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April - When browning wanted to be in england April - Kind of fool April - Four before a slash April - Timely girl's name April - Shower provider? April - Month of showers April - Blooming time April - When earth day is April - Fourth in a series April - Patriots' day month April - You may get fooled when it arrives April - Time for a shower April - Word with fresh or showers April - Eliot's "cruellest month" April - 'the uncertain glory of an ___ day': shak April - Fourth in a series of twelve April - Its first is for fools April - Fool's month April - Pat boone's '___ love' April - Showery month April - Busy time for bookkeepers April - It follows a long march April - It lasts about 30 days April - When the boston marathon is held April - Something that begins foolishly? April - Shower time April - Showery time April - Spring forward time April - Filing time April - Taxing time April - Time for fools? April - Time for an umbrella April - Busy time for 14-down April - Time for a shower? April - March trailer April - Foolish time April - Shower bringer April - Pluvial month April - Diamond month April - 4, sometimes April - Time of many unhappy returns April - “___ love” (1957 #1 hit) April - Word with fresh or shower April - National poetry month April - Tax month April - Start of the second quarter April - 30-day month April - Arbor day month April - It provides showers April - Time for showers April - Clock-changing month April - What 4 may stand for April - "___ in paris" April - When revere rode April - March follower April - Taxing month April - Earth day's month April - First full month of spring April - Spring time April - Tax deadline month April - Spring month April - Wet month April - '___ love,' 1957 #1 hit by 13-down April - 30-day period? April - Time for fools April - National std awareness month April - It lasts 30 days April - Rainy month April - Earth day month April - 'the uncertain glory of an ___ day': shakespeare April - Foolish month April - Busy month at the irs April - Patriots' day time April - Tax-filing month April - Boston marathon month April - 98 across time April - Fourth in a series of 12 April - Month that starts with a prank holiday April - Month for fools? April - Boston marathon time April - Month with showers April - Calendar month April - When revere made his ride April - Fourth of 12 April - When to celebrate earth day April - Busy month for 52 across April - Busy time for 121 across April - Month of revere's ride April - When baseball season starts April - Autumn month in auckland April - Cpa's busy time April - 'enchanted --' April - Spring period April - Eliot called it 'the cruellest month' April - '-- in paris' April - 'enchanted' time April - 30-day period April - Time for foolishness? April - Wet time April - Taxing month? April - This follows the march past April - Piano in rail in spring April - All in the ..... evening (song) April - How one pair might get over fifty to get to be one fool April - Spring with 22 down and one pound more April - May come before the first bit for a fool April - What a fool you'd be - or may be afterwards April - Fool with this after the march April - May follow this, but what a fool you'd be, perhaps! April - There's a liar around the piano before 15 across April - The month of showers April - 'all in an . . . . . evening' (song) April - 'all in an ... evening' (katharine tynan) April - Before one may be a fool to start with April - 'all in the . . . . . evening' (tynan) April - "... is the cruellest month"(elliot) April - 'all in the ... evening' (tynan) April - 'all in the ... evening', tynan April - The month with all fools' day April - Earth day setting April - T.s. eliot's 'cruellest month' April - With 31-across, 1957 pat boone hit April - Offspring of resort in wales heard in spring April - Taxing time when ford loses leadership at fifty April - Did her arrival made browning homesick? April - Penny in old currency raised at start of financial year April - A couple in trouble in the spring April - Philanderer turns up having left model among bathers - not you, of course April - Avril's little pair in distress - aspirin dished out April - ... had 1/4 of dollar pie sent round! April - Five leading parliamentarians go off for a month April - When first of primroses appears in a covering of seeds? April - One of twelve pence in currency, reversed April - Best time to be 13 across, going by air? not for browning April - Month April - Girl's name April - Reputedly showery month April - Traditionally showery month April - Month that revere rode April - "all in an ... evening / ... airs were abroad" (by katherine tynan) April - Word with "fresh" or "shower" April - What 4 can stand for April - Girl that has first date after three months April - Fool's time April - Month known for its showers April - A danger out east at this time of the year April - Tax-filing deadline April - Shower time? April - The fourth one always starts off with a day for the clowns April - Month of showers and of the queen's birthday April - Utterly dead April - 'the cruellest month' April - Foolish month? April - When the boston marathon is run April - Deadline time appropriate to this puzzle April - Second-quarter start April - Earth day time April - Month to be in england (browning) April - First month April - Decline to lock up pair for thirty days April - Girl whose first date is foolish? April - Month for fools April - Everything but the girl's album project April - Many are caught out with regard to its opening day April - National month April - Fourth month April - First month of the year with 30 days April - Woman on her first kid April - Pair in trouble for days on end April - Fruit needs bedding out, at length, now? April - A month in capri? lovely April - Some days, picked up a penny in foreign money April - Part of spring quietly threaded through a short needle April - Trouble about public relations this month April - Fast morning book April - Endless stream under a power shower expected now? April - May i, after i've gone out? April - It's almost time for eliot's lilac-breeding April - First of herrick's four sweet months April - A month April - Eliot's cruel month April - Vernal month April - Fourth page of twelve April - A month in capri - lovely! April - A couple i left in springtime April - March away to welcome her April - A priest i pound in spring April - A danger out east in the springtime April - ' - - is the cruellest month' (eliot) April - ...she'll go before may April - Rip out almost all the façade for her April - March past April - May i assure you she'll always be ahead of April - 4th month April - Time when penny's found in old money turning up April - Thirty days interest on one pound? April - '-- in paris', a 1952 musical starring doris day and ray bolger April - May we find this before? April - Left old taxmen with annual returns, auditing accounts ending then? April - Eliot's 'cruellest month' April - Girl's good time in paris, going by air April - A danger leaving back of house in showery period? April - March is followed by this pair getting into trouble April - Prankster's favorite month April - Fourth in a list of 12 April - With 1-across, spring prank victims April - When the yankees open the 2012 season April - "all in an ... evening / ... airs were abroad" (katherine tynan) April - When to celebrate national poetry month April - Thirty-day month April - Losing sweetheart a danger this month April - Pair off with student for a month April - Feel bad about parking on right for thirty days April - Period that starts foolishly? April - Taxing time? April - It 'hath put a spirit of youth in every thing,' per shakespeare April - Fourth of a dozen April - No sod in slip road in springtime April - "... is the cruellest month" (ts eliot) April - 4, at times April - Trouble around park oddly in showery period? April - ___ wine April - Prince "sometimes it snows in ___" April - Month known for rain April - __ fool April - Springtime rain April - When major league baseball gets real April - First full spring month April - Month for the masters April - & 13 across & 20 down: what to expect immediately after march for a period of time? that'll appeal to spoofers! (5,4'1,3) April - Spring mo April - T.s. eliot's "cruellest month" April - Thirty days in spring April - Meant to get out of parliament after march April - National pecan month April - So-called cruellest month sees couple in trouble April - Tax day month April - Aries month April - It has 30 days April - Easter's month, usually April - Spring segment April - First 30-day month April - Thirty spring days April - Woman, a fuddy-duddy, almost 50 April - Woman, a fuddy-duddy, almost 50 April - What '4' may stand for April - What '4' may stand for
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