Emir - Kuwaiti chief

Word by letter:
  • Emir - Letter on E
  • 1 - st. word E
  • 2 - st. word M
  • 3 - st. word I
  • 4 - st. word R

All questions by word:
Emir - Nabob of the near east Emir - Arab chieftain Emir - Bahrain bigwig Emir - Sheik's peer Emir - Osman, for one Emir - Boss man of ajman Emir - Mideast summiteer Emir - Desert dignitary Emir - Mideast bigwig Emir - Mideast chief Emir - Abu dhabi bigwig Emir - Gulf leader Emir - Kuwaiti bigwig Emir - Kuwaiti chief Emir - Kuwaiti ruler Emir - Mideast ruler Emir - Hereditary prince Emir - Bedouin royalty Emir - Mideast potentate Emir - High guy in dubai Emir - Arabian ruler Emir - Arabian prince Emir - Qatari leader Emir - Ruler in abu dhabi Emir - Eastern title Emir - Islamic prince Emir - Mideast prince Emir - Islamic bigwig Emir - Mideast chieftain Emir - Middle east pooh bah Emir - Islamic ruler Emir - Middle eastern ruler Emir - Ruler with a throne Emir - Turkish official Emir - Foreign dignitary Emir - 40-down v.i.p Emir - Middle east chieftain Emir - Islamic chieftain Emir - Leader in a robe Emir - Mideast title Emir - Sharif's relative Emir - Kuwait biggie Emir - Arab potentate Emir - Abu dhabi honcho Emir - Arab ruler Emir - Dubai ruler Emir - Middle east poobah Emir - Ruler, somewhere in the world Emir - Ruler of qatar Emir - Foreign head of state Emir - Sheik's guest Emir - Royal arabian Emir - Qatar honcho Emir - Abu dhabi ruler Emir - Certain head of state Emir - Islamic head Emir - Qatar ruler Emir - Leader at opec, maybe Emir - Middle east notable Emir - Kuwaiti royal Emir - Gulf v.i.p Emir - Middle eastern chieftain Emir - Persian gulf leader Emir - Middle eastern vip Emir - Arab leader Emir - Arab nobleman Emir - Dubai vip Emir - Muslim prince Emir - Royal kuwaiti Emir - Any son of fatima Emir - Turkish leader Emir - Kuwaiti head Emir - Islamic vip Emir - V.i.p. on al jazeera Emir - Palace resident Emir - Dubai dignitary Emir - Qatari v.i.p Emir - Kuwaiti leader Emir - Islamic chieftan Emir - Big man in the middle east Emir - Kaffiyeh-clad commander Emir - Persian gulf bigwig Emir - Middle eastern title Emir - Certain foreign dignitary Emir - Afghan title Emir - Arab statesman Emir - Arabian v.i.p Emir - Persian gulf notable Emir - Doha bigwig Emir - Kaffiyehed commander Emir - Abu dhabi dignitary Emir - Qatar's leader Emir - Kuwaiti official Emir - Namer of a representative to opec, maybe Emir - Title from which 'admiral' is derived Emir - Kuwaiti noble Emir - Arab royalty Emir - Kuwaiti vip Emir - Middle east ruler Emir - Eastern potentate Emir - Robed dignitary Emir - Arab chief Emir - Ruler of kuwait Emir - Dubai leader Emir - Opec meeting attendee Emir - Turkish official, e.g Emir - Kuwait boss Emir - Bedouin royalty, perhaps Emir - Middle eastern potentate Emir - Middle eastern royalty Emir - Gulf prince Emir - Bahrain big shot Emir - Abu dhabi leader Emir - Muslim leader Emir - Arab prince Emir - Bedouin bigwig Emir - Moslem ruler Emir - Middle eastern prince Emir - Oil royal Emir - Commander, in arabic Emir - Qatari ruler Emir - Kuwaiti prince Emir - Sheik's peer? Emir - "commander," in arabic Emir - Mideast leader Emir - Arabian royal Emir - Arabian bigwig Emir - Kuwaiti noble, e.g Emir - Dignitary from dubai Emir - Sheikh sabah of kuwait, e.g Emir - Middle eastern mogul Emir - Oil-rich ruler Emir - Muslim vip Emir - Persian gulf honcho Emir - Moslem leader Emir - Vip of the desert Emir - Middle eastern chief Emir - Qatar's hamad bin khalifa al-thani, for one Emir - Turkish ruler, once Emir - Mideast honcho Emir - Mideast v.i.p Emir - Abu dhabi vip Emir - Uae biggie Emir - Eastern leader Emir - Kuwaiti kingpin Emir - Ruler in a kaffiyeh Emir - Mideastern muck-a-muck Emir - Arab league bigwig Emir - Weighty kuwaiti? Emir - Appointer of kuwait's prime minister Emir - Islamic commander Emir - Oil prince Emir - Eastern ruler Emir - Kuwaiti kahuna Emir - Arab dignitary Emir - 47 down leader Emir - Kuwaiti pooh-bah Emir - Arabian chief Emir - High middle eastern title Emir - Kuwait potentate Emir - Arab league dignitary Emir - Foreign prince Emir - Bigwig in bahrain Emir - One might attend an opec meeting Emir - Islamic leader Emir - Uae denizen, perhaps Emir - Big man in the east Emir - Qatar's ruler Emir - Leader in qatar Emir - Persian gulf pooh-bah Emir - Robed ruler Emir - Islamic title Emir - Dubai bigwig Emir - Turkish official, perhaps Emir - Qatar dignitary Emir - Arabic prince Emir - Qatar bigwig Emir - Arabian peninsula big shot Emir - Arabic for 'commander' Emir - Sultan's chum Emir - Kuwaiti dynast Emir - Sheik's pal Emir - Qatari big shot Emir - Arab league leader Emir - Vip of arabia Emir - Qatar vip Emir - Abu dhabi prince Emir - Arab vip Emir - Kaffiyeh-clad ruler Emir - Eastern chieftan Emir - Mideast noble Emir - Eastern position Emir - Uae vip Emir - Prince of persia? Emir - Middle east vip Emir - Kuwaiti dignitary Emir - Muslim authority Emir - Middle east leader Emir - Arabic for “commander” Emir - Ruler of kuwait, e.g Emir - Dubai big shot Emir - Doha v.i.p Emir - Persian gulf prince Emir - Opec summit attendee Emir - Desert prince Emir - Arab league vip Emir - Arabic commander Emir - Middle eastern bigwig Emir - Middle eastern rule Emir - Mideast vip Emir - Eastern bigwig Emir - Mideastern prince Emir - Turkish white-wine grape Emir - Ottoman leader Emir - Certain ruler Emir - Ottoman potentate Emir - Kuwaiti commander Emir - Persian gulf noble Emir - Islamic chief Emir - Arab royal Emir - Omani vip Emir - Qatari vip Emir - Muslim chief Emir - Omani v.i.p Emir - Turkish title Emir - The sort of potentate that may turn frosty Emir - The sort of a potentate that may turn frosty Emir - One turns frosty in the gulf Emir - The ruler turns frosty Emir - That potentate may turn frosty Emir - Ruler or chieftain in arabia Emir - Eastern ruler in mire Emir - Ruler in the middle east and mire Emir - Word related to "admiral" Emir - Middle east ruler in mire Emir - Big man in bahrain until 2002 Emir - Eastern chieftain Emir - Muslim ruler stuck in mire Emir - The sort of ruler that may turn frosty Emir - The ruler may turn frosty Emir - This potentate may turn frosty Emir - Honorary turkish title Emir - Muslim dignitary Emir - Oil-rich ruler, perhaps Emir - Oil baron, often Emir - An arab leader from the east with peace for the russians Emir - Ruler in a robe Emir - Arab commander Emir - Muslim noble Emir - Arab who may be taken aback by frost Emir - Leader of eastern world, according to the russians Emir - Arab prince recalls ancient mariner story Emir - Ancient mariner's story upset arab prince Emir - Muslim ruler Emir - Opec meeting vip Emir - Mideast bigwig in harem i recall Emir - Qatar leader Emir - Mideast pooh bah Emir - Big shot on al jazeera Emir - Arab leader can turn frosty Emir - V.i.p. in a robe Emir - Arabian peninsula title Emir - Ruler in kuwait Emir - Uae ruler Emir - Middle east overturns one ruler - or another Emir - Chief in a burnoose Emir - It means 'commander' in arabic Emir - Muslim leader gets engineer to go to space station Emir - Arab v.i.p Emir - Pencil case, mirror, pens, ruler Emir - Top qatari Emir - Mideastern potentate Emir - Mideastern ruler Emir - Arabian chieftain Emir - Vip in a burnoose Emir - Islamic head of state Emir - Arab bigwig Emir - Arabian leader Emir - Arabic for "commander" Emir - Ruler of dubai Emir - Kuwait city vip Emir - Leader of qatar Emir - Mideast muck-a-muck Emir - Quickly Emir - Big man in oman Emir - Vip in the uae Emir - Qatar kahuna Emir - Gulf state leader Emir - Gulf states prince Emir - Overseas prince Emir - Near east nabob Emir - High-ranking muslim Emir - Introductions to early medievalist in romanticism with address in kuwait Emir - Qatari bigwig Emir - One of elevated leaders of regimes in middle east? Emir - I run after retreating middle east potentate Emir - Ruler from east russian commune Emir - Title of various rulers; i'm er (anag.) Emir - Ruler had old poem sent up Emir - Middle-eastern ruler Emir - Muslim ruler's poem once rejected Emir - Chief european space station Emir - Back-rhyme, say, for potentate Emir - Ruler rejecting poet's work Emir - Old-fashioned poetry about this ruler Emir - Ancient mariner's tale about this chieftain Emir - Ruler captured by some miracle Emir - Frosty reception when this vip returns Emir - Ruler, note, upset about successor Emir - Top man? look in the mirror! Emir - Republic mostly accepting male ruler Emir - Qatari potentate Emir - Arabian vip Emir - Turkish nabob Emir - Word in the etymology of "admiral" Emir - Queen crosses busy road to see another ruler Emir - Chieftain to be married in ireland shortly Emir - Foreign ruler and queen going over motorway Emir - Frost is taken aback by the foreign bigwig Emir - Certain type of ruler Emir - European space station commander Emir - Ruler involved in crimes after revolution Emir - English border turned back foreign leader Emir - Ruler of grim empire, backward-looking Emir - Burnoosed ruler Emir - An independent chieftain Emir - Ruler from east, on edge going west Emir - Arabian commander Emir - Title held by the mirror Emir - __ hadji (pilgrimage leader) Emir - Qatar head of state, e.g Emir - Independent chieftain Emir - Potentate from jerusalem, irate Emir - Equivalent of "general" or "prince" Emir - Foreign leader in the mire Emir - Arab ruler in semi-retirement Emir - Islamic noble Emir - '___ the light!' Emir - Arabic ruler Emir - Middle east bigwig Emir - Leader of kuwait or qatar Emir - Kuwait's sabah al ahmad al sabah, for one Emir - Kuwait's sabah al-sabah, for one Emir - Vip of uae Emir - Kuwait commander Emir - Part of the problem irks ruler Emir - Islamic chief held back by montessori method Emir - This person backed irish ruler Emir - Arab league prince Emir - Doha dignitary Emir - Mohammed bin rashid al maktoum, for dubai Emir - One of muhammad's titles Emir - Bahrain leader Emir - 6 across vip Emir - Robe-wearing ruler Emir - Top qatari, e.g Emir - Dubai's sheikh mohammed, for one Emir - Middle east pooh-bah Emir - Islamic ruler appearing in semiramide Emir - Mideast monarch Emir - Gulf states leader Emir - Abu dhabi biggie Emir - Some grim easterner, revolutionary ruler Emir - Gouverneur musulman Emir - Prince musulman Emir - Chief from eastern border going the other way Emir - Qatari chieftain Emir - Mideast dignitary Emir - Kuwaiti potentate Emir - Titre musulman Emir - Oil baron, maybe Emir - Potentate in eastern peasant community Emir - Eastern notable Emir - Chef d'état Emir - Title for muhammad descendants Emir - Chef militaire, dans les pays musulmans Emir - Kuwaiti honcho Emir - Chef musulman Emir - Person who rules eastern border going west Emir - Bedouin chief Emir - Some problem irrelevant to ruler Emir - Gulf states vip Emir - Kaffiyeh-wearing leader Emir - Ruler for some theorem irreplaceable Emir - Gulf states ruler Emir - Titre Emir - Ras al-khaimah royal Emir - Mideast royal Emir - Word from the arabic for "commander" Emir - Arab vip title Emir - Abu dhabi leader, for instance Emir - Abu dhabi leader, for instance Emir - Title of the heads of state of kuwait and qatar Emir - Title of the heads of state of kuwait and qatar
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Kuwaiti chief (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - kuwaiti chief. word on "E". 1 - st. letter E. 2 - st. letter M. 3 - st. letter I. 4 - st. letter R.

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