats - Has vittles Eats - Absorbs, as costs Eats - Has a snack Eats - "'cause i ___ me spinach" Eats - Truck stop offering Eats - Has breakfast Eats - What a trencherman does with gusto Eats - Appeases the appetite Eats - "__, shoots & leaves": lynne truss bestseller Eats - Fills the bill? Eats - Downs Eats - Greasy spoon sign, perhaps Eats - Feasts on Eats - Puts away the groceries? Eats - Does lunch Eats - Takes the cake? Eats - Lunches Eats - Polishes off Eats - Absorbs, as a loss Eats - Word that stops some trucks? Eats - Big spread, maybe Eats - Noshes Eats - Has munchies, say Eats - Puts away the dishes? Eats - Makes a sub disappear? Eats - Acts on a gut feeling? Eats - "... 'cause i ___ me spinach" Eats - Fasts no more Eats - Noshes on Eats - Sups Eats - Country diner sign Eats - Feasts upon Eats - Enjoys dinner Eats - Din-din Eats - Diner offering Eats - Hash-house flasher Eats - Cleans one's plate Eats - Gnaws Eats - Ingests Eats - Has the blue plate special Eats - Hash house sign Eats - Has a bite Eats - "___, shoots and leaves" (lynne truss best-seller) Eats - What a trencherman does Eats - Devours Eats - Greasy spoon come-on Eats - Has a little something Eats - Food, informally Eats - Has lunch Eats - Downs a sub? Eats - Sits down for dinner Eats - Enjoys gourmet entrees Eats - "'cause i ___ me spinach ..." Eats - Inelegant restaurant sign Eats - Grabs dinner Eats - Has a meal Eats - Has wings, say Eats - Enjoys a buffet Eats - Makes a delmonico disappear Eats - Has a sandwich Eats - Has a 52 across Eats - Has a repast Eats - Puts away plates Eats - Has hash, e.g Eats - Tries the truffles Eats - Slangy sustenance Eats - Professor says 'qualifying races,' pupil suggests ... Eats - Patronizes a diner Eats - Breaks a fast Eats - Puts away dishes Eats - Wears (into) Eats - Food, on a diner sign Eats - Takes sides? Eats - Sign that could stop a truck Eats - Makes a fast stop? Eats - Munches on Eats - Goes to a restaurant Eats - Food, so to speak Eats - Diner chow Eats - Diner food Eats - Greasy spoon offering Eats - Comestibles Eats - Dines on Eats - See 1-across Eats - Chows down on Eats - Has chow Eats - Stops a fast Eats - Packs it in Eats - Scarfs down Eats - Takes down, as a sub Eats - Packs away dishes? Eats - Puts away a drumstick, e.g Eats - How one takes things as a matter of course Eats - What one does with 25 down Eats - As a matter of course one does this to a thousand such Eats - International security organisation Eats - How one deals with things as a matter of course Eats - It's biting when one does that Eats - As a matter of course one does this Eats - What one does with the course Eats - As a matter of course one takes the broken seat Eats - The seat is broken, but one takes that as a matter of course Eats - The way he deals with 9 across Eats - One is able to swallow such a mixture of 29 across Eats - One warms to such a dropped aitch Eats - Takes things as a matter of course Eats - Such teas are not what one drinks Eats - Of course that is what one does Eats - What one does with 25 down in the middle of them Eats - Makes one 'ot as a matter of course Eats - Does not drink the tea's mixture Eats - Gets 'ot as a matter of course Eats - What one does of course Eats - Consumes food Eats - Takes in food Eats - Swallows food Eats - How one deals with 2 down, but not with a broken seat Eats - Bites the seat that's broken Eats - Consumes or dines Eats - Dines or consumes Eats - Consumes with teas Eats - Consumes for teas Eats - Roadside diner sign Eats - Consumes during teas Eats - What one makes do with teas Eats - The way one deals with it, of course Eats - Takes one's crooked seat as a matter of course Eats - Behaves in such a grubby way? Eats - Deals with it as a matter of course Eats - As a matter of course, that's what one does Eats - Make a seat here as a matter of course Eats - Swallows' teas? Eats - S wallowing when it does this Eats - What one does with teas Eats - Gets food from teas Eats - Has a beef? Eats - Agitates, with "at" Eats - Manducates Eats - Sinks a sub? Eats - Tummy filler Eats - Welcome sign for a hungry traveler Eats - Puts away, as in a mess Eats - Emulates augustus gloop Eats - Esat mobile has a beef, perhaps? Eats - Makes 'ot food Eats - Food out east Eats - Poet fails to start the food Eats - Food, eggs and toasted sandwiches (starters) Eats - Food worries Eats - A best-seller, he devastates saloons with abandon Eats - Set out without a meal Eats - Knocks back something coming from the east Eats - Food place at table? the first shall be last Eats - Makes ’ot food Eats - Food (slang) Eats - Devours - food Eats - (consumes) food Eats - Truck-stop sign Eats - Satisfies a certain urge Eats - 'good ___' (alton brown show) Eats - "good ___" (alton brown show) Eats - Puts away broken seat Eats - Snacks on Eats - Hot dogs, say Eats - Downs food Eats - Destroys country house, top to bottom Eats - ". . . 'cause i ___ me spinach" Eats - Greasy spoon grub Eats - Diner fare Eats - Writes off, as costs Eats - Enjoys the blue plate special Eats - Has wings? Eats - Feeds Eats - Greasy-spoon sign Eats - Food (informal) Eats - Seat in a different way? Eats - Nosh found in aisle at supermarket Eats - Takes courses? Eats - Temporarily banishes hunger Eats - Grabs a bite Eats - Tuck in a sweatshirt Eats - Reduces the fare? Eats - Has a go at getting around eastbound residents Eats - Puts away for starters elves and the shoemaker Eats - Acts like a typical consumer Eats - Common grub found in wheat stalks Eats - Provisions some purchase at supermarkets Eats - Food is worrying Eats - Scoff when performances fail to start Eats - Food that could be pork, beef, etc. but not starter Eats - English women who used to serve food Eats - Tuck needed by some at school Eats - Without starter warms meal Eats - Food no longer fresh, left out, getting returned Eats - Keats's blushful tipple Eats - Commonly uses microwave for snacks Eats - Scoff when ginsberg and kerouac were rejected initially Eats - Commonly, they eliminate food Eats - "whatever miss t–– / turns into miss t" (walter de la mare) Eats - Worries, head right down in chair Eats - Heads for seaside, taking an early return fare Eats - Commonly inflames worries Eats - Food cockney warms up Eats - Notable achievements except for the first of friar tuck Eats - Food provided in regattas at regular intervals Eats - Missing starter warms bits of food Eats - Food consists of say, chicken and ham but no starter Eats - Second-class no longer available, caps fare Eats - Remarkable achievements, putting away fine food Eats - Pound losing heart, eliot worries Eats - Cockney makes hot food Eats - Works on a sub Eats - Food shortage at sea's contained Eats - Scoffs Eats - Having set a spread, partakes of it Eats - Has a meal in a café at some expense Eats - Cockney warms food Eats - An essential ingredient for great spanish food Eats - Common food of swallows Eats - Tucks into a spread set outside Eats - Takes a set dish? Eats - Sate (anag.) Eats - Seat (anag.) Eats - Poet's heading off to get food Eats - Is not any faster at splitting points Eats - Has a slice of cake at supper-time Eats - Cockney's part of the race for food Eats - Chews Eats - The wheatsheaf serves food! Eats - Worries about what consumer does Eats - Worries over seat plan Eats - Food? english and irish poets both neglecting starters Eats - Dines in style at smart restaurants Eats - Surpasses junk -- rapper's excellent food Eats - 'repast' is regularly 'nosh' Eats - Raises the temperature in london and breaks fast Eats - Food (colloq.) Eats - Nosh high teas Eats - Those finishing the soda admit gas is worrying Eats - Rough sea suppressing last bit of interest in food Eats - Source of tension in rough sea is worrying Eats - Scoffs, out of spite at someone Eats - Food? places at table (but no starter) Eats - Has a date, say Eats - Food from cooks in hackney Eats - Wolfs down Eats - Works on a course Eats - Takes food Eats - Snacks made initially from beef, lamb and pork? Eats - Puts away out east Eats - Fare payable at station reduced substantially Eats - Has supper Eats - Enjoys a hero Eats - Shows consumer confidence? Eats - Food from orient slightly altered Eats - Drinks centre forward puts away Eats - Chomps on Eats - Snacks Eats - Achievement's to put out fine food Eats - Poet abandoning the top table Eats - Warms up, removing starter, then dines Eats - Chow, informally Eats - "good __": alton brown show Eats - '... 'cause i ___ me spinach, i'm popeye ...' Eats - Greasy spoon sign word Eats - Regattas regularly supplying food Eats - Has a portion of meat, say Eats - What you could get from cafe at school Eats - Gets something down Eats - Food in repast is oddly deficient Eats - Food, in diner signs Eats - Absorbs Eats - Puts away groceries? Eats - Casual food Eats - Isn't fasting Eats - What "pop" does to itself, according to some brits Eats - What weird al does to "it" Eats - Zappa: "redneck ___" Eats - Sky ___ airplane Eats - Backstage food, slang Eats - Chows down after show Eats - Dines, post-show Eats - Chevelle "hunter ___ hunter" Eats - Tmbg "e ___ everything" Eats - Doesn't just drink Eats - Some at supper will consume them Eats - Upsets food Eats - Takes down what is on the christmas menu Eats - Competes like joey chestnut Eats - Proves to be a foodie Eats - Is a consumer? Eats - Warms up unopened food Eats - Has some chow Eats - Tastes truffles Eats - Greasy spoon offering, informally Eats - What a person does daily Eats - Has lunch, say Eats - Grabs a snack Eats - Lunches, brunches and munches Eats - Puts away for track trials needing no introduction Eats - Food — pork and ham etc, but no starter Eats - What you "come and get" Eats - What legend does at fancy restaurant Eats - Some at school may hoard tuck Eats - Puts food away Eats - Munchies, say Eats - Competes in a state fair contest, perhaps Eats - Has Eats - Obtains sustenance Eats - Obtains sustenance Eats - Enjoys grub Eats - Has a midnight snack, say
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Emulates pac-man (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - emulates pac-man. word on "E". 1 - st. letter E. 2 - st. letter A. 3 - st. letter T. 4 - st. letter S.

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