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Roo - Animal with a pouch, informally

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Roo - Milne baby Roo - Aussie hopper Roo - 'winnie-the-pooh' baby Roo - Milne marsupial Roo - Zoo critter Roo - Friend of tigger Roo - Pooh pal Roo - It may be found in a pouch Roo - Bounder down under Roo - Animal with a pouch, informally Roo - Little hopper Roo - Tigger's pal Roo - Pal of piglet Roo - Kanga's kid Roo - Hundred acre wood denizen Roo - Pooh's pal Roo - Outback hopper Roo - Aussie hopper, for short Roo - Friend of pooh Roo - Milne youngster Roo - Outback jumper Roo - Young resident of the hundred acre wood Roo - Kanga's tyke Roo - Milne character Roo - One of pooh's pals Roo - Little bounder Roo - Tigger's bouncing buddy Roo - Pooh's friend Roo - Quintana ___ Roo - Playmate of piglet Roo - Outback critter Roo - Pooh buddy Roo - Billabong frequenter Roo - Aussie jumper Roo - Pal of pooh Roo - Tigger's best friend Roo - Australian hopper, for short Roo - Creation of milne Roo - Aussie icon, for short Roo - Eeyore's friend Roo - Joey of fiction Roo - Young 'un in the hundred acre wood Roo - Milne critter Roo - Mexican state quintana __ Roo - Hundred-acre-wood resident Roo - Kanga's baby Roo - Kanga's baby in 'winnie-the-pooh' Roo - Milne creation Roo - Pooh playmate Roo - Eeyore's bookmate Roo - Aussie mammal, familiarly Roo - Big marspupial, slangily Roo - Hoppy critter Roo - Joey in the "winnie-the-pooh" stories Roo - A.a. milne kid Roo - Winnie the pooh pal Roo - Pal of eeyore Roo - A pal of pooh Roo - 16-across creation Roo - Aussie bounder Roo - Aussie marsupial Roo - Piglet's pal Roo - Down under hopper Roo - Aussie leaper Roo - Aussie icon Roo - Boomer or doe Roo - Outback bounder, briefly Roo - Joey's nickname Roo - Brown-furred pooh pal Roo - Little outback hopper Roo - Fictional little jumper Roo - Kanga's kid in 'winnie-the-pooh' Roo - Associate of tigger Roo - Milne joey Roo - Friend of owl and rabbit Roo - Down under jumper Roo - One of winnie's friends Roo - Milne tyke Roo - Tigger's friend Roo - A. a. milne baby Roo - Kanga's son Roo - Bush jumper, informally Roo - Boomer? Roo - Pooh's baby friend Roo - Down under critter Roo - Down under bounder Roo - Critter found on 18-across Roo - Wallaby's cuz Roo - Small pooh pal Roo - Milne hopper Roo - Aussie animal, briefly Roo - Outback bounder Roo - Milne moniker Roo - Aussie bounder, briefly Roo - Poohsticks player Roo - Large marsupial, affectionately Roo - Eeyore pal Roo - Joey in milne stories Roo - Pooh's friend in 'winnie-the-pooh' Roo - Kanga's little one Roo - A.a. milne marsupial Roo - Pooh's young pal Roo - Joey of kidlit Roo - Outback leaper Roo - 100 acre wood youngster Roo - Little one hopping across today's puzzle Roo - Friend of eeyore Roo - Young hopper Roo - Little hopper Roo - Kanga's offspring Roo - Kanga's child Roo - Eeyore's pal Roo - Aussie critter Roo - Pal of pooh and piglet Roo - Piglet pal Roo - ___ tv (online australian channel) Roo - Outback critter, slangily Roo - Little hopper? Roo - Being a jumper, in short Roo - Sounds as if one would regret such a short jumper Roo - Hundred acre wood young 'un Roo - Kangaroo, for short Roo - It's bound to start the rookery Roo - Character that rhymes with pooh Roo - Pal of tigger Roo - Kanga's joey Roo - Young pal of pooh Roo - Friend of piglet Roo - Bush hopper Roo - Short hopper Roo - Joey in a milne book Roo - Rabbit friend Roo - Marsupial Roo - Aussie jumper! Roo - Literary hopper Roo - Pooh's marsupial pal Roo - Joey's mom Roo - Hopping aussie critter Roo - Aussie marsupial, affec-tionately Roo - Friend of rabbit Roo - Little friend of winnie-the-pooh Roo - Diminutive inhabitant of hundred acre wood Roo - Aussie icon, slangily Roo - Down under denizen, informally Roo - Bouncing baby boy of children's literature Roo - Mob member, informally Roo - Neighbor of rabbit Roo - Large marsupial familiarly Roo - Bush beast, briefly Roo - 'winnie-the-pooh' young 'un Roo - Australasian mammal, slangily Roo - Kanga's child (pooh) Roo - Kanga's baby (pooh) Roo - Marsupial (aus. colloq.) Roo - Bounder expelling king from castle Roo - Deficient space hopper Roo - Harry kewell, perhaps Roo - Kangaroo (austr. colloq.) Roo - Animal requiring a lot of space Roo - Space running short for large animal Roo - Kangaroo Roo - Jumper given space - the last one to fall Roo - Kanga's child (milne) Roo - Kanga's son (pooh) Roo - Crow not the last companion of pooh Roo - Wild animal given restricted space Roo - Australian jumper Roo - Jumper from top of house, female escaping Roo - Hopper having not quite enough capacity Roo - Young marsupial Roo - Regret expressed for short jumper Roo - Small animal - regret its sound Roo - Marks no longer visible at bottom of space hopper Roo - Jumping marsupial Roo - 39 down marsupial Roo - Out loud, lament jumper that's shrunk Roo - A. a. milne hopper Roo - Son of kanga Roo - Colloquial name for a marsupial Roo - Marsupial (abbrev.) Roo - Marsupial (colloq.) Roo - Marsupial (dim.) Roo - Endlessly cross marsupial Roo - Colloquial name for one australian mammal Roo - Space limited for young skipper Roo - Marsupial (informal) Roo - Milne young 'un Roo - "winnie-the-pooh" youngster Roo - Piglet bud Roo - "winnie-the-pooh" baby Roo - A.a. milne character Roo - Endless opportunity for little bounder Roo - Hundred acre wood resident Roo - Marsupial, for short Roo - Babe in a pouch Roo - Bush junior? Roo - Aussie bounder, for short Roo - Disney joey Roo - Leaping / a. a. milne / young 'un Roo - Grill guard : u.s. :: __ bar : australia Roo - Story character who squeaks 'look at me jumping' Roo - Mexico's quintana ___ Roo - Mini marsupial Roo - Little friend of pooh Roo - Pal of piglet and pooh Roo - Outback hopper, briefly Roo - Australian hopper, informally Roo - Inhabitant of kanga's pouch Roo - Disney brown bouncer Roo - 'winnie-the-pooh' marsupial parent Roo - Baby boomer, e.g., in aussie slang Roo - Outback hopper, for short Roo - Aussie animal Roo - Figure on an aussie xing sign, perhaps Roo - Piglet's little pal Roo - Playmate of tigger Roo - Joey of children's literature Roo - Friend of pooh and piglet Roo - Nothing nothing Roo - Aussie mammal Roo - Wallaby kin, briefly Roo - Youngster in winnie-the-pooh stories Roo - Bush denizen, for short Roo - Little hopper in milne tales Roo - Joey, e.g., informally Roo - Bush bounder Roo - Small inhabitant of hundred acre wood Roo - "winnie the pooh" character Roo - Creature on an aussie road sign Roo - Youngster in the hundred acre wood Roo - Young friend of tigger Roo - Baby in a pouch, for short Roo - Aussie springer Roo - Pal of pooh and tigger Roo - Jack, jill or joey