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Cur - It might bite

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Cur - Junkyard dog Cur - Man behaving badly Cur - It might bite Cur - Kennel club reject Cur - Heel Cur - Scoundrel Cur - A low-down dirty dog Cur - Leader of the mongrel horde? Cur - Snarling dog Cur - Mixed mutt Cur - Rotter Cur - Mangy mutt Cur - Mongrel Cur - Dog of ill repute Cur - Surly sort Cur - Knave Cur - Mailman's bane Cur - Four-footed lowlife Cur - Despicable sort Cur - Cowardly fellow Cur - Common canine Cur - Growler Cur - Worst in show, perhaps Cur - Dogcatcher's prey Cur - Junkyard canine, perhaps Cur - Dogcatcher's quarry Cur - Mutt Cur - Mixed breed Cur - Blackguard Cur - Junkyard canine Cur - Bounder Cur - No westminster contender Cur - Mongrel dog Cur - Mongrel mutt Cur - Nasty biter Cur - Lowdown sort Cur - Bad dog Cur - Baddie Cur - Mean mutt Cur - Mangy dog Cur - Hardly a show dog Cur - Pooch sans papers Cur - Meanie Cur - Inferior dog Cur - Dog show reject Cur - Dirty dog Cur - Dog prone to biting Cur - Dog that should be on a leash Cur - Mean mongrel Cur - Contemptible one Cur - Despicable one Cur - Mangy mongrel Cur - Many a stray Cur - Dog catcher's prey Cur - Stinker Cur - Rascal Cur - Nasty dog Cur - Cad Cur - Contemptible canine Cur - Mean dog Cur - Hostile mutt Cur - A worthless dog Cur - It might have a tail that you could cut short Cur - It may have a tail, only to shorten it Cur - If it had a tail one might shorten it Cur - See you are nothing like 7 down Cur - To have has its tail cut off would have made the brute shorter Cur - It may have had its tail cut short Cur - If what's in 23 across has a tail, cut it short Cur - See how brutal you are, by the sound of it Cur - Worthless or bad-tempered dog Cur - A low dog Cur - Miserable dog Cur - Inferior dog or one of mixed breed Cur - A worthless dog or contemptible person Cur - Mixed breed of dog Cur - A low worthless dog Cur - It can be found in a pound Cur - Junkyard defender Cur - The brute has its tail cut short Cur - With a tail to make the brute shorter Cur - In short, the tail is off the poor brute Cur - It may keep its tail, even when one shortened it Cur - 21 across is able to be treated Cur - E could make this brute well Cur - The poor brute is cut short without a tail Cur - Ed could have made it well Cur - Dastard Cur - Certainly not a purebred Cur - Akc outcast Cur - Nasty mongrel Cur - Short, tailless dog Cur - Scoundrel pinching half the collector's items Cur - Mongrel - coward Cur - Mongrel - cowardly person Cur - Surly dog (or person) Cur - Worthless dog Cur - No-goodnik Cur - Eye opener gives despicable person antidote Cur - Unfriendly dog Cur - Ne'er-do-well Cur - Certainly not a purebred pooch Cur - Nasty mutt Cur - Snarler, of a sort Cur - Base man Cur - Contemptible sort Cur - "dirty dog" Cur - Biter, maybe Cur - Lowlife Cur - Useless dog Cur - Recall name of police dog Cur - Dog's short docked tail Cur - Old police force rejected disreputable type Cur - Aggressive dog needing a lot of restraint Cur - Aggressive dog Cur - Vicious dog Cur - Scoundrel restrained when out of bed Cur - Worthless mongrel Cur - Coward cut short Cur - Tails in exotic menu appear to come from dog Cur - See! you are pronounced a scoundrel Cur - Dog of low breed Cur - Dog's short tail docked Cur - Scoundrel is snappy, short Cur - Scoundrel cuts up red tops Cur - Hostile dog Cur - Tough mutt Cur - Skunk Cur - A start for "few" Cur - Dog Cur - Dog copper found by river Cur - Lowly dog Cur - It's a dog, madame, that is lost Cur - Vile dog Cur - Worthless person Cur - Base fellow Cur - Someone deserving contempt Cur - A low-down dirty dog? Cur - Pooch Cur - Stray dog Cur - Aggressive mongrel Cur - An inferior dog Cur - Inferior mutt Cur - Despicable person Cur - Contemptible person Cur - Low-down sort Cur - Ill-tempered canine Cur - Dog lacking a pedigree Cur - Cowardly guy Cur - Alley wanderer Cur - Despicable character Cur - Surly one Cur - Despicable fellow Cur - Dog show no-hoper Cur - Dog that's far from a purebred Cur - Junkyard protector Cur - Rogue takes note from counter Cur - Snarling mutt Cur - Ill-tempered mutt Cur - Dangerous dog Cur - Many a stray dog Cur - Junkyard guard Cur - Quam ob rem? pourquoi? warum? Cur - Snarler Cur - Pariah dog Cur - Prey for a dogcatcher Cur - Cowardly sort Cur - Non-pedigree dog Cur - Scoundrel; dog Cur - Mutt relative