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Ices - Cold desserts

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Ices - "italian" snack Ices - "italian" treats Ices - 'they may be for sundays, by the sound of them, when they're cold (4)' Ices - Adds cubes, e.g Ices - Adds frosting to Ices - Applies frosting to Ices - Assures, in slang Ices - Boardwalk coolers Ices - Boardwalk purchases Ices - Boardwalk refreshments Ices - Boardwalk treats Ices - Brain freeze cause Ices - Bumps off Ices - Carnival treats Ices - Causes a whistle Ices - Chilled desserts Ices - Chills Ices - Chills champagne Ices - Chills the bubbly Ices - Chills, as a beverage Ices - Chills, as a drink Ices - Chills, as bubbly Ices - Chills, as champagne Ices - Cinches or clinches Ices - Cinches the win Ices - Cinches, as a win Ices - Clinches Ices - Clinches, as a victory Ices - Clinches, as a sure victory Ices - Clinches, as a victory Ices - Clinches, as a win Ices - Clinches, in slang Ices - Closes, as a deal Ices - Cold comfort provides services in the end Ices - Cold confections Ices - Cold desserts Ices - Cold enough for sundays, by the sound of them Ices - Cold italian desserts Ices - Cold refreshments Ices - Cold treats Ices - Commits a hockey infraction Ices - Commits a hockey no-no Ices - Commits a hockey violation Ices - Completes a cupcake Ices - Completes the cake Ices - Confectionery from van is offered outside church? Ices - Cool cupfuls Ices - Cool desserts Ices - Cool treats Ices - Coolers in cups Ices - Cooling desserts Ices - Cooling treats Ices - Cools down Ices - Cools quickly Ices - Cools, as drinks Ices - Covers a bundt cake Ices - Covers at the bakery Ices - Covers the bun with a slice of red leicester Ices - Crystals Ices - Cube and vanilla Ices - Decorates a cake Ices - Decorates a cake, say Ices - Decorates cake with sugar topping Ices - Decorates cakes with frosting Ices - Decorates with frosting Ices - Decorates, as a cake Ices - Decorates, in a way Ices - Desserts Ices - Desserts good for a hot day Ices - Desserts that can produce chills Ices - Desserts that give chills Ices - Desserts that may cause brain freeze Ices - Does a bakery job Ices - Does in Ices - Ecorates with frosting Ices - Ensures victory Ices - Ensures, slangily Ices - Finalizes Ices - Finishes a cake Ices - Finishes a cake? Ices - Finishes a cupcake Ices - Finishes cakes Ices - Finishes making, as a black-and-white cookie Ices - Finishes off the cake Ices - Finishes the cake Ices - Finishes the cupcakes Ices - Finishes the cupcakes, e.g Ices - Finishes, as a cake Ices - Finishes, as a torte Ices - Finishes, as cupcakes Ices - Finishes, as the cake Ices - Five so cold as they could be very bad Ices - Frappes Ices - Freezes Ices - Freezes (up) Ices - Freezes over Ices - Freezes, with 'over' Ices - Frigid confections Ices - Frigid confections Ices - Frosts Ices - Frosts a cake Ices - Frosts cupcakes Ices - Frosts, as a cake Ices - Frosts, as a layer cake Ices - Frosty desserts Ices - Frozen desserts Ices - Frozen fare Ices - Frozen fruity treats Ices - Frozen sweets Ices - Frozen treats Ices - Gets done in a bakery Ices - Gets frosty Ices - Gets to unwittingly grab a smirnoff Ices - Glazes, e.g Ices - Granitas' relatives Ices - Hot-weather treats Ices - How sweet to get them from the 25 down! Ices - I dry up dessert dishes Ices - Ice cream alternatives Ices - Island surrounding church freezes over Ices - It's not these that one sees so cold Ices - Italian coolers Ices - Italian desserts Ices - Italian refreshments Ices - Italian treats Ices - Italian __ (summer treat) Ices - Keeps cool, perhaps Ices - Kills (slang) - sweets Ices - Knocks off Ices - Locks up Ices - Locks up the victory Ices - Locks up, as a victory Ices - Makes certain of Ices - Mouth-cooling treats Ices - Murders in america increase regularly Ices - Nails down Ices - Nails down just right Ices - Nails down, as a victory Ices - Not so hot for sundays, by the sound of them Ices - One sees that it's not these that are so cold Ices - Ones getting a good licking? Ices - Paras leaving airspaces puts the icing on the cake Ices - Prepares to serve, as champagne Ices - Prepares, as champagne Ices - Preserves, in a way Ices - Prettifies at a patisserie Ices - Prettifies, as a cake Ices - Prettifies, as a pastry Ices - Prettifies, as a petit four Ices - Puts away Ices - Puts frosting on Ices - Puts frosting on a cake Ices - Puts in the chiller Ices - Puts the frosting on the cake Ices - Readies the bubbly Ices - Readies, as champagne Ices - Refreshing treats Ices - Rubs out, to the mob Ices - Seals the deal Ices - Seals the victory Ices - Seals, as a deal Ices - Seals, as a victory Ices - Seals, in a way Ices - Secures Ices - Secures, as a victory Ices - See 15 Ices - Settles with certainty Ices - Sews up Ices - Sherbet kin Ices - Smears frosting on Ices - Some desserts Ices - Some italian desserts Ices - Soothes with cubes Ices - Sorbet relatives Ices - Sorbets, e.g Ices - Sounds like terror group produced frost's work Ices - Summer coolers Ices - Summer coolers in cups Ices - Summer coolers in tiny cups Ices - Summer desserts Ices - Summer snack Ices - Summer treats Ices - Summertime desserts Ices - Summertime treats Ices - Summery desserts Ices - Sweet treats Ices - Sweets are most pleasant in the centre Ices - T and cube Ices - T and vanilla Ices - T, cube and vanilla Ices - T, cube, and vanilla Ices - T, cube, and vanilla? Ices - T. and vanilla Ices - Tends to a sprain Ices - Tends to, as a sprain Ices - That is what won't make things hot any day Ices - They're cold inside, that is, on top of stick Ices - Tops a cake Ices - Tops a cinnamon roll Ices - Tops a cupcake Ices - Tops a tart, say Ices - Tops cakes Ices - Tops off a cake Ices - Tops off a cupcake Ices - Tops off the cake Ices - Tops off, as a tart Ices - Tops off, in a way Ices - Tops with frosting Ices - Tops, as a cake Ices - Tops, as a cupcake Ices - Tops, as cupcakes Ices - Treats a sprain, e.g Ices - Treats an injury, in a way Ices - Treats at boardwalk stands Ices - Treats for swelling, as a joint Ices - Treats, as a sprain Ices - Tries to reduce swelling, in a way Ices - Works on a cake Ices - You can see that they're not so cold