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Assess - Size up

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Assess - Size up Assess - Review, as damage Assess - Evaluate Assess - Judge Assess - Take stock of Assess - Take stock Assess - Estimate the value of Assess - Weigh Assess - Estimate property values Assess - Gauge Assess - Determine the amount of damage Assess - Do taxing work Assess - Put a value on Assess - Measure Assess - Rate Assess - Put a duty on Assess - Impose, as a tax Assess - Determine the value of Assess - Appraise Assess - Determine the costs of Assess - Value Assess - Do a taxing task Assess - Determine how much damage was done, e.g Assess - Evaluate for tax purposes Assess - Levy Assess - Determine the value of property Assess - Eyeball, maybe Assess - Look at critically Assess - Eyeball Assess - Charge, as a fine Assess - Valuate Assess - Grade Assess - Will this enable you to work out how silly she is? Assess - Estimate value Assess - Evaluate, estimate Assess - The rusty beast i had into a twist Assess - Is this how to work out how the silly ones get to the south? Assess - Can you work out how silly they are to be around the south? Assess - The thing with her is that one may rate her as a donkey Assess - Fix the amount of tax Assess - Can one work out just how silly she is? Assess - You may reckon they're silly to get to the south Assess - If the silly ones get to the south with gin, it's bray Assess - One might reckon that this might be enough for one silly sister Assess - What value is she, so silly as this, perhaps? Assess - Reckon how silly she is? Assess - Work out how it takes to get 16 down to the south Assess - You reckon she might have been silly? Assess - Work out just how silly a girl she is Assess - Just reckon how silly she is, perhaps Assess - Reckon just how foolish she is Assess - You may reckon she is 2 down, it seems Assess - Can you reckon how silly she is? Assess - Does one reckon just how silly she is? Assess - Can one reckon that the steamship is under the seas? Assess - Does she get to bray, you reckon? Assess - Reckon she's silly? Assess - Reckon what a 17 down she is? Assess - Reckon that she's a little silly? Assess - Can you reckon how long her ears are? Assess - Reckon how silly they are to get to the south Assess - Just reckon how feminine the start of 21 across may be Assess - Thus may one work out how foolish she can be Assess - Reckon how silly she is, perhaps Assess - Perhaps it's silly her, you reckon Assess - Estimate the worth or quality of Assess - Judge the worth of Assess - Estimate the value Assess - Appraise, estimate the value Assess - Estimate the worth of Assess - Evaluate, appraise Assess - Judge the quality of Assess - 'judge, estimate (6)' Assess - 'evaluate, appraise (6)' Assess - Is this the way to find out to what extent she is silly? Assess - The way to reckon how silly the girls would be after fifty Assess - Weigh up, estimate value Assess - Estimate or evaluate Assess - Reckon value Assess - Determine Assess - Place a value on Assess - Pass judgment on Assess - Appraise or evaluate Assess - Estimate Assess - Judge the worth of something Assess - Estimate, decide the value of Assess - Make estimate or appraisal of Assess - Appraise or estimate Assess - Appraise, value Assess - Is she perhaps so foolish? Assess - Silly sort of a girl, you reckon Assess - Reckon how much that's not a male moke? Assess - Reckon she is silly? Assess - Reckon how long her ears are? Assess - Reckon how silly she is Assess - Reckon how silly she seems Assess - Reckon her to be silly, it seems Assess - Reckon she's silly Assess - Reckon just how stupid she is, perhaps Assess - Rekcon she may come to bray? Assess - Reckon how silly she is, it seems Assess - Reckon how beastly stupid she is Assess - 'reckon on how silly she may be, perhaps (6)' Assess - Reckon how a silly a one she is Assess - 'reckon how silly she is, perhaps (6)' Assess - Reckon how silly and beastly she is Assess - 'it's 27 across that's a moke, it seems (6)' Assess - Reckon to do 4 across for this Assess - Judge the value of Assess - Evaluate like the ss? Assess - Charge, as with a fine Assess - Judge fools head of state Assess - Tax a ship by letter Assess - Judge fools last of defendants Assess - Judge foolish woman? Assess - Give rating a note to be taken between ships Assess - Dunces succeeded in test Assess - Judge gives fools direction Assess - Weigh up Assess - (of a tax) determine the amount to be paid Assess - Put a price on, perhaps Assess - Do taxing work? Assess - Evaluate whether russell is mixed up in two boats Assess - Judge the quality Assess - Appraise, estimate value Assess - Judge the fools will accept direction Assess - Survey Assess - Judge the character of jenny? Assess - Look over carefully Assess - Foolish fellows head of school had to judge Assess - Estimate number of donkeys on sea front Assess - Judge stormy seas put liner down below Assess - Estimate value (for tax) Assess - Value of the female donkey? Assess - Remedy for all ills Assess - Evaluate possible mate for eeyore? Assess - Evaluate (quality) Assess - Judge offering female dope? Assess - Test some classes systematically Assess - Judge donkeys at spithead Assess - Evaluate a drug in seconds Assess - Girls, not first and second rate Assess - Girls losing face in front of southern judge Assess - Evaluate local fool?s silver to begin with Assess - Give the once-over Assess - Put a value on animals second Assess - Consider head of state's surrounded by idiots Assess - Judge society led by fools Assess - Give rating a note to take between ships Assess - Idiots, second rate Assess - Estimate value of female donkey Assess - Judge head of state following goofs Assess - Evaluate fools beginning to skive Assess - Evaluate animals before start of show Assess - Judge jenny? Assess - Judge gives direction to fools Assess - Work out value of she-donkey? Assess - Judge -- silly woman? Assess - Judge in spain boarding a pair of ships Assess - Evaluate energy absorbed by a couple of ships Assess - Weigh female animal? Assess - Rate a pair of ships around spain Assess - Estimate property values, e.g Assess - Evaluate local fool's silver to begin with Assess - Put a dollar value on Assess - Give a test to, in a way Assess - Test dunces in front of school's head Assess - Fools with second estimate Assess - Evaluate; estimate Assess - Get the measure of Assess - Fools before singular judge Assess - Evaluate worth Assess - Charge Assess - Weigh up topless girls son's chasing Assess - Give the once-over, plus Assess - Fine female donkey? Assess - They're stupid and second rate Assess - Rate, evaluate Assess - Fools point to judge Assess - Fools point to judge Assess - Evaluate female equine?