Satin - Formal fabric

Word by letter:
  • Satin - Letter on S
  • 1 - st. word S
  • 2 - st. word A
  • 3 - st. word T
  • 4 - st. word I
  • 5 - st. word N

All questions by word:
Satin - "nights in white ___" Satin - "nights in white ___" (moody blues hit) Satin - "nights in white ___" (moody blues) Satin - 'all very fine, but there's a stain in it (5)' Satin - 'fine, but not outstanding in it (5)' Satin - 'nights in white ___' (1972 moody blues hit) Satin - 'notwithstanding, in this it's grand (5)' Satin - 'this never stood out, however fine it may be (5)' Satin - A fabric demonstrated Satin - A silk fabric Satin - Attended a meeting of the cloth Satin - Attended as an observer Satin - Attended without really belonging Satin - Audited a class Satin - Audited a class, say Satin - Audited, with 'on' Satin - Award ribbon material Satin - Ballet slipper fabric Satin - Ballet slipper material Satin - Basie's "--- doll" Satin - Blanket-binding material Satin - Bridal gown fabric Satin - By the end of the week in something smooth (5) Satin - Certain sheet material Satin - Chemise fabric Satin - Chemise material Satin - Cloth demonstrated to be sewn together? Satin - Deluxe sheet fabric Satin - Deluxe sheet material Satin - Demonstrated fabric Satin - Demonstrated it can provide material Satin - Demonstrated material? Satin - Demonstrated shiny material Satin - Demonstrated this stitch used in embroidery? Satin - Demonstrated, in a way, shiny fabric Satin - Demonstrated, somehow, smooth fabric Satin - Deputised for silk Satin - Doll material Satin - Elegant dress Satin - Elegant dress material Satin - Elegant sheet material Satin - Ellington's "___ doll" Satin - Étoffe Satin - Étoffe lisse et brillante Satin - Evening gown fabric Satin - Fabric didn't stand out then? Satin - Fabric for a bride Satin - Fabric has blemish, a bit of it being twisted Satin - Fabric in an ellington title Satin - Fabric occupied a building Satin - Fabric sale! 50% off money Satin - Fabric that's glossy on one side Satin - Fancy fabric Satin - Fancy sheet material Satin - Fine blouse material Satin - Fine fabric Satin - Fine material Satin - Fine sheet fabric Satin - Fine sheet material Satin - Fine stuff for the week's end in this Satin - Formal fabric Satin - Glossy fabric Satin - Glossy fabric one's destroyed in red dyestuff Satin - Glossy gown material Satin - Glossy material Satin - Glossy sheet fabric Satin - Glossy silk fabric Satin - Glossy textile Satin - Glossy, smooth material Satin - Glove material Satin - Gown fabric Satin - Gown material Satin - Gown material, perhaps Satin - It's all very fine not to have stood in for this Satin - It's all very fine to be at home by the end of the week Satin - It's all very fine to get home at the weekend Satin - It's all very fine to get this in a can Satin - It's all very fine to have been in the chair in this Satin - It's an odd sort of stuff Satin - It's fine enough not to have stood out Satin - It's never so rough to have a saturday at home Satin - Jammed with the band Satin - Joined a jam Satin - Joined the band Satin - Just observed Satin - Like count basie's "doll" Satin - Like some bedding Satin - Like some weaves Satin - Lingerie fabric Satin - Lingerie material Satin - Lush material Satin - Lustrous fabric Satin - Lustrous material Satin - Luxurious bedding material Satin - Luxurious fabric Satin - Luxurious material Satin - Luxurious sheet material Satin - Luxury sheet fabric Satin - Material Satin - Material for a fair ribbon Satin - Material for a sexy teddy Satin - Material for a state fair ribbon Satin - Material for some pillows Satin - Material used by coron­ers at inquest Satin - Material volunteers turned over in soil Satin - Material with glossy front and dull back Satin - Material's almost cloying Satin - Might see "nights in white" this Satin - Modelled wearing silk Satin - Necktie material Satin - Never stood out for such fine stuff Satin - Nightie material Satin - Notwithstanding in what is smooth Satin - Notwithstood, in such a fine way - smooth, too Satin - Observed, maybe Satin - Paint finish Satin - Part of some ballet costumes Satin - Part of weekend receiving deliveries in shiny material Satin - Participated temporarily Satin - Participated temporarily, as with a band Satin - Pillow material Satin - Placed bottom among material Satin - Played for a while Satin - Posed wearing shiny fabric Satin - Posed, wearing fine stuff Satin - Prom gown material Satin - Protested about a particular silk Satin - Rich cloth Satin - Robe material Satin - Safety first with a metal material Satin - Saint (anag.) Satin - Scientific and technical intelligence naturally starts with good material Satin - Seems there's nothing hidden above tea Satin - Sheet material Satin - Sheet material, perhaps Satin - Shimmery fabric Satin - Shiny fabric Satin - Shiny solk Satin - Shoddy isn't a material Satin - Silk alternative Satin - Silk fabric Satin - Silky material Satin - Sleek fabric Satin - Smooth and silky, as armchairs may be Satin - Smooth fabric Satin - Smooth glossy fabric Satin - Smooth paint finish Satin - Smooth sheet material Satin - Smooth weave Satin - Smooth, glossy fabric Satin - Some sheets are made of it Satin - Some upholstery material Satin - Staged demonstration in silk Satin - Stain found in cloth Satin - Stain on shiny cloth Satin - Stain on shiny fabric Satin - Stain on silky cloth Satin - Star bedsheet material Satin - Start the weekend at home - smooth, isn't it? Satin - Stayed at home displaying fabric Satin - Subbed Satin - Subbed (for) Satin - Subbed with the band Satin - Subbed, in a way Satin - Substituted Satin - Substituted (for) Satin - Teddy material Satin - The moody blues' "nights in white ___" Satin - Tie material Satin - Took a seat for a boxer's trunks! Satin - Took part of material Satin - Took part temporarily Satin - Took the chair in smooth fashion Satin - Took the chair in so smooth a way Satin - Upholsterer's stock Satin - Used, as a chair Satin - Visited class, presenting fine material Satin - Was model wearing silk? Satin - Was not outstanding for such fine stuff Satin - Wedding dress material, perhaps Satin - Welfare organisation given money and material Satin - What chair is covered with?
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Formal fabric (*****) 5 letter. - what is this?

***** - formal fabric. word on "S". 1 - st. letter S. 2 - st. letter A. 3 - st. letter T. 4 - st. letter I. 5 - st. letter N.

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