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Yorkshire - Hog with erect ears

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Yorkshire - Hog with erect ears Yorkshire - The pudding that rose white Yorkshire - Relish it or, in the sky, hire it Yorkshire - Relish one's pudding Yorkshire - This pudding is eaten with roast beef Yorkshire - English county noted for relish and pudding with beef Yorkshire - County kerry is getting home office worried Yorkshire - 17 to shirk problem in former days Yorkshire - Kind of fog in the dales Yorkshire - Two monarchs giving sovereign's first greeting in long ago county Yorkshire - County's sorry hike is over Yorkshire - Sherry ok? i prepared this pudding Yorkshire - Riding here risky, hero determined Yorkshire - Former county of england Yorkshire - Headingley-based county cricket team Yorkshire - Historic county of the white rose Yorkshire - _________ pudding, savoury dish Yorkshire - County of the white rose Yorkshire - County (with small terrier?) Yorkshire - English county Yorkshire - See 4 Yorkshire - Youth leader or wandering hikers gave name to pudding Yorkshire - Risky hero found in northern england, oddly Yorkshire - Cricketing county known for its rising batters Yorkshire - Scene of holtby riding incidents Yorkshire - Or hire sky, anagram Yorkshire - From here roy takes flight with wild shriek Yorkshire - Top county under yardley Yorkshire - County of rhodes and yardley Yorkshire - County champions a record thirty times Yorkshire - Top county under norman yardley Yorkshire - In county kerry, his ring tour Yorkshire - Holmes and sutcliffe shared a stand of five hundred and fifty five for them at essex Yorkshire - Team long ago lagging pipe down in the drink Yorkshire - Riding with two others once constituted this Yorkshire - Bell memorialized some of its eminences Yorkshire - North english county Yorkshire - & 11 dray-horses like to roam around scenic area [2 word answer] Yorkshire - Men in blue returning to take on cricket team Yorkshire - County hero involved with risky manoeuvring Yorkshire - Sort of pudding bowl with singular sign on Yorkshire - Entering bar, there is drunk with bishop and right little yapper! Yorkshire - County once reached by hiker with rosy disposition Yorkshire - Prince andrew and family rent land in the north Yorkshire - Grit found in the pudding? Yorkshire - White rose county Yorkshire - Ilkley's county Yorkshire - & 16 sorry, hikers -- retire nasty dogs! Yorkshire - Part of the country in which you'll find more than one riding Yorkshire - Northern county Yorkshire - And 18 across: pitches underfoot kept more than one wet: one fell, then another, then another ... Yorkshire - Northern region Yorkshire - Where us-style greeting irks her badly? Yorkshire - County kerry: so lax about greeting Yorkshire - Northern area with king gathering in olden times Yorkshire - Northern english county Yorkshire - Joe root's county Yorkshire - Hike -- sorry, rambling -- in moorland area? Yorkshire - There's nothing risky with her new type of pudding