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Pete - St. ___ (fine beach locale)

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Pete - 'our gang' pooch Pete - Townshend of the who Pete - Journalist hamill Pete - Tennis's sampras Pete - California gov. wilson Pete - St. ___ (vacation spot) Pete - Seeger of song Pete - Sampras of tennis Pete - N.f.l.'s ___ rozelle award Pete - Red rose, once Pete - St. ___ (fine beach locale) Pete - St. ___ (spring break spot) Pete - Singer seeger Pete - Officer malloy of 'adam 12' Pete - Best of the beatles Pete - 'our gang' dog Pete - Red rose Pete - Tampa-st. ___ Pete - Rose by another name? Pete - Fountain of music Pete - Tennis ace sampras Pete - First name of 22-down Pete - Rose in a field Pete - Name used in exclamations Pete - Tennis champ sampras Pete - Fountain of jazz Pete - Townshend or 61-across Pete - Tennis great sampras Pete - "our gang" dog Pete - Opponent for andre Pete - Our gang pooch Pete - Best of the beatles? Pete - Football exec rozelle Pete - Sneaky guy Pete - 'the mod squad' role Pete - Sampras or rose Pete - Rival of andre Pete - St. ___, fla Pete - Tennis rival of 27-down Pete - Fountain in new orleans Pete - With 24-down, performer with many hits Pete - "pistol ___" maravich Pete - Folk singer seeger Pete - Controversial rose Pete - Clark's pal on 'smallville' Pete - New mexico senator domenici Pete - Sneaky guy? Pete - Hall-of-famer maravich Pete - "charlie hustle" (with 57-down) Pete - Baseball's rose Pete - Basketball star maravich Pete - Our gang's dog Pete - Rose nicknamed "charlie hustle" Pete - Folk artist seeger Pete - St. ___, spring break mecca Pete - Ex-governor of california ___ wilson Pete - Name used in some exclamations Pete - Name used in an exclamation Pete - St. __ (city near tampa) Pete - Seeger of the weavers Pete - Seeger or sampras Pete - Guitarist townshend Pete - With 69-across, baseball great with 2,165 career runs Pete - Rose or rozelle Pete - St. __ (tampa neighbor) Pete - Fountain of new orleans Pete - St. ___ beach, fla Pete - Banished rose Pete - "wicked ale" brewer slosberg Pete - Tennis pro sampras Pete - He has more hits than ty Pete - Baseball legend rose Pete - The who guitarist townshend Pete - Tampa/st. ___ Pete - Rose of the diamond Pete - Mod squad pal of linc and julie Pete - Golf course architect dye Pete - Sampras the tennis star Pete - Best of the early beatles Pete - Writer hamill Pete - Rose or weber Pete - Either brother in a nickelodeon series Pete - Sneaky fellow Pete - Fountain with a wind Pete - Wentz of fall out boy Pete - Ale brewer slosberg Pete - With 59-down, charlie hustle Pete - First name in the who Pete - Jim's partner on 'adam 12' Pete - Townshend or seeger Pete - With 35-across, one who has done the circled things, combined, more often than any other major-league player Pete - Black ___, archnemesis of mickey mouse Pete - Rose family member Pete - Rose with a hit record Pete - Rose who surpassed cobb Pete - The who name Pete - With 37-down, seven-time wimbledon champ Pete - ___ best of the pre-ringo beatles Pete - Safe to crack Pete - Folk icon seeger Pete - Rose with spikes Pete - Tennis player sampras Pete - Rose of baseball Pete - Tennis rival of andre Pete - British actor postlethwaite Pete - Wentz of 'fall out boy' Pete - Name that can precede the first word of 17-, 38- or 60-across Pete - Rose high in some people's estimation Pete - Wimbledon champion sampras Pete - Astronaut conrad Pete - Tennis star sampras Pete - Tennis' sampras Pete - Rose on the diamond Pete - Maravich of the nba Pete - Sampras or seeger Pete - Rose or fountain Pete - Maravich of nba lore Pete - Rose or townshend Pete - Townshend or sampras Pete - Clarinetist fountain Pete - Rose banned from the hall Pete - Rose known as "charlie hustle" Pete - Officer malloy of "adam 12" Pete - Of two guys sitting on a fence, the one who fell off Pete - Pistol ___ (oklahoma state's mascot) Pete - St. ___ (florida city nickname) Pete - St. ___ (florida city, for short) Pete - Mickey mouse antagonist Pete - Jazz clarinetist fountain Pete - With 10-across, beatles drummer before 12-down Pete - Dragon owner in a disney film Pete - Rose that had spikes Pete - Elliott the dragon's friend Pete - Either brother in a nickelodeon show Pete - Wentz who married ashlee simpson Pete - 'our gang' terrier Pete - Tampa-st. __ Pete - Oil company, in wall street lingo Pete - Folkie seeger Pete - Maravich of basketball lore Pete - Seahawks coach carroll Pete - Officemate of don and peggy on 'mad men' Pete - Townshend of "the who" Pete - Sessions in congress Pete - Folk legend seeger Pete - Fountain on clarinet Pete - Much is done for his sake? Pete - Oil company, in wall street slang Pete - With 35-down, red great Pete - - seeger, us folk singer Pete - It often makes waves in sport Pete - Could be waterman, could be townshend Pete - - sampras, tennis star Pete - - doherty, babyshambles singer Pete - For his sake we say prayers every time event starts Pete - - sampras, tennis ace Pete - Basketball legend maravich Pete - Townshend of 22-down Pete - Best of classic rock Pete - Boy with a dragon, in a disney classic Pete - Colleague of don on 'mad men' Pete - ___ domenici, longtime new mexico senator Pete - Jazzman fountain Pete - N.f.l. coach carroll Pete - Rose Pete - Rose with many hits Pete - A rose Pete - New york writer hamill Pete - 'downtown: my manhattan' writer hamill Pete - New york congressman king Pete - Never satisfied 'mad men' character who screams, 'why can't i get anything good all at once?' Pete - Wimbledon great sampras Pete - Sessions of congress Pete - Seeger or townshend Pete - Super bowl-winning coach carroll Pete - Early beatle best Pete - Gambling rose Pete - Seeger of folk Pete - Conrad who walked on the moon Pete - Rose nicknamed 'charlie hustle' Pete - Rose or seeger Pete - Surpasser of ty in the record books Pete - Sampras with 14 grand slam titles Pete - Explose Pete - Former beatle best Pete - The libertines' doherty Pete - Townshend Pete - The who's townshend Pete - Libertines doherty Pete - Davidson of 'saturday night live' Pete - Éclate Pete - A rose by another name? Pete - Best who was replaced by ringo Pete - Rose on a diamond Pete - English bad boy doherty Pete - Pal of a disney dragon Pete - Rose, mlb's last player-manager Pete - Sampras with seven wimbledon wins Pete - St. ___ (site of a spring vacay) Pete - Sneaky fellow? Pete - Apollo astronaut conrad