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Herb - Spearmint or peppermint

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Herb - Rosemary, for one Herb - Ginseng, e.g Herb - Sage, for one Herb - Angelica, for one Herb - Caraway, e.g Herb - Tarragon or chervil Herb - Parsley or sage, e.g Herb - Bit of alternative medicine Herb - Rosemary is one Herb - Black-eyed susan, for one Herb - Trumpeter alpert Herb - Medicinal plant Herb - 33-across, e.g Herb - Parsley or sage Herb - Mint or sage Herb - Food seasoning Herb - Rosemary or parsley Herb - Bouquet garni component Herb - Rosemary or thyme Herb - Caper or savory Herb - Mint, e.g Herb - Common chutney ingredient Herb - Rosemary, e.g Herb - Chef's seasoning Herb - Basil or rosemary Herb - Basil or oregano Herb - Cicely, e.g Herb - Cardamom or caraway, e.g Herb - Fennel, e.g Herb - Sarsaparilla, for one Herb - Parsley or bay leaf Herb - Kitchen garden plant Herb - Mint or chive Herb - Mint or sage, e.g Herb - Chef's secret ingredient, sometimes Herb - Flavor lender Herb - Columnist caen Herb - It may be used in a pinch Herb - Source of flavor Herb - Basil or sage, e.g Herb - Thyme, e.g Herb - Flavor enhancer Herb - Parsley, for one Herb - Natural flavoring Herb - Parsley, sage, rosemary or thyme Herb - Spearmint, e.g Herb - Ganja Herb - Food flavorer Herb - Sage, e.g Herb - Mint or licorice Herb - Vinaigrette addition Herb - Cardamom or caraway Herb - Mint, say Herb - Pimpernel or prairie clover Herb - Soup flavoring Herb - Kind of garden Herb - Rue, e.g Herb - Parsley, sage, rosemary, or thyme Herb - Basil or horehound Herb - Oregano, e.g Herb - Dagwood's neighbor woodley Herb - Spearmint or peppermint Herb - Plant lacking a woody stem Herb - Chef's secret ingredient, perhaps Herb - ___ tea Herb - Basil or chervil Herb - Witch hazel, e.g Herb - Chervil or coriander Herb - Savory seasoning Herb - Fennel, for one Herb - Thyme or tarragon Herb - Parsley or thyme Herb - Cook's seasoning Herb - It may be medicinal Herb - Ginseng, for one Herb - Weed Herb - Cook's dash Herb - Dagwood's neighbor Herb - Rosemary or basil Herb - Sage or mint, e.g Herb - Cilantro, e.g Herb - Tarragon, for one Herb - Cook's addition Herb - Oregano or sage Herb - Thyme, for one Herb - Tarragon or thyme Herb - Kfc flavorer Herb - Kfc enhancer Herb - Kfc additive Herb - Seasoning, maybe Herb - Peaches' singing partner Herb - 34-down, for one Herb - Kfc flavor enhancer Herb - Basil, e.g Herb - He has got good taste Herb - That boy is a vegetarian Herb - He could make your food 7 down Herb - He has good taste Herb - Edible plant Herb - Plant used in medicine or for flavouring Herb - Plant with leaves or seeds used medicinally Herb - Basil or coriander Herb - 'sage or rosemary, say (4)' Herb - Flavor enhancement Herb - Marjoram, e.g Herb - Chives or coriander, say Herb - Savoury plant Herb - He may vegetate with the girl he starts with Herb - That's a man of good taste Herb - He has taste Herb - He would be a vegetable to begin with the girl Herb - Parsley, e.g Herb - Plant used as flavoring Herb - Cicely or tarragon Herb - Kfc ingredient Herb - Basil, perhaps, is exposed by father brown Herb - Tea-maker possibly used by father brown Herb - Aromatic plant (in cookery) Herb - Wayside plant with small red flowers Herb - Medicinal or culinary plant Herb - Basil, perhaps Herb - Plant used as flavouring Herb - Plant used in cookery Herb - Tea flavoring Herb - Basil or mint Herb - Basil or sage Herb - Sage or mint Herb - Flavorful plant Herb - Oregano or marjoram, e.g Herb - Basil or parsley Herb - Marjoram, say Herb - Basil, for one Herb - ___ alpert & the tijuana brass Herb - Sweet marjoram, e.g Herb - Spice's cousin Herb - Thyme or oregano Herb - Ingredient from the garden Herb - Folk medicine plant Herb - Aromatic seasoning Herb - Sage held in big brother bedsit Herb - Stepbrother drops protest for rosemary Herb - Savory, e.g Herb - Tansy or tarragon Herb - Parsley, sage, rosemary or thyme? Herb - Soup seasoning Herb - Pal of dagwood Herb - Marjoram or mint Herb - Maybe sage aspect of father brown's Herb - Woman's given second-best ingredient for recipe? Herb - Robert or gerard, possibly, taken in by another boy Herb - Useful plant Herb - Basil, for example, is one man's name Herb - Mint possibly swallowed by father brown Herb - Plant used for flavour Herb - Simple, resting in a feather bed Herb - Plant in another bed Herb - Rosemary, say, carried by stretcher-bearer Herb - A simple piece of leather binding Herb - Basil, for example, taken in by another boy Herb - Culinary plant Herb - Perhaps rosemary's in another bed Herb - Rosemary, for example, and book she owns? Herb - Parsley or dill, e.g Herb - Sage, say Herb - Plant used for flavouring food Herb - Simple, in father brown's opinion Herb - Some rather big leaves used by the cook Herb - Rosemary perhaps Herb - Eg thyme, basil Herb - The lady's second plant Herb - Bay, perhaps, blocked by another boat Herb - Rosemary, perhaps enthralled by christopher biggins Herb - Thyme, for example Herb - Simple heart of father benedict Herb - Good king henry may be lying in feather bed Herb - Aromatic plant used in cookery Herb - Seasoning for the girl's starter of broccoli Herb - Simple plant father benedict provides Herb - Basil, for example, in sybil's heart? Herb - Type of plant used in medicine Herb - Rosemary maybe wants some other boy Herb - Try to eradicate a black plant Herb - Garden grower Herb - Culinary plant found in another bed Herb - Friend of 16-across Herb - Basil or bugbane Herb - Parsley, for instance Herb - Wormwood, e.g Herb - Spice's kin Herb - Thyme or parsley Herb - Useful or edible plant Herb - Chef's secret ingredient Herb - Catnip, e.g Herb - Mint or parsley Herb - Oregano, for one Herb - Eg rosemary's part of wetherby Herb - Rosemary perhaps, the female bishop Herb - Oregano or thyme Herb - Aromatic additive found within this puzzle's four longest answers Herb - Kind of plant seen in the woman's book Herb - Plant used in cooking Herb - Bandleader alpert Herb - Aromatic plant Herb - Mr. alpert Herb - "reunited" peaches and ___ Herb - "rise" alpert Herb - Catnip or coriander Herb - ___ alpert and the tijuana brass Herb - Eg, sage Herb - Basil or thyme Herb - Rub component Herb - Spice's shelfmate Herb - Window box plant Herb - Marijuana, slangily Herb - 'how ___ your mother' Herb - Basil or dill Herb - Apt name for a gardener Herb - Chef's flavor enhancer