Rip - Fictional sleeper

Word by letter:
  • Rip - Letter on R
  • 1 - st. word R
  • 2 - st. word I
  • 3 - st. word P

All questions by word:
Rip - Saw in the direction of the grain Rip - Tombstone letters Rip - Come apart Rip - En-graved letters? Rip - Legendary sleeper Rip - Embarrassing sound, maybe Rip - Speed (through) Rip - Lay into Rip - Pants problem Rip - Job for a tailor Rip - Light into Rip - Kind of cord Rip - Tear Rip - Upholstery uglifier Rip - Shred Rip - Fictional sleeper Rip - Saw with the grain Rip - Yank (off) Rip - Lambaste verbally Rip - Slugger's swing Rip - Cheat, slangily Rip - Dead letters? Rip - Rent Rip - Upholstery flaw Rip - Tombstone inscription Rip - Mighty swing Rip - Letters sometimes inscribed above a name Rip - Stretch of turbulent water Rip - Storied sleeper Rip - It may be written in stone Rip - Split apart Rip - Tailor's concern Rip - It may be engraved in stone Rip - Type of cord Rip - He's torn Rip - Kind of tide Rip - Upholstery problem Rip - Torn or taylor Rip - Famous oversleeper Rip - Final letters? Rip - Grave letters? Rip - First name in famous oversleepers Rip - Criticize severely Rip - Split Rip - Insult, slangily Rip - ___ van winkle Rip - Clothing flaw Rip - Criticize Rip - Patch target Rip - Lace (into) Rip - Initials in stone Rip - Irving sleepyhead Rip - It may be in stitches Rip - Pants uglifier Rip - "let 'er ___!" Rip - Put down Rip - Letters for the dear departed Rip - Word with tide or cord Rip - Roué Rip - Castigate Rip - Hurtle Rip - First name in legendary sleepers Rip - Lambaste Rip - Kind of tide or cord Rip - Splitting image? Rip - Job for a seamstress Rip - Tear apart Rip - Roaring start? Rip - Rend Rip - Kind of saw or tide Rip - Tailor's challenge Rip - Memorial letters Rip - Washington's sleeper Rip - It's often carved in stone Rip - Dangerous current Rip - Letters on boot hill Rip - Washington irving's snoozer Rip - Mr. van winkle Rip - Bust (on) Rip - Abbr. on a headstone Rip - It makes an embarrassing sound Rip - Lacerate Rip - Unseamly condition? Rip - Fabric flaw Rip - Tear up Rip - Torn of "the larry sanders show" Rip - Split open Rip - A kind of tide Rip - Hard swing Rip - Assail, with "into" Rip - Dangerous tide Rip - Challenge for a tailor Rip - Tear (up) Rip - Powerful current Rip - Tear (into) Rip - Pull apart Rip - Lose no time Rip - Dryer sheet noise Rip - Make a tear in Rip - Turbulent water stretch Rip - Boot hill letters Rip - Engraved message?: abbr Rip - Grave message? Rip - Unfortunate sound when you bend over Rip - Epitaph letters Rip - Letters at least one person will never read Rip - Strong current Rip - "let 'er __!" Rip - Tatter Rip - Copy, as from cd to pc Rip - Roaring intro Rip - Prepare for loading onto an ipod Rip - Scary current Rip - Open indelicately Rip - Irving character Rip - Inflation undoer? Rip - Criticize sharply Rip - Clothing mishap Rip - "as you sew, so shall you ___" Rip - __ cord: parachute activator Rip - A mighty swing Rip - _____ tide Rip - Letters on many a tombstone Rip - Gravestone letters Rip - Potential swimsuit embarrassment Rip - Haunted house letters Rip - One may be in stitches Rip - Two-decade sleeper Rip - Sewer's target Rip - Move precipitously Rip - Wardrobe malfunction Rip - Upholstery blemish Rip - Step on it Rip - Lt. masters of "rin-tin-tin" Rip - Letters on a headstone Rip - Make the rent? Rip - He slept for 20 years Rip - Split at the seams Rip - Badmouth Rip - Cut away Rip - Washington irving hero, informally Rip - Torn up on the screen Rip - Split, in a way Rip - Washington's snoozer Rip - 1-across accompanier Rip - Make into confetti Rip - Sartorial woe Rip - Tailor's target Rip - Sartorial problem Rip - Reason for a patch Rip - Confetti-tossing taylor Rip - Sartorial mishap Rip - Tear Rip - Laceration Rip - Cleave Rip - How one might prohibit the irish times being on the street Rip - Let him rest like a naughty old man Rip - A tear for the dear departed Rip - A peaceful wish for an old rascal Rip - He was not much good, but let him be at peace Rip - Has one a tear for so bad a man? Rip - Wish for the rest of him, however bad he was Rip - Letters often seen on gravestone Rip - Tear, split Rip - Tear, rend Rip - Tear (away) Rip - Halloween decoration letters Rip - Tear roughly Rip - Letters usually carved on gravestone Rip - Tear or split open Rip - The familiar mr van winkle Rip - Letters appended to writing on gravestone Rip - Letters usually seen on gravestone Rip - Letters often carved on gravestones Rip - Tear violently Rip - Letters often seen on gravestones Rip - This provides some hope for the late roue Rip - A tear for the dead? Rip - Big swing Rip - Put a tear in Rip - Put tears in Rip - Tailor repair Rip - Letters for the names 'buried' in this puzzle's theme answers Rip - Twenty-year sleeper or embarrassing sound Rip - Irving's sleepyhead Rip - Tear forcefully Rip - Hazardous current Rip - Tailor's repair Rip - Oft engraved letters Rip - It's carved in stone Rip - Shred dead letters Rip - Forgo scissors Rip - Letters on a grave stone Rip - ___ cord (parachutist's pull) Rip - Reason to do patchwork? Rip - Irving's van winkle Rip - Upholstery defect Rip - Letters on a tombstone Rip - Tear at the seam Rip - Tombstone acronym Rip - Tear, or actor torn Rip - Fabled 20-year sleeper Rip - Annoyance for an holsterer Rip - Mending target Rip - Embarrassing sound when one bends over Rip - Copy from cd to pc Rip - Grave letters Rip - Van winkle of legend Rip - Let-'er ender Rip - Upholsterer's target Rip - Headstone heading Rip - Torn of 'men in black' Rip - Torn of "men in black" Rip - Letters for the deceased Rip - Grave threesome Rip - -- -roaring Rip - Pants seam problem Rip - Critique harshly Rip - Letters on halloween decorations Rip - Fictional van winkle Rip - Material flaw Rip - ___ into (assail) Rip - ___ tide Rip - Copy from a cd Rip - Headstone inscription Rip - Fashionable jeans feature Rip - Confetti-throwing taylor Rip - With 17-down, "cross creek" oscar nominee Rip - Rebuke Rip - Current to avoid Rip - Fabled napper Rip - Runway disaster Rip - Tear for what's said finally Rip - Cut in the direction of the grain Rip - Sleepy van winkle Rip - Grave statement, briefly? Rip - Rupture Rip - Mender's target Rip - Headstone letters Rip - Certain wardrobe malfunction Rip - Kind of cord or saw Rip - Letters in a graveyard Rip - Tear (e.g. cloth) Rip - Tear roughly; turbulent water Rip - Tear often seen on tombstone Rip - Roue's death wish Rip - Tear found on grave? Rip - Gash Rip - Slash Rip - Resistance to small coin? it's current Rip - Tear, as journey can't start Rip - Journey, missing time and tide Rip - Tear; rough water Rip - Louche character's inscription on tomb Rip - Parting words eliciting tear? Rip - Final hope for cad Rip - Rent not quite ready Rip - False step, missing time for rent Rip - ___-roaring Rip - Kind of current Rip - Engraved letters? Rip - Vandalise message on tombstone? Rip - Rest in peace Rip - See 14 Rip - Farewell tear for those in rows here? Rip - Tear, rent Rip - Tear up the final message? Rip - Rent in yorkshire place that's not feasible Rip - Tear into Rip - Problem on the red carpet, maybe Rip - Abbr. on a tombstone Rip - Hard swing, in baseball lingo Rip - Hard swing at the plate Rip - Batter's cut Rip - Copy, as a cd illegally Rip - Embarrassing swimsuit feature Rip - Let a fart loose, with 'one' Rip - Jeans feature, often Rip - Tombstone acronym Rip - Zoom Rip - Criticize, with "into" Rip - Gravestone inscription produces a tear Rip - Criticize harshly Rip - Tailor's problem Rip - Swindle, with "off" Rip - Roaring start Rip - Bad sound in a changing room Rip - Tear inelegantly Rip - __ van winkle Rip - Darn it! Rip - A final message is cut Rip - Opening perhaps when fully ready? not quite Rip - Jam Rip - Trendy jeans feature Rip - Farewell message produces tear Rip - Swindle, in slang Rip - Sleeper van winkle Rip - Shirt spoiler Rip - Upholsterer's target, perhaps Rip - Dis Rip - Fabric mishap Rip - Gravé sur une pierre tumulaire Rip - Job for a 55-across Rip - "let 'er __!": "fire away!" Rip - 'let 'er __!': 'fire away!' Rip - Mighty swing or pants embarrassment Rip - Tear (off) Rip - Washington's ne'er-do-well dutchman Rip - Tear, as one's pants Rip - Qu'il repose en paix Rip - Criticize, so to speak Rip - Requiescat in pace Rip - Stylish jeans feature Rip - Legendary van winkle
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Fictional sleeper (***) 3 letter. - what is this?

*** - fictional sleeper. word on "R". 1 - st. letter R. 2 - st. letter I. 3 - st. letter P.

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