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Repulse - Beat back

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Repulse - Drive away Repulse - Drive back Repulse - Put off Repulse - Nauseate Repulse - Force or drive back Repulse - Beat back Repulse - Turn off Repulse - Ward off Repulse - Disgust Repulse - The way to get them to go back about the peas and beans Repulse - Drive back or reject Repulse - Cause to feel intense aversion Repulse - That's all about a heart beat and how to beat back an attack on it Repulse - Beat back about a hearty beat Repulse - Beat back about the bloody beat Repulse - Note beans are repellent Repulse - Fight off engineer over vegetable Repulse - Sign of life after sappers drive back Repulse - Be disgusting - drive back Repulse - Beat off Repulse - Turn off a lot Repulse - Cause aversion Repulse - Back up to enter river, otherwise drive back Repulse - Rebuff soldiers, turning up at london college Repulse - Rebuff salesman at one university after another Repulse - Check on beans Repulse - Rebuff, drive back Repulse - Drive off beat again? Repulse - Drive back by force Repulse - Battlecruiser cracking up, maintaining length ahead of enemy, initially Repulse - Check on seeds Repulse - Check on general feeling Repulse - Healthy food provided by army corps for drive back Repulse - Check short measure of red lentils Repulse - Send back on the beat Repulse - Repel Repulse - Fend off Repulse - Drive back for engineers with evidence of life Repulse - Two back parts of store should have beans etc -- check Repulse - Put off reading from spain, as guards are looking into it? Repulse - Rebuff salesman going to one university after another Repulse - What gwar will do Repulse - Force back Repulse - Offend and then some Repulse - Check queen record oddly unlisted Repulse - Hesitation when returning heart-throb gets rebuff