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Owns - Has no landlord, say

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  • Owns - Letter on O
  • 1 - st. word O
  • 2 - st. word W
  • 3 - st. word N
  • 4 - st. word S

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Owns - Acknowledges Owns - Has Owns - Holds Owns - Controls Owns - Defeats regularly Owns - Holds the deed to Owns - Possesses Owns - Has in hand Owns - Fesses (up) Owns - ___ up (confesses) Owns - Has the title Owns - Has complete domination over Owns - Holds the deed on Owns - Has title to Owns - Has made the last payment on Owns - ___ up (confesses) Owns - Keeps Owns - Isn't just a licensee Owns - Admits, with 'up' Owns - Defeats regularly, in slang Owns - Dominates, in sports lingo Owns - Defeats regularly, in sports lingo Owns - Comes clean, with "up" Owns - Has possession of Owns - Holds title to Owns - Has the legal title to Owns - Holds the title to Owns - Fesses (up to) Owns - Just bought Owns - Has control over Owns - Has completed payments on Owns - Takes responsibility for Owns - Boasts Owns - Has the rights to Owns - Has a right to Owns - Has papers for Owns - Has no landlord, say Owns - Controls completely Owns - Exerts dominance over, in slang Owns - Has power over Owns - Dominates Owns - Doesn't rent Owns - That's the sort of snow one has Owns - One has to be able to make it snow Owns - One has snow here Owns - The snow is all yours Owns - Has most of the cities Owns - Has possession Owns - Belongs to Owns - Now the south has most of the cities Owns - If one has it one may make snow of it Owns - One is in possession of most of the urban places Owns - There's snow for the last of the cities Owns - There could be snow for the last of the towns Owns - Has most of the urban areas Owns - Has snow here Owns - Has the snow here Owns - Dominates, in sports jargon Owns - Is the possessor of topless dresses Owns - Has as a possession Owns - Takes control of Owns - Has claim to Owns - Has rightful title to Owns - Completely dominates Owns - Is always beating Owns - Has the title to Owns - Defeats every time Owns - Admits taking snow in powdered form Owns - Admits possession of topless dresses Owns - Confesses costumes are topless Owns - Has beginnings of overlooked wells novel, supposedly Owns - Admits dresses lack glamour at first sight Owns - Has now broken the point Owns - Has start of old war novel, supposedly Owns - Dominates, informally Owns - Has the deed to Owns - Holds the deeds to both sides of owyhee mountains Owns - Totally dominates Owns - Confesses to having topless robes Owns - Grants available in town slum-clearance programmes Owns - Has some topless evening wear Owns - Admits Owns - Has topless dresses Owns - Has bought, with grants Owns - Concedes that cities lost the lead Owns - Concedes at three points to nil Owns - Has three points after the first round Owns - Possesses topless dresses Owns - Has some topless evening dresses Owns - Has now moved south Owns - Admits being in possession Owns - Has ballpoints: three of them Owns - Has improperly won a point Owns - Concedes three points against nil Owns - Excels over, in slang Owns - Has grown strangely partial Owns - Has all the rights to Owns - Has for keeps Owns - Has planted first of seeds to appear last Owns - Has snowdrift Owns - Holds the title in trim town before last fights Owns - Has that hurt poles? Owns - Has a share of Owns - Confesses, with "up" Owns - Totally dominates, in sports Owns - Beats consistently, in sports lingo Owns - Has bought Owns - Admits, with "up," in an interview Owns - Holds a rare import Owns - Don henley "who ___ this place" Owns - Has a guitar Owns - Roy orbison "tennessee ___ my soul" Owns - Holds a rare guitar Owns - Miley cyrus "who ___ my heart" Owns - Dominates, in sports slang Owns - Outplays consistently Owns - Admits, with "up" Owns - Has wrongly won point Owns - Trounces, slangily Owns - Beats routinely, slangily Owns - Has possession of by right