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Tgif - Thursday daydreamer's acronym

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Tgif - Appropriate cry for crusoe? Tgif - Letters of rejoicing Tgif - Expression of relief Tgif - Weekly 'whew!' Tgif - Pre-weekend cry Tgif - End-of-week cry Tgif - Work-weary exclamation Tgif - Weary workers' exclamation Tgif - Letters for nine-to-fivers Tgif - Cry at the end of a workweek Tgif - Weary worker's letters Tgif - End-of-the-week cry Tgif - "bring on the weekend!" Tgif - End-of-wk. sentiment Tgif - Casual day letters Tgif - Letters exchanged by employees? Tgif - End-of-week exclamation Tgif - 'what a week!' Tgif - Letters of relief Tgif - Weekly shout for some Tgif - Nine-to-fivers' favorite letters Tgif - Pre-weekend 'whoopee!' Tgif - Cry before you're off, perhaps Tgif - Weekend-starting cry Tgif - End of week letters Tgif - Cry of relief Tgif - Comment by the work-weary Tgif - Exclamation around a water cooler Tgif - End of the work week letters Tgif - Pre-weekend whoop Tgif - Worker’s shout Tgif - Working for the weekend letters Tgif - End-of-the-week letters Tgif - Office cry Tgif - 'whew! the workweek's almost over!' Tgif - "at last, the weekend!" Tgif - Letters uttered with relief Tgif - 9-5er's shout Tgif - End-of-the-wk. phrase Tgif - Abbreviation said with a 'whew!' Tgif - End-of-week mantra Tgif - Workplace letters of relief Tgif - Payday cry, briefly Tgif - Nine-to-fiver's "aah!" Tgif - Weary worker's mantra Tgif - "what a relief!" relative Tgif - End-of-workweek shout Tgif - End-of-workweek letters Tgif - End-of-the-week cheer Tgif - Cry from a cubicle Tgif - 'full house' home, once Tgif - Weekly "whew!" Tgif - Cry of joy Tgif - Initials of relief Tgif - Exclamation of the work-weary Tgif - Letters often delivered at the office Tgif - Workweek-ending abbr Tgif - Working stiff's relieved cry Tgif - End-of-week gasp Tgif - Friday exclamation Tgif - Acronym heralding weekend Tgif - Workweek-ending utterance Tgif - Happy hour cry Tgif - End-of-week letters Tgif - Weary worker's cry Tgif - "hooray! the weekend!" Tgif - Weekend-lover's cry Tgif - "the weekend's almost here!" Tgif - End-of-workweek cry Tgif - "the weekend can't get here fast enough" Tgif - Week-ending letters Tgif - Worker's cry Tgif - "tomorrow is saturday!" Tgif - 'i'm ready for the weekend!' Tgif - End-of-wk. exclamation Tgif - Working stiff's sighed line Tgif - Relieved letters Tgif - Weekly cry of relief Tgif - Weekly declaration Tgif - Crusoe's favorite letters? Tgif - End-of-week shout Tgif - Employee's end-of-week shout Tgif - End-of-the-wk. "yippee!" Tgif - Happy hour shout Tgif - Shout of relief Tgif - Worker's anticipatory cry Tgif - End-of-week "whew!" Tgif - Thursday daydreamer's acronym Tgif - Thanks for fri Tgif - Fri. mantra Tgif - Four happy letters? Tgif - Late-week exclamation Tgif - "finally, the weekend!" Tgif - Worker's end-of-week cry Tgif - Workweek-ending shout Tgif - "woohoo, the weekend!" Tgif - Week's end acronym Tgif - Cry after a hard week Tgif - Relieved end-of-the-week cry Tgif - "time to unwind!" letters Tgif - Pre-weekend "phew!" Tgif - Letters said with a shout Tgif - "yay, tomorrow's saturday!" Tgif - Office workers' letters Tgif - "what a week!" Tgif - Letters that come at the end of the week Tgif - 'work week's over!' Tgif - Late-week cry Tgif - Weekend lover's abbr Tgif - End-of-workweek initials Tgif - Workweek's end initials Tgif - 9-to-5er's cry Tgif - 9-to-5er's shout Tgif - Working for the weekend acronym Tgif - 'no work for me tomorrow!' Tgif - Fri. refrain? Tgif - Ready-for-the-weekend cry Tgif - 'good riddance to this week!' Tgif - Letters after forty hours Tgif - Workweek-ending cry Tgif - "the weekend at last!" Tgif - "about time the week ended!" Tgif - End-of-the-week business letters? Tgif - "yay, the weekend!" Tgif - Nine-to-fiver's cry Tgif - Worker's weekend whoop Tgif - "i'm ready for the weekend!" Tgif - Week-ending cry Tgif - 'at last, the weekend!' Tgif - Comment before a break in the rat race Tgif - Specialized "we made it!" Tgif - End-of-the-workweek cry Tgif - Wk. ending incantation Tgif - "bring on the weekend!" letters Tgif - "no work tomorrow!" Tgif - Weekly whoop Tgif - "i've waited all week for this!" Tgif - Office whoop Tgif - 'woo-hoo! the weekend's almost here!' Tgif - Desk jockey's happy yell Tgif - End-of-the-week whoop Tgif - Comment heard at the end of a tough week Tgif - Out-of-office message? Tgif - Comment at a cube farm Tgif - 'finally i can just go home and listen to that katy perry song on repeat all night and not have to worry about work in the morning!!!' Tgif - Worker's weekly exclamation Tgif - Happy end-of-week cry Tgif - Pre-weekend shout ... and a hint to the first word of 17-, 26-, 45- and 60-across Tgif - Exclamation at the end of a tough week Tgif - Expression of pre-weekend gratitude Tgif - 'glad the week's almost over!' Tgif - Late-week cry from a cubicle Tgif - End-of-wk. cry Tgif - Worker's end-of-week shout Tgif - 'the weekend's almost here!' Tgif - End-of-week comment Tgif - Worker's week-ending shout Tgif - Le tigre song for the weekend? Tgif - Katy perry "last friday night (___)" Tgif - Certain happy hour exclamation Tgif - 'yay, tomorrow's saturday!' Tgif - 'bring on the weekend!' Tgif - A cry of relief Tgif - Weekend-starting letters Tgif - 'what a brutal week!' Tgif - "what a brutal week!" Tgif - End-of-week sentiment Tgif - Designation for some bistro specials Tgif - "what a long week!" Tgif - 'what a long week!' Tgif - Shout after a stressful week Tgif - Cry to kick off the weekend Tgif - Jubilant end-of-week cry Tgif - Cry of relief near the end of the week Tgif - Once-a-week mantra Tgif - 9-to-5er's weekly cry Tgif - Celebratory cry two days after hump day Tgif - Celebratory cry two days after hump day Tgif - Pre-weekend shout Tgif - Pre-weekend shout