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Ameer - Arab chieftain

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Ameer - Mideast chief Ameer - Bahraini bigwig: var Ameer - Mideast ruler Ameer - Arabic for 'commander' Ameer - Arab leader Ameer - Qatar bigwig: var Ameer - Eastern chieftain: var Ameer - Islamic chieftain Ameer - Arabian bigwig: var Ameer - Arab leader (var.) Ameer - World leader from dubai (var.) Ameer - 96-down in 28-across Ameer - "abdulla bulbul ___" (1877 song) Ameer - Eastern ruler (var.) Ameer - Kuwait biggie Ameer - African chieftain (var.) Ameer - Islamic ruler (var.) Ameer - Islamic chief Ameer - Arab leader: var Ameer - Islamic leader (var.) Ameer - Arab chieftain (var.) Ameer - Mideast potentate Ameer - Mideast bigwig (var.) Ameer - Middle eastern ruler (var.) Ameer - Kuwait biggie (var.) Ameer - Robed ruler: var Ameer - Arab vip, variantly Ameer - Mideast pooh-bah Ameer - Alternate spelling of 3-down Ameer - Mideast chief: var Ameer - Eastern ruler Ameer - Islamic chief (var.) Ameer - Arab chieftain Ameer - Islamic ruler: var Ameer - Mideast leader Ameer - Muslim prince (var.) Ameer - Muslim bigwig (var.) Ameer - Variant of 26-down Ameer - Mideast leader: var Ameer - By the end of the morning always a potentate Ameer - By the end of the morning have you got e'er a ruler? Ameer - By the end of the morning, always just a little potentate, by the sound of it Ameer - I'm ever such a potentate Ameer - Sounds like nothing more than a ruler Ameer - Is he ruler for the morning and ever after? Ameer - Middle eastern leader (var.) Ameer - Ever just a potentate by morning? Ameer - Might get a rime back for such a mere potentate Ameer - I'm ever such a ruler Ameer - Is the morning ever for one just a ruler? Ameer - Singular var. of 63-a Ameer - Eastern overlord Ameer - One of three spellings for an islamic ruler Ameer - Qatari bigwig: var Ameer - Mideast potentate: var Ameer - Russell admits i registered for position of authority in middle east Ameer - Eastern potentate Ameer - Arabian prince (var.) Ameer - Eastern potentate (var.) Ameer - A head of state entertains this person, a foreign chief Ameer - Sounding like nothing more than a foreign ruler Ameer - Former ruler's title in afghanistan Ameer - Muslim leader in endgame erred Ameer - One spelling for a bahrain bigwig Ameer - Title borne by some muslim princes Ameer - Muslim prince's title Ameer - The eastern ruler is always after a large number Ameer - Muslim prince is consistently warm to english queen Ameer - Muslim prince (alt.spelling) Ameer - A paltry so-called islamic prince Ameer - Arabian chieftain (var.)