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Rebut - Disprove

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Rebut - Confute Rebut - Disprove Rebut - Offer refutation Rebut - Counter, as an argument Rebut - Refute Rebut - Offer a counterargument Rebut - Shoot down, in a way Rebut - Say it isn't so Rebut - Contradict Rebut - Counterargue Rebut - Counter Rebut - Discredit Rebut - Show otherwise Rebut - Controvert Rebut - Argue against Rebut - Prove false Rebut - Counter in court Rebut - Defend Rebut - Argue back Rebut - Try to disprove Rebut - Show to be false Rebut - Attempt to disprove Rebut - Counter an argument Rebut - Answer Rebut - Counter by argument Rebut - Counter (an argument) Rebut - Explain away Rebut - Provide a counter-example Rebut - Give a counterargument Rebut - Brute can refute Rebut - Disprove this, although it comes again, perhaps Rebut - Prove to be false or incorrect Rebut - Contradict or disprove Rebut - Refure or disprove Rebut - Disprove an accusation Rebut - Counterpunch, in a way Rebut - Although once more you may disprove this Rebut - Counter in a debate Rebut - Defend oneself against lifting a potato? Rebut - Refute unruly brute Rebut - Force back brute after a fashion Rebut - Counter providing limited supply of devonshire butter Rebut - Potato lifting, except king edward Rebut - Overturn potato turnover Rebut - Defeat seen on television by right back Rebut - Refute - disprove Rebut - Claim or prove to be false Rebut - Answer back Rebut - Brute (anag) Rebut - Make a counterargument Rebut - Prove to be incorrect Rebut - Prove otherwise Rebut - Prove to be false Rebut - Attempt to discredit rising hesitation nevertheless Rebut - Contradict, as testimony Rebut - Check potato is round Rebut - Swelling returns? prove the claim wrong Rebut - Prove (claim) false Rebut - Give the lie to extremely reasonable objection Rebut - Root up and show as bad Rebut - Quash return of murphy's supporter Rebut - Repel nasty brute Rebut - Prove (claim) to be false Rebut - Deny claim potato's rejected? Rebut - Deny overthrow of king edward, for example Rebut - Answer needed as puzzle's not completed on time Rebut - Drive back Rebut - Contradict conclusions reached by higher judge, nevertheless Rebut - Prove (something) to be false Rebut - Prove wrong potato was picked up Rebut - Drive back from river, then use public transport, going north Rebut - Deny having uprooted an underground stem Rebut - An awkward brute to disprove Rebut - Refute undisciplined brute Rebut - Tuber (anag.) Rebut - Refute allegation that truffle was planted upside-down Rebut - Deny the potato, for instance, is making a comeback Rebut - Refute objection by engineers Rebut - Quash Rebut - Potato put over counter Rebut - Squash potato that's served up Rebut - Prove wrong Rebut - Provide argument against beginning to run train system in reverse Rebut - Deny Rebut - Deny dug up potato Rebut - Counter at the bar Rebut - Disprove conclusions in either case, nevertheless Rebut - Go second in a debate Rebut - Argue the opposing viewpoint Rebut - Disprove by putting potato back Rebut - Contradict in court Rebut - Counter, in a debate Rebut - Disprove underground river's rising Rebut - Participate in a debate Rebut - Refute with evidence Rebut - Offer a contrary opinion Rebut - Déchet Rebut - Rebuff; deny Rebut - Don't agree with sending potato back Rebut - Disprove final 20 per cent of conjecture, however Rebut - Contradict in a debate Rebut - Contradict in a debate