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Steak - Chateaubriand

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Steak - Chateaubriand Steak - Hearty entree Steak - Porterhouse or t-bone Steak - Porterhouse, e.g Steak - Fajita filler Steak - Rare entree? Steak - Cheese ___ Steak - It's rarely served, sometimes Steak - Kind of sandwich Steak - ___ sandwich Steak - Turf, in some restaurants Steak - Minute ___ (thin cut) Steak - It's rarely served? Steak - Round or minute Steak - Chophouse order Steak - "turf," not "surf" Steak - Minute ___ Steak - T-bone, e.g Steak - It gets a grilling Steak - Shell, strip or swiss, e.g Steak - Grill meat Steak - T-bone or porterhouse Steak - Butcher shop buy Steak - It may get a grilling Steak - Chophouse offering Steak - It may be served rarely Steak - Cookout choice Steak - It may be rare Steak - A rare entree, sometimes Steak - Something rarely served? Steak - Ribeye or porterhouse Steak - Barbecued food Steak - Tuna serving Steak - The turf in 'surf and turf' Steak - "swiss" entree Steak - Cookout staple Steak - Rib eye, e.g Steak - Chateaubriand, e.g Steak - Vegan's taboo Steak - Prime purchase Steak - Porterhouse or strip Steak - Word with round or rump Steak - Turf, as opposed to surf Steak - It's sometimes rarely served Steak - Turf you can eat Steak - Restaurant turf? Steak - __ diane Steak - Rare order, perhaps Steak - Kind of knife Steak - Something grilled Steak - Chop relative Steak - Turf, to menu makers Steak - The 'turf' in surf and turf Steak - Pricey meat Steak - Surf 'n' turf component Steak - T-bone, for one Steak - T-bone or rib eye Steak - The "turf" on some menus Steak - Grill item Steak - The "turf" in surf and turf Steak - The 'turf' part of 'surf and turf' Steak - Porterhouse, for one Steak - Sizzling entree Steak - It can be round or cubed Steak - Cookout serving Steak - Vegan's no-no Steak - Restaurant order Steak - Expensive entree Steak - Filet mignon, e.g Steak - Surf 'n' turf's turf Steak - -- au poivre Steak - Surf and turf component Steak - Entrec™te, e.g Steak - One might get a grilling when there's some tea in middle of it Steak - Sounds as if one might meet this in the wood at last (5) Steak - For a minute it's not minute Steak - It's rare for this not to be done enough with the wood at last Steak - Fleshy piece of meat Steak - Word with sauce or house Steak - Slice of meat or fish Steak - Cut of meat Steak - It might be a minute Steak - Fajita meat Steak - A declared interest in meat Steak - Piece of siberian timber, or piece of meat Steak - 1 down, seasoned wood two sailors brought into kent Steak - 6 in small wood Steak - Thick slice of meat Steak - Porterhouse, perhaps? Steak - Chop alternative Steak - Surf-and-turf component Steak - __ au poivre Steak - Cut of beef Steak - Rib-eye, for instance Steak - Chow from a cow Steak - T-bone, say Steak - Half of surf and turf Steak - Salisbury __ Steak - The "turf" part of "surf and turf" Steak - Bearing used by carpenter in butcher's window Steak - It can be rarely served Steak - Meat sometimes served au poivre Steak - Lobster companion Steak - Cut second tree Steak - Meat, pale by the sound of it Steak - High quality beef Steak - High-quality cut of beef Steak - Getting cut, one will sound pale Steak - It's a sound bet, the entrecote! Steak - Good beef Steak - High-quality beef Steak - Dish sometimes served au poivre Steak - It can be quite rare Steak - Hearty dinner entree Steak - Takes special order for meat Steak - Slice of meat Steak - The meat is pale, we're told Steak - Meat and chips, we hear Steak - Takes (anag.) Steak - Some beef tea in saskatchewan Steak - - - tartare Steak - Meat skewer, say Steak - Meat that sounds like something risky Steak - Portion of meat Steak - And 28 across: risk pouring out salt repeatedly at start of every course Steak - Grilling candidate Steak - Tbone Steak - Slab of meat Steak - Meat (rare, medium or well done?) Steak - Restaurateur's turf? Steak - Peter luger offering Steak - What might get an a1 application? Steak - ___ au poivre Steak - Fajita option Steak - Kind of knife or sandwich Steak - Surf and turf's 'turf' Steak - Round for a course Steak - What rev. horton heat told us to eat Steak - Rev. horton heat: "eat ___" Steak - Rev. horton heat "eat ___" Steak - Ted nugent eats it often Steak - The 'turf' of surf and turf Steak - New york strip, e.g Steak - Delmonico, e.g Steak - Post reports in the butcher's window Steak - T-bone or ribeye Steak - Type of house with plenty of meat Steak - Meaty entree Steak - Fajita filler, often Steak - Reportedly risk the meat course? Steak - Rarely ordered food? Steak - Word with strip or skirt