Irs - April initials

Word by letter:
  • Irs - Letter on I
  • 1 - st. word I
  • 2 - st. word R
  • 3 - st. word S

All questions by word:
Irs - Major c.p.a. employer Irs - Apr. payee Irs - 1040 grp Irs - Investigator's employer: abbr Irs - April check payee: abbr Irs - Apr. addressee Irs - April 15 initials Irs - Returns letters Irs - Cabbage collector, for short Irs - Tax court defendant, for short Irs - Treasury department div Irs - Taxing letters Irs - Forms grp Irs - Kind of agent Irs - Org. that does investigations Irs - Spring addressee, for short Irs - Collection agcy Irs - Apr. 15 letters Irs - Org. with many schedules Irs - Grp. that gets a pay cut? Irs - Apr. 15 addressee Irs - Kind of form Irs - Org. with many inspectors Irs - April initials Irs - Grp. that's true to form? Irs - Treasury dept. division Irs - Org. with refunds Irs - Org. that provides many instructions Irs - Capone's nemesis Irs - Form letters? Irs - C.p.a. hirer Irs - Offerer of e-filing Irs - Spring collection org Irs - Rcpt. examiners Irs - Its job is taxing Irs - 1040 initials Irs - April 15 addressee Irs - Form 1040 issuer Irs - Dept. of the treasury dept Irs - 1040 issuer Irs - Collectors' org Irs - Return address letters? Irs - Return addressee? Irs - Controversial agcy. since 1862 Irs - Part of a return address? Irs - 1040 sender Irs - Unpopular org. in april Irs - Levy collector, for short Irs - Recipient of many unhappy returns: abbr Irs - Spring addressee Irs - Levy collector Irs - April bugaboo, to many Irs - Recipient of many unhappy returns? Irs - Taxing org Irs - Place for returns Irs - Receiver of many apr. checks Irs - Return letters Irs - Collection agency letters? Irs - They'll handle your return Irs - Govt. collectors Irs - Form 1040 org Irs - It's so taxing! Irs - Return addressee Irs - April 15 deadline agcy Irs - It has a variety of schedules: abbr Irs - Return destination?: abbr Irs - Grp. that launches investigations Irs - Taxing abbreviation? Irs - Return's home? Irs - April addressee Irs - Org. with a complex code Irs - Spring collector: abbr Irs - April abbr Irs - Largest u.s. collection agcy Irs - Recipient of many unhappy returns Irs - ___ agent Irs - Org. with an april deadline Irs - Org. headquartered on constitution ave Irs - Agcy. in d.c.'s federal triangle Irs - Schedule-publishing org Irs - Letters in a return address? Irs - April 15 org Irs - Treasury div Irs - Org. that lets you e-file Irs - 1099 org Irs - It gets a lot of returns: abbr Irs - Returns org Irs - Auditing org Irs - They take w-2s Irs - Form 1040 receiver, for short Irs - Collection agcy.? Irs - 1040 org Irs - Org. that publishes many schedules Irs - April letters Irs - Not a popular federal org Irs - It has many schedules Irs - Org. concerned with schedules Irs - Org. whose headquarters flooded last june Irs - Name on an apr. 15 check, perhaps Irs - Return letters? Irs - They handle a lot of returns Irs - Not willie nelson's favorite org Irs - Audit grp Irs - Asset-freezing org Irs - 1040ez issuer Irs - April 15th addressee Irs - 107-down recipient Irs - Apr. 15 check recipient Irs - Agents' org Irs - Its logo includes an eagle and a balance Irs - It makes apr. the cruelest month? Irs - Part of the treasury dept Irs - E-file receiver Irs - Treasury org Irs - Treasury dept. agency Irs - E-file org Irs - It lets you e-file Irs - Bread collector, for short Irs - Org. receiving tax returns Irs - E-filing receiver, briefly Irs - Return address abbr.? Irs - Org. that requires schedules Irs - Destination of apr. letters Irs - Employer of many auditors: abbr Irs - Agcy. with many schedules Irs - Govt. agency that gets lots of returns Irs - Tax-collecting agcy Irs - April is its cruelest month, to many Irs - 1040-issuing org Irs - Treasury dept. arm Irs - Schedule-keeping org Irs - Tax agcy Irs - Govt. agency with a lot of schedules Irs - E-filing recipient Irs - Org. with a code Irs - Will ferrell's employer, in 'stranger than fiction' Irs - Tax org Irs - Subject of the book 'many unhappy returns': abbr Irs - Agcy. estab. in 1862 Irs - 1040 destination Irs - Form 1040 publisher Irs - Schedule maker: abbr Irs - They eagerly await your return? Irs - Destination for a w-2 Irs - Treasury dept. letters Irs - Where returns go Irs - Org. with an e-file option Irs - Very large collection agcy Irs - Tax-auditing org Irs - It gets a lot of returns Irs - Form w-2 provider Irs - Subj. of a 1998 reform act Irs - Tax-collecting org Irs - W-2 org Irs - W-2 issuing agcy Irs - Tax collection agcy Irs - Auditor's org Irs - It's taxing Irs - Returns addressee Irs - Unpopular april letters Irs - Agcy. with agents Irs - Destination of many filings, for short Irs - R.e.m.'s label, once Irs - Stimulus check org Irs - April 15 grp Irs - Org. that proceeds according to schedule? Irs - Org. that gets a lot of returns Irs - Org. with a 4/15 deadline Irs - Org. with downloadable forms Irs - Est.-tax recipient Irs - Org. that awaits your return Irs - Auditors' org Irs - E-file agcy Irs - Return address? (abbr.) Irs - 1040 reviewer Irs - Really big collection agcy Irs - Return-checking org Irs - Audit org Irs - See 46-across Irs - Org. with audits Irs - Return address? Irs - Quarterly payment recipient, for short Irs - Org. that gets many returns Irs - Its hq is in d.c.'s federal triangle Irs - It prints many scheds Irs - Subj. of the 2005 book 'many unhappy returns' Irs - Letters seen in many forms Irs - Target of the 21-across Irs - Filing org Irs - Recipient of much apr. 15 mail Irs - Sched. producer Irs - 1040 reviewer, briefly Irs - Much apr. mail is addressed to it Irs - Early label for r.e.m Irs - Org. whose web site has a 'where's my refund?' section Irs - Treasury dept. div Irs - Tax grp Irs - Apr. 15 org Irs - Schedule b publisher Irs - Schedule c org Irs - 1040 publisher Irs - Busy org. in april Irs - Taxpayer's addressee (abbr.) Irs - With 69-across, taxpayer's dread Irs - 4/15 payee Irs - Tax gp Irs - Taxing gp Irs - Auditing gp Irs - Tax form addressee Irs - Tax audit gp Irs - Apr. 15 payee Irs - Employer of many cpas Irs - Where returns return Irs - Capone's pursuers Irs - Spring collection agcy Irs - Org. issuing many refunds Irs - Org. supported by the 16th amendment Irs - Org. with auditors Irs - Where many apr. checks are sent Irs - Treasury dept. bureau Irs - Group well-known for their spring collection Irs - Return addressee, briefly? Irs - E-file destination Irs - Org. whose roots go back to the civil war Irs - With 3-down, many a tax auditor Irs - Gp. with a complicated code Irs - Grp. with a complex code Irs - Its web site has a "where's my refund?" page Irs - Org. concerned with the word spelled by the starts of 18-, 24-, 36-, 54- and 59-across Irs - Big collection agcy Irs - Big org. come april Irs - Org. with many unhappy returns? Irs - Agcy. with auditors Irs - Audit gp Irs - Tax collectors Irs - Org. that provides w-2 forms Irs - Collection agency Irs - Agcy. with not many happy returns Irs - E-file recipient Irs - Destination of many returns Irs - Agency based on constitution ave Irs - Code enforcement org Irs - Agcy. with a filing season Irs - E-file agency Irs - Org. with a staff of auditors Irs - Agcy. that gets a flood of mail in april Irs - Cpa hirer Irs - Returns letters? Irs - Income tax agcy Irs - E-filer's destination Irs - Common refund source: abbr Irs - Large collection agcy Irs - Tax return agcy Irs - Tax-code agcy Irs - Org. in a 2013 scandal Irs - W-2 publisher, briefly Irs - Recent tea party targeter Irs - Org. that's the target of april glowers Irs - Code enforcement grp Irs - Bureau of the dept. of the treasury Irs - Tax org. that has creeped into the theme entries Irs - Recipient of many returns: abbr Irs - Org. with complex schedules Irs - Tax form agcy Irs - Taxing initials Irs - Org. whose logo has an eagle and scales Irs - April 15 taxing org Irs - 1040 publisher: abbr Irs - Group awaiting one's return, for short Irs - Treasury dept. branch Irs - Department of the treasury dept Irs - Recipient of much apr. mail Irs - Subj. of the book 'many unhappy returns' Irs - Record label launched by miles copeland Irs - Handler of returns Irs - Sched. maker Irs - Apr. 15 payment recipient Irs - Org. auditing 1040s Irs - Destination for e-filing Irs - Org. with involved schedules Irs - Govt. org. that may freeze assets Irs - Org. that prepares tables Irs - Code letters? Irs - Collection initials Irs - Shelter investigator, for short Irs - Grp. with auditors Irs - 4/15 addressee Irs - Fed. collection agency Irs - Tax-taking org Irs - Org. that might garnish your wages Irs - Apr. 15 addressee, for many Irs - Taxing agcy Irs - They eagerly await your return Irs - Govt. org. with roots going back to the civil war Irs - It takes many forms Irs - Letters added in this puzzle's three longest answers Irs - Org. with a whistleblower office Irs - Taxing abbr. found in the five longest across answers Irs - Busy agcy. in april Irs - Org. with many forms Irs - Org. associated with joint returns Irs - Gp. that willingly takes a pay cut Irs - Org. that accidentally sent me over $9,700 that i accidentally deposited Irs - Org. involved in a lot of taxing work Irs - Busy org. in apr Irs - Longtime record label that shares its inits. with a major government agcy Irs - Federal agcy. that takes money from your paycheck - they take a lot from me, trust me Irs - 1040ez org Irs - Org. with form 1040 Irs - Org. with a hotline Irs - Govt. collection agency Irs - It receives many returns: abbr Irs - Subj. of david foster wallace's 'the pale king' Irs - Org. with a taxing job Irs - Agcy. with complicated schedules Irs - With 47 across, open-books examinations Irs - Org. that might give you credit Irs - Org. whose roots date to the civil war Irs - Us refunder, at times Irs - 1040-reviewing org Irs - Letters on a form 1040 Irs - Department of the treasury div Irs - Capone's pursuers, briefly Irs - Apr. check casher Irs - Fica collector Irs - Taxing people? Irs - Agcy. with collectors Irs - Collection agency? Irs - Org. with complex forms Irs - Org. that takes many forms Irs - It follows a code Irs - Certain collection agcy Irs - Recipient of many checks dated apr. 15 Irs - Taxing guns and roses song? (abbr.) Irs - Gnr "chinese democracy" jam (abbr.) Irs - Bad letters for number-challenged rocker Irs - Chuck berry enemy Irs - Prominent '80s label Irs - Chuck berry antagonist, (abbr.) Irs - Miles copeland label for tax evaders? Irs - Miles copeland label Irs - Chuck berry pursuer (abbr.) Irs - Johnny paycheck "me and the ___" Irs - Taxing guns and roses song? Irs - Abbr. on some schedules Irs - Gnr song about taxes? Irs - Org. authorized by the 16th amendment Irs - Org. that investigated al capone Irs - Sched. c publisher Irs - Apr. 15 mail addressee Irs - Refund check org Irs - Auditor's agcy Irs - Its website has filing and payments sections Irs - Pre-take-home taker Irs - Big-time tax collector Irs - Taxpayer advocate employer Irs - Tax collecting agcy Irs - Org. offering e-filing Irs - Audit-conducting org Irs - Its website has a forms & pubs section Irs - Org. of concern to h&r block Irs - Group getting treasury checks Irs - Tax form org Irs - Government org. impersonated in many phishing scams Irs - Chuck berry's "taxing" enemy? Irs - Record label for the go-go's' 'beauty and the beat' Irs - Org. with a 'where's my refund?' site Irs - Schedule a org Irs - Major collection agcy Irs - 1040 recipient Irs - Cpa-less star's enemy Irs - Returns recipient (abbr.) Irs - Your nine-digit id goes on their forms
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April initials (***) 3 letter. - what is this?

*** - april initials. word on "I". 1 - st. letter I. 2 - st. letter R. 3 - st. letter S.

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