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Election - End of a race

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Election - The people's choice Election - End of a race Election - November event Election - Party's focus Election - Board-choosing activity Election - 1999 reese witherspoon movie Election - Ballot exercise Election - Run for it Election - Opportunity to vote Election - Pick of the leader? Election - Vote Election - Selection by ballot Election - Polly affair, perhaps? Election - In general, this may lead to a change in the house Election - A vote to select the winner Election - A contest by ballot Election - The act of choosing for office Election - Choice by vote Election - Selection by vote Election - Competition by ballot Election - A competition by ballot Election - A vote to select politicians Election - A vote to select Election - One gets returned by this Election - A polly sort of thing, perhaps Election - See 10 Election - A time when the populace is at cross-purposes? Election - Process involving choice when leaderless Election - What's put up right to left where right, left and centre put up? Election - Vote for anthology with no introduction Election - Generally, a time when kisses are counted Election - Poll Election - Vote to choose representatives Election - In general is this about names on seats perhaps? Election - Voters' choice Election - Take one's seat after this standing Election - Polling process Election - It reveals the people's choice Election - Quadrennial u.s. event Election - It's a choice sort of lice that infests eton Election - Procedure for choosing government Election - Generally its participants make one cross Election - Choosing a government building that's left for queen Election - When mps are chosen Election - Consultation of voters Election - 'democracy substitutes -- by the incompetent many for appointment by the corrupt few' (shaw) Election - Voting opportunity Election - Choosing to cut off electric halfway through - leading into chaos Election - Time to vote Election - Having to stand for this, some get cross more than others Election - Time for voting Election - Time for political change Election - Democratic event Election - End of some races Election - Picky business where many made cross Election - Crosses determine its outcome Election - Cross time for the over eighteens Election - Ballot Election - A time when the populace is at cross purposes? Election - An act of democracy Election - 1999 film adapted from a novel by tom perrotta Election - Act of choosing Election - Formal vote Election - Where seats are available for those standing Election - Choice Election - Process for taking one's seat in primary Election - Con elite criminal for talking one's seat Election - Choosing building that's changed hands Election - Choice, but no starter choice Election - Seat can be obtained by this horse bucking head Election - Choice of the spanish division to depose leader Election - Désignation d'une ou plusieurs personnes Election - Start off one process of choosing or another