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Compass - It can give you a pointer

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Compass - *extent Compass - A direction-finding instrument Compass - Arrest idiot holding minute navigational aid Compass - Box the ---, change fully round Compass - Cardinal of the rose to go round on the spot Compass - Come shortly to way between mountains in range Compass - Comet's gas cloud? not quite, to go by this instrument Compass - Commander marks defile in mountain range Compass - Company progress should include medium range Compass - Course guide and firm criticism ultimately leading to success for student Compass - Dad's wearing old-fashioned underwear range Compass - Device with magnetic needle for determining direction Compass - Direction finder Compass - Direction finder that points north Compass - Direction finder; scope Compass - Direction finding instrument - range Compass - Direction-finding instrument Compass - Directional instrument Compass - Drawing instrument found in school by dunce Compass - Drawing instrument traditionally boxed Compass - Drawing tool Compass - Extent of sympathy when one working must leave Compass - Free ticket on dummy range Compass - Full extent Compass - Go round with needle Compass - Having faulty maps in island, use this to navigate Compass - Hiker's tool Compass - Instrument for determining direction from magnetic needle Compass - Is it needed by company to mark route through mountains? Compass - It can give you a pointer Compass - It can point you in the right direction Compass - It's the pointer that's the limit Compass - Its points are named by boxers Compass - Magnetic instrument Compass - Moss cap (anag.) Compass - Navigational aid Compass - Navigational instrument Compass - Nearly reach canyon's limit Compass - News reader? Compass - Orienteering instrument Compass - Range - direction finder Compass - Range - vessel's navigating instrument Compass - Range of pitch Compass - Range, scope Compass - Ring company with millions to spend Compass - Scope Compass - Scope for firm with a thousand to spend Compass - Scout's tool Compass - See 11 Compass - Shortly arrive at the start of a way across range Compass - Spam spread included in company's range Compass - That firm but silly parliamentarian is needing the north Compass - What a northern pointer! Compass - Where to find the center points of 17- and 60-across and 11- and 28-down Compass - With 55-across, direction indicator